>> Four people appears before you

>> What? More people? Can’t she have a little bit of alone time? This was getting annoying, though Ene stayed calm as usual, also keeping her usual blank expression as she scanned through the newcomers. A girl who looked like her, but for some reason she looked more like Konoha and there’s this other Konoha look-alike also, there’s Seto and one girl she had never seen before.

The girl waved at them slowly, “….Hello.”

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Rocking over a swing into the residential area where she actually lives since her journey began, Elle holds both chains of the swing in order to keep a good balance whereas her feet trampling the grass take a small boost backward, her body drawn to the speed given due to the pression shoved previously at several occasions. Playing around all on her own (Yet she’s with Lulu) isn’t tied to her habitual rituals however this morning she waits outside, precisely awaiting to the pastry where she goes buying candies and cakes is open– Looking down at Lulu’s level, a smile twitching to the tip of Elle’s lips as she petted him over his head, this one blurting a purr of appreciation evoking how much he likes be cherished by his little human’s friend.

“Meow. ~” Mewed the plump white cat, his head shifted to the left direction.

“What’s wrong, Lulu?” Half-parted lips her keen interest is also pulled obligatory to the same side of her faithful cat, wondering under her breath what caught his attention either something calling him?

One, two, three, four and five.. Five persons standing in the entrance of the zone gazed up towards the blonde-haired maiden, oddly. Does she has something glued to her features or–? As a quirk twitching on her furrowed brows she pushed herself up to her two feet, off from the playing area.

“Visitors…?" Elle mumbling aloud while she closed the gap between her and the small group beside, aren’t they are friends..? Certainly counterparts otherwise they didn’t remarked that path borrowed is the same for everyone..?