I loveeee this answer . And honestly no I’m not willing to risk going through that all over again .. I feel like we learned a lot from our relationship, like how we should treat future lovers … And that being friends is mature of us, but that is all we should be . Thank you ^.^

@ people that made the petition to make sekoi s3:

it’s not going to work that way

there are a lot of reasons why there isn’t a season three right now. sekoi doesn’t need to be “saved” it needs things we don’t have.

time: okay idk if any of you understand that making an entire anime is WORK. like a ton of work. regardless, it takes time. second off in this “time” aspect, do you know how much nakamura has slaved over her mangas? she’s created two continuing mangas, a short manga, a movie, three animes (six seasons in total), and four ovas. that’s time.

money: second of all money is a big thing. watching sekoi on is not sending money to the creators. GO OUT AND BUY STUFF. sales in japan aren’t always the best for them and this stuff is hard to manage money wise. if you want this third season to happen go buy something? support the mangaka.

voice actors/staff: regrouping the cast of sekoi may be difficult especially for big time vas like konishi katsuyuki, nobuhiko okamoto, and hiroshi kamiya. their schedules are sometimes blocked. also, studio deen’s staff as well.

content: okay there’s not really an “arc” going on except that haitani stuff and the material may not flow correctly. so there’s not enough content for a season three. 

love yr neighborhood broski, owen

I am still struggling with mastering a balance between my focus on where I am going and where I am. I get caught up with the overall goals and where I see myself in the long run and forget to breathe and take the time to cultivate the moment.
—  sekoi
It’s not about how well you know me. It’s about how much patience you have to get to know me.
Ask questions.
And ask some more.
—  Patience, it’s that simple.