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please right the truth or dare scene!! I want to see jongin and minseok do things that will really make them come out of their shell Infront of everyone!!

Title: Truth or Dare 

Warnings: mild petplay

“I’m cold,” Sehun whines. He’s pouting, holding a mixed drink in his hand and wearing nothing but his boxer briefs and socks.

“Put some clothes on,” Baekhyun teases, giving him a subtle wink. “Oh,” he covers his mouth with the hand not holding his drink, “thats right, you can’t.”

They’d gotten through a few rounds of their game of truth or dare, managing to keep it mostly pg-13, mainly because Baekhyun hadn’t gotten a turn to give out a good dare yet. Byun Baekhyun is known for being ruthless when it comes to dares and the only reason Sehun is almost nude is because he refused to get completely naked when Baekhyun dared him to.

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in germany they first make a really large car like the q7 or the a7 and then they put them in the washing machine a bunch of times till they start shrinking and then they sell them for less money

and people but them

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friends : *talking ‘bout sex* 

me : *starts talking ‘bout what i know*

friends : how da fuck do you know these kind of things??

me : there’s this thing called smut, go read them and you’ll learn more bout sex from fans rather than our teacher

bc fans are seriously kinky af, no kidding.