The Japanese media translates Fantôme as 幻 (maboroshi, lit. phantom, illusion, apparition) instead of ghost (幽霊/yūrei). Translating it directly from french to english is not wrong but what Hikki meant by ‘the Japanese word for what she wanted to call the album is “too heavy” ’ is definitely going to be lost in translation.

さっきまね鮮明だった世界 もう幻
sakki made senmei datta sekai mou maboroshi
A lucid world I just saw is now becoming an illusion

真夏の通り雨 ー 宇多田ヒカル
Manatsu no tooriame

friends : *talking ‘bout sex* 

me : *starts talking ‘bout what i know*

friends : how da fuck do you know these kind of things??

me : there’s this thing called smut, go read them and you’ll learn more bout sex from fans rather than our teacher

bc fans are seriously kinky af, no kidding.