I don’t know if anyone else has translated this yet, but I just found my old translation of the comic that comes with EO5 on my computer. I did this a few months ago for some peeps on Discord and it’s the second thing I’d ever translated, so it’s a little clunky, but hey, it gets the job done.

Given how Atlus USA translated the EO4 comic, I imagine a lot of stuff in here probably won’t end up in the English translation since there are a lot of Japanese memes involved.


Etrian Odyssey V Class Showcase: Masurao

↳ Combat Role: Multi-Katana Blademasters

• Masuraos sacrifice defense for power and speed and can specialize in wielding as many as four katanas in battle or focus on a single blade.

• Quad wielders unleash devastating attacks on enemies that are capable of striking multiple times depending on the number of katanas equipped.

• Peerless single blade-focused specialists have more balanced stat growth and can inflict critical hits with their weapon skills.

• On the field, they can commence a random encounter with an increased chance of rare breeds and can trigger several consecutive battles.


Etrian Odyssey V Class Showcase: Warlock

↳ Combat Role: Sorcerous Elemental Spellmasters

• Warlocks are magical specialists, with fire, ice, and volt spells in their repertoire. They wear clothing and equip staves, but are also capable of equipping artillery like Dragoons.

• They also possess a number of support abilities for aiding the party in battle and for exploring the labyrinth.

• Warlock generalists have more well-rounded stat growths and bolster their spell list with magic possessing physical attributes, allowing them to strike against any kind of weakness.

• Warlock elementalists strengthen their already considerable magical power and receive immense boosts to TP, Intelligence, and Agility growth.


Etrian Odyssey V Class Showcase: Fencer

↳ Combat Role: Agile Frontline Warriors

• Fencers are lightning-fast fighters capable of hit-and-run tactics by dishing out damage while dodging and countering enemy attacks.

• Capable of following up party’s elemental attacks with chain attacks of their own and blinding enemy to dodge more attacks.

• Phantom Swordsmen specialize in dodging enemy attacks, gain evasion bonuses for wearing less equipment, and can counterattack multiple times.

• Chain Swordsmen have more well-rounded stat growths and specialize in maximizing their chain attacks.