seizures in children


Warning: Spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Lionheart: Wolf Children

Editor: NekoKitkat25hug

Song: King and Lionheart

Artist: Of Monsters and Men

Anime: Wolf Children (film)

Category: Drama

Awards: Fanime 2013 - Best Drama
Fanime 2013 - Best in Show
AniMinneapolis - Best Drama
Animethon 20 - Audience’s Choice

important: signal boost for pet owners

If your pet (dog/cat/etc) starts seizing, press on their eyelids/eyes with a soft to medium force (it’s a pressure point) and it will snap them out of the seizure long enough for you to get help from a professional.

Here’s what’s the most baffling aspect to me regarding anti-vaxxers:

Why would you put your child through the pain of being ill???? If I had a kid–a kid of my own blood and flesh, literal or metaphorical–any pain they experience would be 1000x worse for me. I would want to protect them from every single scratch and bruise, and especially illness and fevers and sore throats and the extreme agonizing symptoms of measles, mumps, rubella, etc etc. Seeing my own child suffer from something preventable would be the worst form of torture and heartbreak. And yet so many parents are willing to do that. I just ??? where is your natural protective parenting instinct????? where is your HEART ???