Carpe that Diem Fam

I was listening to the radio on the drive into work this a.m. and they were talking about enjoying, no rather taking the time out of your busy day, to admire the small things in life that make life so beautiful.

Your best friend’s laugh- full head back, teeth baring, raucous laughter.

An unadulterated sunny day, cool breeze, sand in your toes, the smell of sun tan lotion on a rock solid buff bod, or a pudgy soft middle.  Whatever tickles your fancy.

The extra amount of love that goes into your cup of joe in the a.m. from the barista that may not know your name, but knows JUST HOW YOU TAKE IT. 

That comment or emoji on a fic.  The words, yesssss and yassss depending if you’re from the north or the south.  


The color blue.

Sunsets after a drizzle.  

Rainbows after thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms before the rainbows.

Take each moment for granted because it’s the small things that make the bigger things all that much more special.

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8 things to give up

1. Self rejection
2. Negative self talk
3. Criticizing others
4. Being a people pleaser
5. Fear of failure
6. Holding onto grudges
7. Procrastination
8. Expecting perfection