Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert: The poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs are used to cause seizures, blackouts and more damage!: The criminally insane US feds, cops & psychiatrists intentionally misdiagnose perfectly sane mental health care human rights activists with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and than cause seizures and blackouts in them with the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs. The ultimate goal of the sadistic psychopaths responsible for this tyranny is to attempt to cripple and kill the targets of their ignorant barbarism with the psychiatric drugs and other destructive psychiatric interventions. Together they never actually try to nurture mental health and naturally healthy productivity in the victims of psychiatry!>>>>>>

Damn, I feel pleasant.

I tried Charlotte’s Web oil. It is supposed to reduce pain, migraines, anxiety and inflammation.

I did a half dose of one dropper mixed into my hot black tea, wow.

My back doesn’t burn, my knee is nearly pain free and my ribs speed stinging long enough to breath easily for the first time today.

I felt so good I actually fell asleep on the couch and my brother thought we had messed up and I was high because I haven’t been at a manageable pain level in nearly a year.

No high, only pain relief. It was bted for a little girl with grand mal seizures and chronic pain.

BMC election: 21 cartons of alcohol seized, cops smell plot to lure voters on dry day

Few hours before voting for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation began, police seized more than 21 cartons of alcohol from two vehicles on the Western Express Highway.

Ahead of the BMC election, police have been on a high alert. Cops of Kurar police station were on a night patrol when they spotted two cars on the highway at 2 am.

They immediately informed the seniors and who advised them to keep a watch on the cars from the distance. After more than an hour-long wait, the cops towed the cars to the Kurar police station.

On searching the two SUVs, they found 21 cartons of alcohol bottles stashed inside. The seizure included bottles of whiskey, rum, beer, vodka among other varieties of alcohol.

According to the police, the alcohol was meant to be distributed among voters to lure them ahead of the election.


“At first sight, cartons of small plastic glasses were visible. Later, we found the alcohol neatly wrapped in similar brown cartons hidden below the other cartons,” an officer at Kurar police station said.

“It looks like a well-planned operation to distribute liquor on a dry day,” the officer said adding that investigations are on to determine the owners of the cars and if they have any political affiliation.

The excise department is helping the police to identify the place of purchase of the liquor which can help trace the car owners.


BMC election 2017: Your 7-point guide to everything you need to know

Bollywood A-listers to skip BMC election?

The DSM defines Conversion Disorder (FND- Functional Neurological Disorder) as “a mental disorder whose central feature is the appearance of symptoms affecting the patient’s senses or voluntary movements that suggest a neurological or general medical disease or condition.”

So, the brain basically converts psychological stress and severe emotions into physical symptoms that mostly mimic a neurological condition, like seizures, blindness, and paralysis. 

I am personally affected by seizures mostly, but have had a few times where I have had partial paralysis/weakness. This is such a scary disorder due to there being no magic pill or treatment, other than trying to reduce stress and deal with underlying severe emotions. Because of my PTSD, it makes the management of this disorder tricky, as it has been said to have been caused by my trauma. Because the PTSD isn’t controlled, the conversion disorder seizures aren’t either. All these mental disorders are intertwined and once one of them flares up, the others follow suit and it can feel like such a never ending impossible battle.

The seizures used to be really bad, violent, and out of control and I am so glad that they are not affecting my life at this point in time (hopefully it stays this way), as I have avoided a LOT of the “triggers” that tend to be bad for the seizure reactions. So I guess that has helped to reduce the frequency of them. 

It is upsetting at how much of a misunderstood disorder this is and there are not many medical professionals familiar with it, let alone have an understanding of it. The thing that upset me the most about having this disorder, was the fear of having a seizure in public, then wake up in an ambulance or hospital, being treated like absolute shit because it wasn’t a “medical seizure”. No one should have to feel like that, it is absolutely awful. I have almost killed myself after being treated like this by health professionals, and it is just not good enough. Not by a long shot.

It’s a complex disorder, but it doesn’t have to be complicated to treat us with some respect. We are still human, and we deserve the patience you would give to any of your other patients. Don’t make this harder on us than it already is.

Wax on a Burner

Do we ever grow up
Or will we always crave
A taste
Masked in embrace
To finally
Grasp the flesh again.
Something so sweet
When the clasp
Breaks so easily
Hands on my body
Free me
Seized by the
Rush of dopamine
Ignore that time is ticking
Years melt away
Wax on a burner
Push me further
Defile me to oblivion

January 2017


EYES WIDE SHUT #savagesneversleep *****MAY CAUSE SEIZURE*^*****

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Tomorrow I tell them what I know. And maybe…. Maybe I am just imagining this. Hopefully. The last thing I need is to be told that I could possibly start having seizures and put my baby at risk. I dunno…. I sort of hope so just so that I can go on forced mat leave because fuck do I hate work.
Whatever. I’m just going to….. continue to pretend I am okay.
Or disassociate altogether

Well, it’s 1:12 a.m. And fangirling to the point of having a spasm or a seizure or whatever over AMOLAD {A Matter Of Life And Death}. I can’t stop shipping Life x Death and Wisdom x Madness. I’m gonna start drawing fan art cause OH MY GOD THEY’RE FUCKING PRECIOUS!!!


Aaand I shitposted.

Booked a follow up appointment for today, this time I will not be pushed off onto someone else, I will start the questions that give me the answers. No doctor is going to make me someone else’s problem, I will push for scans, I’ll have my blood work done again despite my phobia of needles and hospitals. I will find out why I had a seizure and I won’t stop until someone gives me more than an “I don’t know.”

Health Update

So a lot of you have sent me messages asking for an update on my recent health scare, so here it is…

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who was concerned and thought of me.

Basically, what happened without going into too much detail is that my reoccurring lightheadedness and collapsing reared its ugly head this past week. At the hospital, they discovered that each time I black out and collapse, which has happened dozens of times over the last 6 years, my heart is experiencing a sudden drop in function, and I have a seizure. We don’t know the exact cause of it, but at least now we know what is happening. Once I am able to get insurance, hopefully later this year, I will be able to see a cardiologist and neurologist, and get things sorted to start a long term treatment, right now I just don’t have the money. So I just have to wait it out, I’ve dealt with this for a while, and there is no reason to believe I can’t wait a little longer as long as I am careful. The side effects of this past week should wear off within another week, and I’ll be back to normal. I can’t wait to be able to sleep normally!

Again, thank you all so much for caring enough to worry about my health, and to reach out. I will try and respond to each of you soon. I definitely am blessed to have people like you in my life. I wish you all good health and happiness.

Okay so @taylorswift I hope you’re ready for a little story…

This girl is my sister. She just turned 18 on Monday. She is the strongest, most resilient person on this earth. Without weighing too many details in, she was diagnosed with a rare traumatic brain injury at the age of 3, and a severe seizure disorder to accompany. I got her listening to your music during the Fearless era. She was only 9! You Belong With Me has always been her favorite song. In 2009 she was in the PICU post a multi phase brain surgery and Fearless and High School Musical was her musical saving grace. In fact, an acoustic guitar player would come play for the kids daily, and she requested You Belong With Me every time!

I convinced our mom to get us tickets to Speak Now and she did, but Alicia was too sick to come to the show (very last minute). Our show was the rain show, June 2011 and she ended up having brain surgery again August 2011.

FINALLY after years of waiting, I was able to take her to 1989. She still calls it the best night of her life.

Alicia turned 18 and I knew the only proper gift was a watercolor from the amazing @badbloodmadmadlove featuring YBWM lyrics of course!

I’m glad you were able to celebrate this milestone with us Taylor, because there have been far too many occasions we didn’t think she’d see her 18th birthday.

(she is doing amazing, and we will see you next tour)


@kompromatic thank you :( that’s genuinely comforting. We’re only a month into this and I need to keep that in mind bc apparently cats are even harder to regulate than dogs, I’m just afraid I’m gonna fuck up something and she’s gonna have a seizure or something :( I’m gonna try to home test again tomorrow if she’s in a good mood

Helpless - Part 2

Part 1

“Hey, Y/N/N.” Dean smoothed your hair back, running his hand over your cool, pale skin. He did his best to ignore the ventilator keeping you alive. He couldn’t stand to look at it, knowing he was the reason you were lying there. “They said our son is healthy. He’s a fighter…like…” Dean’s voice broke and he grabbed your hand, taking a second to gather his thoughts. “He’s a fighter like his mom.” 

Dean had gotten you to the hospital just in time. The force of the lamp had caused bleeding and swelling in your brain which caused the seizure. The doctors weren’t sure if you would ever wake up, but Dean couldn’t lose you without losing his son too, and he knew you’d want your son to have a fighting chance. “God, Y/N, I never meant for this to happen.” Dean sniffled. “I never wanted you to get caught in the crossfire. Especially not with our son.” 

Dean stood up, pacing the room and running his hands through his hair. “I promised you both I’d protect you. I had one fucking job and I screwed it up.” He made his way back to your bedside, sitting in the chair and resting his hand on top of your pregnant belly, feeling your son kick. “Hi, little guy.” He smiled a little, knowing your son was ok. “Did you feel that? Our little man is trying to tell you to wake up.” Dean grabbed your hand and rested it over where your son had just kicked, laying his head on your stomach. “We need you. I need you.” Dean sobbed against your body. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You whispered, sitting next to Dean and your own body, running your hands through Dean’s hair. He couldn’t feel you. He never would again. 

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