i always knew myself. not in the way most people know themselves - i mean in the way that i sat day after day all by myself in my room and the only one i talked to, was my brain. i sat on the floor, starred into the mirror right into my own eyes and looked at me, like i saw myself for the first time. i turned down all the lights, lay down and listened to my brain, even when i mostly couldn’t understand it. i let myself fall so deep in sadness through imagining things that could happen or could have happened that i could listen to my brain and heart whimpering in the corner.
i know myself very well. maybe i spent too many ours all by myself. but better to have one very close friend, than none at all. even if that means, your own brain is your very only friend.
—  my friend
Fassi @ "Transport Show" (Slovenia)

Zastopnik podjetja Fassi v Sloveniji se je udeležil sejma »TRANSPORT SHOW« v Ljubljani (Slovenija)

LJUBLJANA – 22. In 23. Maja 2015 bo potekal sejem v BTC Logističnem centru v Ljubljani, sejem prometa in logistike »TRANSPORT SHOW« Slovenski zastopnik podjetja FASSI – hidravlik servis D.O.O.- bo prisoten v središču razstavnega prostora in sicer z vozilom Mercedes Benz Arocs ter nadgradnjo z dvigalom Fassi F365RA in jibom.

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The Fassi distributor in Slovenia attends the “Transport Show” of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana - May 2015. On 22nd and 23rd May will be held at Ljubljana in Slovenia into the logistics center BTC the largest transport and logistics event called “Transport Show”. The Slovenian distributor of Fassi, the company Hidravlik Servis d.o.o., will be present in the main area exhibiting on a Mercedes Benz Arocs the Fassi loader crane model F365RA with jib.

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Il distributore in Slovenia di Fassi partecipa al “Transport Show” di Lubiana (Slovenia)

Lubiana - Maggio 2015. Il 22 e il 23 maggio si terrà a Lubiana in Slovenia presso il centro logistico BTC il più grande evento del settore dei trasporti, della logistica. Il distributore sloveno di Fassi, la società HIDRAVLIK SERVIS d.o.o. sarà presente nell'area principale presentando l'allestimento di una gru idraulica Fassi F365RA con jib su Mercedes Benz Arocs.

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