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I really wasn’t supposed to make another one this soon but, thanks to omegaverseaddicted’s releases, I HAD TO.

1. 19 Days

2. Junjou Romantica

3. Sekaichi Hatsukoi

Comment: I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT.

4. Ten Count

Comment: When you’re reading and it’s coming to the good part and the chapter ends and you throw your phone away,

5. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

Comment: *cries the Manila Bay *cries the Blue Danube *cries the Nile *cries Thames *cries Yang Tze


6. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

7. Otokonoko no Koto wa Shiranai

8. Ote o Haishaku

9. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

10. The Same Time As Always, The Same Place as Always

11. Oya no Kao ga Mitai

12. Family Affair

13. Pink to Mameshiba

14. Ashita wa Docchi da!

15. Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto

Comment: I’m assuming that there’s one more chapter. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EXTRA. PLS.

16. Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Comment: I’m sorry, Kashikomarimashita, Destiny but, this takes the title of BEST OMEGAVERSE in my world. I don’t even need to provide a summary for this. The art is a FUCKING 10. The translators are a FUCKING 10 as well (it’s a dick party here, boiiisss). I highly recommend reading everything even the translators’ notes ‘cause boy, will you be entertained. YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB.

17. Mitsumei

What this is: IVAN BRAGINSKI is a spy and he is to spy on former classmate/ lover? who looks a lot like Prussia. But seriously, this is going to be one heck of a ride, I tell you.

18. Youchi na Koi wo Doushiyo

What this is: Another omegaverse. Leaning towards the cuter side. Hocemi = Hot cake mix. This is also translated by our angels, omegaverseaddicted.

19. Nibiiro Musica

What this is: Injured cello player unknowingly enlists the help of his childhood friend as his eyes whilst he is in Japan. 

20. Ore no Kaikata Shikarikata

What this is: Neko is confronted by straight guy asking him to stick it in him. He treats Neko as a legit Neko.


1. Kataomoi to Parade

Comment: There has been an update but I’m not sure if it would have any continuation and I don’t know if I would be mad or happy if it would get continued BECAUSE SENPAI SIDE STORY BOIZ.

2. Yukidoke no Koi

Comment: It hurts me how REAL this is and how unnecessary chapter six and seven were to my already ruined life.

anonymous asked:

Why is that everyone on the YOI fandom throws a fit when somebody suggests Yuri on Ice is a yaoi? Because honestly speaking I don't see why it should not be considered as such...

First of all I want to clarify that I don’t feel myself into that group of people that throws a fit (even when I DO agree that it’s not yaoi), but I will reply to you anyways.

Secondly, I’m by no means an expertise on the field but I’ve watched enough series that fall under the category of yaoi to know that YOI is not one. The only thing that links both “genres” if you want is that the protagonist/s have a love interest on somebody of the same gender and that’s all of it.
Yuri on Ice is a sports anime since the plot revolves around the sport practiced by the protagonist/s and advances with it while everything else (in this case Yuuri and Victor having a relationship) adds to that from a secondary place. Actual yaoi series like Junjou Romantica and Sekaichi Hatsukoi to name some have the same gender relationships of the protagonists as the central topic AND are the reason the plot advances (or not).

Also being honest, something I’ve realized all of these series have in common is that sexual advances are used 90% of the time in order to resolve issues, ranging it from an uncalled-for kiss to a raw sex session because suddenly one or both of them had an uncontrollable sexual urgency idk??? That one point specifically is something Yuri on Ice took and treated in 2 whole episodes (episode 4 and episode 7) and smashed it on the floor in favor of a healthy, organic development in the relationship of two adults that love each other while accepting their flaws and respecting their boundaries.

Unlike a yaoi series, YOI is not meant to appeal the viewers obscure kinks or fantasies (like your average soap opera if you want), but to portray something organic and that people would see as achievable or #goals (at the risk that people might not find it intense enough welp they were so wrong ♥)

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Finally, here’s some things that would be different if Yuri on Ice was a yaoi series:

  • The fact Yuuri idolizes Victor would DEFINITELY benefit the later in his advances (aka Yuuri would let him do as he pleases just because he admires him, and by ‘as he pleases’ I’m totally talking about sexual stuff).
  • Yuuri’s anxiety would be played as something cute and a thing Victor would innocently take advantage of.
  • Victor would definitely be a seme, lone-wolf type character and have possessiveness issues and rage fits because of it (instead of the immature, 100% marshmallow-hearted dork we have in canon).
  • Something sexual and DOUBTFULLY consented would have happened in the onsen before the Cup of China hands down.
  • Episode 4 would have never happened (at least not in the way it did).
  • Victor would have kissed Yuuri there in the parking lot during the Cup of China without even asking, and would have done the same every time Yuuri felt uneasy instead of listening to him.
  • Yuuri would spend half of each episode aroused because of Victor.
  • We would have a hard time remembering either of them skate because each episode is full of the drama going on between them and their unresolved sexual urgencies.
  • Yuuri would either have an arranged marriage with Yuuko or be enemies out of resentment with the whole Nishigori family.
  • Yurio would have serious problems with being called ‘androgynous’ instead of using it as a personal strength like in canon.
  • The female cast of the series would be reduced to the half and the characterization of each woman would be super shallow in contrast to the wonderful ladies we have (for one thing, according to the yaoi formula Mila would probably be Victor’s ex and be a bitch towards Yuuri; Minako would be squeeing around about Victuuri all the time; Mari would ‘sell’ private data about Yuuri to Victor uncaring of exposing him).
  • The Banquet night would have ended up in sex between Victor and a beyond drunk Yuuri (and on-camera).
  • The main pairing would probably change to either of the following things:
        -Yuuri x Yurio.

        -Yurio x Victor.

    ( ^ with Yurio having an insane -and obviously sexual- obsession on the adult person of each pair and the later letting him advance).

       -Deaged!Yuuri x Victor (Yuuri would be like 18 or even less).

       -A romantic triangle between the 3 of them.
  • There wouldn’t be rings, at all, because if it’s not illicit it would lose its charm.
  • Phichit would probably be a trigger to Victor’s possessiveness and bitter personality, as in at some point Yuuri would have to resign hanging out with Phichit once or twice because Victor was too jealous.
  • Chris would definitely try something sexual on Yuuri.
  • The rest of the skaters would be background characters we could barely remember unless they do something to spice things up between Yuuri and Victor and their unresolved sexual tension.