Forgot to upload this like four days ago, but here’s a translation of the Famitsu comic for Etrian V that Namori did. Never watched or seen Yuru Yuri, but the art seems cute.

As always, I only handled script and image editing. This comic would not be possible without the gracious help of an anonymous benefactor giving the initial translation. They had a lot of patience while I was translating “Swingy Sword Girl” tons of ways, trying too hard to make clever puns without getting that the title really is that simple in Japanese.

I also had to swap the positions of the text in the first panel because otherwise, the title would look really cramped, just because it has so many characters in it.

Free Fonts Used:

SnapHand by InkyType

Oh man, I haven’t been this excited for a game since at least EOU2! Etrian Odyssey 5 will be so fantastic and I can’t wait at all. It has the most customization for characters this series has had so far, UI interface upgrades that all look great, and all new classes I can’t wait to play.

I can’t contain my excitement and I wish I had someone to talk to about it but I don’t care so I’ll just do this instead! I will wait impatiently as the Japanese get this game this year.

Another Etrian Famitsu comic, this time from the author and writer of the Etrian Odyssey II manga from a few years ago, FLIPFLOPs (Yuki Takahata). Never had to deal with semi-transparent text bubbles before, and I hope I don’t see them for a while. Editing out the Japanese text took forever.

Just as a note, the Japanese title was キャラメイクの迷宮/Kyara-Meiku no Meikyū, or Chara(cter) Mak(er) of the Labyrinth – a riff on the Japanese game title. But adding Etrian or Odyssey to the English comic title seemed clunky, especially with the EO V above it, so I didn’t.

Initial Translation: Anonymous Saint
Script/Graphic Edits: Me

Free fonts used
Neuton by Brian Zick (Font used for the body text in all 3DS Etrian games)
Umberto BB Regular by Blambot