Hey everyone, this is my cousin Kaeleigh! She recently got accepted into the Mx:OCO project where she will be undergoing testing with medical marijuana in Oregon to help control her seizures. She has been on many dangerous medications since she was born (20 years ago) that are now greatly impairing her kidney and liver function. Over the years, I have seen her trials and tribulations with medication hospitalize her countless times and turn her into a being that we can barely recognize at times. Although Kaeleigh is able to function when she is not being incapacitated by her seizures, an MRI of her brain shows constant seizure activity. My aunt is a full-time registered nurse who has spent two decades working her fingers to the bone to help Kaeleigh complete day to day activities like feeding and bathing that she is unable to do on her own. The trial in Oregon costs $6,000 and lasts 30 days. My family must cover the cost of the treatment as well as airfare and living expenses for that month. I have never used the Internet to raise money for anything, but I’ve seen some amazing stuff happen. Please donate to her Go Fund Me page if you can, and if you can’t, PLEASE signal boost this! We need your help!


According to the description in the video, a man had a seizure while sky diving at 9,000 feet and spent 30 seconds in free fall unconscious. The man’s jumpmaster managed to pull the ripcord safely at around 4,000 feet and the
man became conscious at 3,000 feet and safely landed back to the ground. Truly incredible.


I just had a seizure in french class, so this is the part where I go over seizure first aid just in case somebody you know goes through what I do. 

1. As soon as they start seizing get somebody to start a timer. If you don’t know the person call an ambulance. If you do know them, and know they have a seizure disorder call an ambulance anyways; unless they’ve previously told you otherwise. Don’t call the police. Police don’t know how to handle seizure patients. If you call the police that makes you an asshole. When the medics arrive tell them how long the patient has been seizing for, or how long they where seizing for if the seizure has stopped. 

3. if they are seizing violently do not hold them down, seriously you can give them serious bruises or even break their bones

2. If they’re not seizing violently, turn them on their side, and try to get them in the position closest to shock position that you can. They’ll thank you for this if they throw up and don’t choke on their own vomit. 

6. If possible put a pillow or soft object underneath the persons head. This will stop them from braining themselves on the floor, which is usually something we appreciate greatly. generally cracking our heads open is even less fun than seizing. 

Do not, and i mean it do not put anything in their mouth. They’re not going to swallow their tongue, that’s not an actual thing. They may bite it, but that’s preferable to choking on whatever shit you put in their mouth. Just don’t do it. 

4. If they wet themselves don’t tease them about it. don’t even mention it unless it’s to offer them a change of clothes. this isn’t a medical thing, this is just a “don’t be an asshole” thing. 

Don’t hold them down

5. don’t be an asshole in general. sometimes seizures and bodily fluids come hand in hand. we know this. trust me. 

Waking up from a seizure can be super scary, especially if the person has never had one before. Don’t let them sit up right away, and speak to them in as soothing of a voice as you can, and i mean like nature-documentary type soothing, that shit has got to be as calm as it possibly can be. 

Don’t fucking hold them down you can break their fucking bones i’m not kidding

I may add more to this later, but my brain is fried because, you know, i just had a seizure. 

So some of you know I run a tabletop Fallout Equestria RP on Saturdays, and I was adding some tweaks to a random NPC generator I was scripting when I realized that maybe some other avid RP’ers would benefit from it.

So I was just wondering if anybody likes the idea of me making a sort of ‘pony creator’ program that people can use to generate reference sheets of their OC’s. It’d also generate a top-down view of the pony for use on sites like Roll20 or whatever else people use. I’d plan on hundreds of mane and tail styles, all extremely customizable. Import your own cutie marks or make your own in-editor, add props you find online or such like that.
On top of that, I was thinking of ways to script a ‘generator’ that’s highly customizable, and can pop out random NPC’s to populate your RP worlds based on parameters you set.

It’s of course super alpha-alpha, but what do you guys think?

Mockingjay Flashing Lights Guide with Minimal Spoilers

I just went to see Mockingjay in theaters yesterday. If you have epilepsy or another condition that could trigger seizures in response to flashing lights, here are the signs during the movie that tell you when to close your eyes and wait to pass:

1. When people (including Katniss) are running down a long, triangle staircase, close them. The flashing lights begin immediately after a loud noise (boom).

2. It is safe to open your eyes again when you hear Katniss call out “Mom!” The lighting is steady during this part of the scene.

3. After some dialogue, Katniss will run back to the staircases. Close your eyes again–the flashing lights continue throughout her time on the stairs.

4. You can open your eyes once more when you hear the countdown reach 0. (The countdown is announced audibly.)

Summary of when to close your eyes:

1. Triangle staircases (+ boom) = close. If you wait til the boom, close them immediately.

2. Katniss yelling “Mom!” = safe to open

3. Katniss running back to the staircases = close again

4. Countdown reaches 0 = safe to open again.

I’m sorry the scenes with flashing lights are so long, but there is enough audio to pick up on most of what’s going on. Ideally, go with a friend so that they can narrate what’s going on to you and confirm that the lights have stopped flashing before you open your eyes. I tried to include some buffer time (there are several seconds of safe lighting before Katniss yells “Mom,” but it’s the first distinct audio marker that I heard–the non-diagetic music doesn’t change enough to be able to use that). In any case, stay safe, and I hope you enjoy the movie!

wealllooknicetoday, this is dedicated to you :)