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カメさん、Who are some not-so-well-known utaites you would recommend. Like some utaites that are awesome but not noticed by non-japanese fan because they can't use nnd properly or because there is no page in (where lots of fans get informations about utaite) or other reasons....

Hello, thanks for the ask and sorry for the late reply! I’m not the most qualified to ask this question as I rarely look at the utaite wiki page and have been focusing mostly on Mafumafu lately, but from the songs I’ve heard in the past and through my friends, here is a short list I would recommend! 

I’ve attempted to include a diverse variety of songs so it won’t be boring, and there are voices of all styles for you to choose. The italicized titles are recent works & ones that I personally enjoy. Although the number of recommendations sometimes varies, there usually isn’t a reason to it (I was tired of linking more videos ^^;;;) Enjoy!

(P.S. Please do check out the female utaites, they seriously are amazing and don’t receive enough attention/// I had planned to add more in that category, but unfortunately I’m feeling extremely sleepy ><) 

Bomberman (incl. Sou)

Questionable Ossans

Too Many R’s 

Male Utaites

Female Utaites 

International Utaites / Youtaites

(There’s so many I don’t know how many more I’ll have to list at this rate so please just keep searching around ― it’s not difficult at all to find singers you’ll like!)  

(Credits for sharing some of these utaites to friends including Tune-papa, Cx, Yutah, Shuuchan, Ire!)