seizures aren't fun

By request: How The Magicians almost killed me.

So, I have seizures. Not frequently but occasionally and they’re usually not too bad. I’ve only had one grand mal seizure. Usually I have atonic seizures.

My seizures are triggered by two things that we know of: Sunlight and excitement. (The grand mal seizure occurred due to over exposure to the sun)

Now, how does The Magicians play into this? Well, remember that promo for the “There are only three episodes left?” Well, I made the mistake of watching that at work without having taken any medication.

I didn’t remember the promo. I hit the floor. I don’t remember hitting the floor. My coworkers sure do though. I got too excited ny the promo and had an atonic seizure. I didn’t lose consciousness or anything, but I did slam my head pretty hard on the floor during the seizure and bit my tongue when I fell.

So, that’s how The Magicians tried to kill me. Got to leave work early though. Now I don’t watch promos without my dog (who senses anxiety and seizures)