seize the may

how, purple, freshly ripe, the pomegranates rise
and burst and murmur with the bees, my passion knows;
our blood, allured by what may seize its fancy, flows
for the swarm of desires eternally released.

- Stephane Mallarmé, from A Faun in the Afternoon, trans. E.H. and A.M. Blackmore.

Imagine You're a Servant for the Prince Part III

Part 1 | Part 2

Edea entered the chapel, making sure her simple lace veil covered her hair, and slowly waddled down the aisle towards small shrine in the rear. She paused half-way to rub her massive stomach as the baby actively squirmed against its cramped quarters, her other hand rubbing the small of her back.

“Easy, little one,” she soothed, “You don’t have much longer, just be patient.”

The birth of her first-born was eminent and she had made it a point to pray in the small shrine once a day for a safe delivery. The chapel air was chilled with Early Winter’s mantle but the dozens of candles lit at the main altar and shrines added a slight edge of warmth. She finally made it to small alcove tucked to the side, dedicated to a certain saint whom she had chosen as her patron during her convent days, and slowly began the task of lowering herself on the padded kneel bar. Her heavy belly hung low, straining against the fabric of her dress, and the baby’s movements were visible under the garment.

As she began to pray, Edea felt a little sad that her pregnancy was coming to an end. Yes she was excited to finally see the child growing inside her womb, but she relished her round stomach and heavy breasts. Feeling the baby kick inside her, seeing it move…And the sex. The bigger she grew, the more she and Aterio enjoyed the pleasures of her body. Not a day passed where they didn’t fucked at least once, and they would fantasize about different births. Edea caressed her stomach: perhaps the saints would grant her at least one more week of bliss…

She failed to notice someone else enter the chapel and quietly walk between the pews towards the alcove. She finally heard the gentle rustle of clothing behind her as a pair of arms snaked their way around her waist from behind and cradled her pendulous womb.

“ Making your daily devotions, little nun?” the prince purred in her ear as he knelt behind her. Edea felt her breathing become heavy as her body instinctively burned with desire. She kept her head bowed.

“I am praying that the baby comes safely, Ari” she replied, using the nickname she gave him. He tenderly smiled and ran a hand over her full-term swell. The well-being of their child was always her top concern, even in the depths of their most violent passions, which touched him deeply. He rubbed the sides of her stomach, prompting Edea to softly moan .

“ Ah, how devout you are! Even while being tempted by a demon, you focus on your piety. Even while his child grows within you?” Aterio kissed her neck and jaw. His hot breath forced Edea’s body to shudder with pleasure. “What kind of pious woman is heavy with my child? You think hiding here will keep you safe from me?” He ran his hands up to her full breasts and squeezed them with delight. Edea cried aloud; it was such a delicious pain! She turned around so that she was seated on the kneeling bar and facing him.

“ I can’t resist, you wicked demon,” Edea pulled him into her arms and kissed him violently, “Take me, Aterio, I cannot wait!”

“Here? In the shrine before the eyes of your beloved saint?” his eyes sparkled with delight; seeing Edea’s untamed lust sweep over her calm and sweet nature was always a rush for him.

“ I don’t care if it damns me I just need you,” she begged. Her entire body ached with desire and the baby was restless. She knew she could go into labor at any moment so Edea was ready to seize any opportunity that may remain before the birth. Aterio placed his hands atop her stomach and kissed her.

“Oh my little nun, I have something else in store for you,” he whispered, “May your patron saint give you the strength to endure.”

Edea gasped as her midsection was suddenly seized by a violent pain which rolled over her stomach, forcing it to harden beneath the prince’s hands. She threw her head back, legs opening, and cried as the pain peaked and a rush of water spilled from between her thighs and onto the cool stones beneath. Her labor had begun!

“ Aterio!” she panted, “ What have you..?”

“ Have you forgotten, my love?” he asked as he lifted her dress, exposing her bare stomach. His hands began to massage her massive swell as another contraction built. “That little potion which allows me to control your body? I can start and stop your labor when I see fit.”

Edea’s mind tried to wrap itself around his words but instead she was distracted as her womb tightened into a merciless fist. She felt the baby’s head, already low in her pelvis, just begin to push through her cervix. She gripped onto Aterio and groaned through the pain. Her voice echoed through the still, candlelit chapel and her husband kissed her face.

“ It’s coming quickly, isn’t it?” he asked, his calm voice betraying an edge of excitement. Edea nodded as she panted. He continued to plant kisses on her and caress her belly and thighs. “You need to push, little nun. Bear down on your wicked lover’s child.”

Edea leaned back and wrapped her arms around the top of the marble rail which separated her from the altar. Another contraction began to build and the urge to push grew in conjunction. The sound of her heavy breathing and whimpers filled the alcove while her husband knelt between her open legs, rubbing her stomach. As sudden as her labor was, she could not help but feel herself becoming aroused by the experience. The pain in her womb was delicious and as she bore down with the contraction’s peak her moans were both of torment and pleasure. The sensation of the baby’s head filling her as it slowly inched down was more than she could imagined. It was sweet torture.

“Oh my prince!” she gasped, “Ari, my love, it hurts! It’s too much for me to bear!”

“ But you must,” he gently urged. He leaned forward and hungrily kissed her mouth. “ This is your penance for laying with the likes of me.” Edea leaned her head back and Aterio buried his face into her neck as she began to push. His hands clutched her contracting belly possessively and his soft moans of desire mixed with her cries of pain.

“So big,” she groaned, “The baby…big…”

“ Pray, little nun! Pray to your saint that the child does not get stuck!”

Edea screamed as another pain seized her. The head was nearing her lips now and she strained to bring it closer. Aterio watched as she pushed, his face awash with unbridled lust, and soon his fingers were caressing her sex and slipping inside. Her moans changed from those of pain to enjoyment as he teased her clit with his hand. Her eyes fluttered; her labor was becoming more than she could have ever hoped and she silently thanked her patron for such a blessing.

“You’re such a dirty, little whore,” Aterio whispered in her ear.

“You evil demon!” Edea hissed through her teeth, enjoying every moment. “ Foul beast! AaaAAAAHHHH!” She was pushing again. Sweat poured down her face as she grunted with effort. She felt the head gently press against her opening before dipping back inside as she relaxed. “It’s coming, my love! Our baby…It’s so close!” The prince’s fingers delicately entered her and brushed against the baby’s head. He kept them there as Edea pushed again and smiled as it pressed against him. Soon her sex was bulging with the girth of the large head, her lips refusing to part more than just a modest opening.

Aterio sat back and took in the sight of his beloved: Edea seated before the candle-lit altar, the lace veil somehow remaining draped over her long hair, her thighs opened wide as she bore down, her labia pushed out obscenely with just a peek of their child’s head through her lips. It was almost too much for him to bear.

“I wish…you could see yourself right now,” he growled lustfully, “ The Passion of Saint Edea.” Slowly Aterio leaned down and began to kiss her swollen sex. Edea closed her eyes and moaned as his mouth brushed against her her clitoris. As a contraction came she pushed down, forcing the head to bulge out more and her lips slowly part. She cried as her sex began to burn but continued to push. Aterio caressed her labia and watched as it opened more. “Yes…Saint Edea. Pilgrims come from all around to kneel before her and kiss her crowning babe, praying for their own miracles.”

“ Oh I hate you, Ari!” she replied, “ You love to torture me so!” The Prince gently flicked his tongue over her clit in response. She reached down and ran her hands through his thick, dark hair, moaning as she felt her pleasure building. She pushed and suddenly the head crowned, forcing her to violently climax with an echoing shriek. Watching the massive head force itself out from Edea’s sex was enough for Aterio to cum as well as his body tensed while his cock released itself in his trousers. He cried aloud as well, burying his face into her heavy breasts, and the two of them held each other for the moment.

As Edea savored the afterglow of bliss, another contraction forced her pushed once more. The baby’s brow slipped out with a yelp. Aterio took Edea’s hand and placed it on the baby’s head. He looked into her face as she smiled, her fingers stroking the damp head. She bit her lip and with a final push forced the rest of the head out. There was spray of water as it escaped into her hand and she collapsed with sigh.

“I loved this,” she whispered as she caressed the baby’s head. Her fingers ran over the delicate features of the nose and lips. “Oh Aterio, I loved every moment. I wish…Oh I wish…”

“…it didn’t have to end?” he whispered. His hand joined hers in feeling the child.

“Yes, Ari. Oh forgive me, but I wish we could do this again!”

Aterio kissed her tired face. “Would you like that? To do this every day or night, my little saint?”

“Yes! If only we…” Edea felt another pain begin to well up. She prepared herself to push, knowing that the baby would most likely emerge with this final push. “ Aterio, the baby…” He placed his hand on her exposed belly and suddenly Edea felt the contraction ebb into nothing. His other hand remained on the baby’s head and with a gentle push it slowly began to retreat back into her. Edea moaned as she felt her lips stretch other the head once more and slowly move up through the birth canal. It stubbornly passed through her cervix, which wasn’t meant for babies to travel backwards, until the whole babe was nestled once more in her womb. Aterio then placed both hands on her stomach and closed his eyes as her cervix closed and soon the baby was once again gently floating in its bath of freshly replenished waters.

“There,” Aterio softly said once the work was done, “ Just like before, Edea.”

“Ari…what…,” she gasped as her hand ran over her swell. The baby must have been as confused as she for it was protesting with a flurry of agitated movements. Aterio waved his hand and suddenly there was a bowl of steaming water and clean towels.

“ Edea, my love,” he softly began as he washed her face. The hot water felt wonderful on her skin and she softly moaned. “ What if I told you we could fulfill all our fantasies without having to wait? Without it harming our child? Every day we could enjoy this, enjoy each other.”

“ That’s…that’s why you made that potion. For this, right?” Edea asked. Aterio nodded and gently washed her stomach and thighs. She closed her eyes and sighed as he finally reached her sore sex. The prince gently kissed her brow and looked into her face.

“You were amazing,” he whispered, “ My beloved Saint Edea.” She opened her eyes and smiled.

“ My beloved wicked lover,” she whispered in reply. With another wave of his hand the water bowl vanished along with the mess from the birth. No one would never have guessed she had nearly delivered her baby in the shrine. Aterio gently helped Edea to her feet and they slowly made they way through the chapel, she leaning on his arm for support.

“You know,” she began, “The last time we both walked through here was on our wedding day.”

Aterio paused. “So it was. But I must say, you are more beautiful right now than the day I married you…and I can only assume your beauty will grow even more as every year passes.”

Edea blushed before letting out a small gasp; the baby was terribly active and kicked her ribs painfully. Aterio knelt before her and rubbed her heavy belly where the babe’s movement were visible. He kissed the swell and laid his head against her stomach.

“Soon, little one,” he whispered, “But not today.” He rose and kissed Edea before the two of them left the chapel out into the softly falling snow where the chateau awaited them.

–To be continued. Lady Wyvernic

anonymous asked:

In a full communist/socialist style of government (whatever we end up evolving into, even something entirely different but similar in its humanitarian efforts), what's to stop concentration of power to a new elite that abuses said power? Since it almost seems like corruption is an inevitability where there is power to be wielded

When the means of production (workplaces, centers of resource distribution, etc.) are under the common, democratic control of the people they impact, it’ll foster material conditions where social hierarchy withers away (and abuses of power along with it). Power resides with those who control resources and distribution, as under capitalism where it resides with bosses and the politicians that facilitate their accumulation of profit; the post-capitalist democracy would abolish that tiered ownership of resources, thus drastically reducing the likelihood that one individual or a minority class of elites could seize absolutist control. 

There may still be instances where an individual may try to start the enclosure process anew (similar to capitalism’s beginnings in England where the bourgeoisie privatized land that was formerly commonly-held, in order to accumulate capital and dispossess peasants of livelihood and force them to become workers beneath the bourgeoisie), sure, but the established material conditions would probably render an attempt like that fundamentally nonthreatening; just as a person today could go around calling himself a duke and demanding that people subordinate themselves to him as serfs, a bourgeois type in the future may go around demanding that a liberated humanity work beneath him as a proletariat; it’s a threat that has no venom as long as the material conditions have evolved past the capitalist imperatives of private accumulation of capital and market competition for resource distribution.

Evolving automation technologies that render most toil obsolete, the implementation of decentralized economic planning, and the establishment of resource commons would be the bedrock of the post-capitalist society – it would look very different from what we have today, and therefore the problems that would arise would probably look very different overall. But I guess if a power accumulation/enclosure process does become a problem again, the people could come together and defeat it; any likelihood of the problem is still drastically reduced once you upend the hierarchical structures that make ungodly accumulation of power possible in the first place.

Hope this was helpful =)

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run [their very best to win], but only one receives the prize? Run [your race] in such a way that you may seize the prize and make it yours! Now every athlete who [goes into training and] competes in the games is disciplined and exercises self-control in all things. They do it to win a crown that withers, but we [do it to receive] an imperishable [crown that cannot wither]. Therefore I do not run without a definite goal; I do not flail around like one beating the air [just shadow boxing]. But [like a boxer] I strictly discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached [the gospel] to others, I myself will not somehow be disqualified [as unfit for service].”

‭‭- 1 Corinthians‬ ‭9:24-27‬ ‭(AMP‬‬)

I'm sorry for the way they treat you.

Y/N P.O.V.

It was an amazing day out in CA so I decided to take trip to the mall. Shades on top of my head along with my Jamba juice in my hand as I stroll along the hallways of the mall decided on which shop to go in.

When my attention was directed to the sound of girls and chatter a few feet ahead of me. I saw the girls with their phones out apparently recording something or someone. I moved to my side trying to see what or who they were recording.

Oh my gosh! I almost dropped my Jamba juice. There he was. My idol, my everything, the person who I have been dying to meet forever. The Love of my life was only a few feet ahead of me. Justin Bieber. I was starstruck. I didn’t know if I should approach or not. My mind was seized.

You may never get this chance again Y/N, you gotta go say hi. I thought to myself what the heck? As I was about to step forward the tall blonde-hair with a short black dress walked passed me with her phone out.

“Can I have a picture?” she said with her phone facing Justin. “No Hi’s or anything?” he asked with a slight smile on his face. “No.” she said rudely as she walked off. I saw the next girl video taping him as he spoke. They just laughed at him and walked off.

Justin sit there as he took a sip of his water. My heart broke at the sight what I just saw. Some people are so rude, they continuous treat him like he’s object when all he wants is to be treated like a normal person.

He’s always so sweet, kind, loving and genuine and people always take him for granted. He’s the most amazing person I have ever seen. I fell a tear run down my cheek.

“Hi!.” he smiled widely looking at me. I couldn’t believe it as I wiped the tears away.

“Hi!” I replied smiling as I walked towards him. He stand up as he reached his hand out to me.

“I’m Justin. You are?” he asked looking at me with his beautiful honey orbs eyes.

“Y/N.” I replied as my shaking hands  met his. He nodded as he looked at me.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. Don’t be nervous.” he said smiling as he felt my hands. I smiled at how sweet he is.

“I’m sorry for the way they treat you.” I said as he looked at me a bit confused. “You don’t deserve that. Are you okay? ” I asked. He was looking at me a little taken back.

“I’m okay, thank for you asking.” his smiled grew. “You wanna sit?” he asked pointing to the bench.

“Only if you really don’t mind.” I asked making sure it was okay. He nodded his head repeatedly as we both sat down.

“So how are you?” I asked looking at him, he smiled.

“I’m great. Just enjoying my break.” He replied taking a sip of his water.

“I know it wasn’t easy for you to cancel the tour. I know how much you love us but I’m proud of you for putting yourself first.” I said.

“It really wasn’t an easy decision for me. I know how many fans would of been disappointed. I didn’t want to cancel but then Scoot sat me down and explain to me that if I kept going I would end up back like in 2014 and I couldn’t let that happen. I worked so hard to get myself back together I just couldn’t go back there you know?” he explained looking down at his feet. I just couldn’t help but hug him.

“I know. I understand. You do so much for us. You sacrifice so much just to make us happy and I just want you to know that no matter what you’ll always have my support. I love you Justin, always have always will.” I said hugging him tightly as he did the same. I was honestly expecting him to pull away already.

“Thank you so so much. I honestly needed to hear that.” he said before pulling away and looking at me in the eyes.

“I wish there were more people like you out there.” he said before my phone were off. It was my mom to pick me up. Great timing mom.

“Justin I wish this moment didn’t have to end but my mom is here to pick me up so I gotta go but it was really great meeting you.” I said as he half smiled.

“Oh don’t you want a picture or something?” he asked looking at me as I touch his soft cheek.

“No. You have given me something much more valuable to remember this moment. The Memory. I don’t need a picture cause I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.” I said placing a peck on his cheek before getting up to leave. “Take care of yourself. I love you.” I said before leaving.

Morning and Night Prayers to Fenrir

Working on finally getting my devotional schedule sorted out so here’s my morning and night prayers to Fenrir. Short and simple.


Hail to The Ravener
The King of Wolves
You whose fangs gleam bright with desire
I ask that you teach me how to use my own fangs
So that I may seize this day


Hail to thee Vanagandr
You Who Are the Source of Hope
Painful and Monstrous
I thank you for your blessings and teachings
Harsh as they may be

Deep silence usually precedes the writing of a poem….The silence that precedes the poem may be intoxicating, it may seize the world’s wholeness more completely than the poem that emerges later. But it can be a moment of great despair. Writing a poem (if only a few lines – a whole poem seldom comes of a single séance) is linked with a certain loss, and also grief, since the well of silence must be abandoned. And that’s the great problem facing anyone who writes, who tries to write poems. Only when the sad weeks of true, mute silence begin, when you can’t write, do you begin to understand that only this first silence, which fosters poems, is happiness, while the other, empty silence can be a curse.
—  Adam Zagajewski, Slight Exaggeration, trans. Clare Cavanagh
Hymn to Heru-sa-Aset

Hear me, Divine Falcon, Lord of the Sky, Heir of His Father, He of the Horizon,

The skies are torn asunder by your wings,

The earth trembles at your cry for vengeance,

Hear the cry of those oppressed,

Deliver their hearts to peace,

Unveil the sickly blackness of the malicious,

Be gracious to those black of hearts,

So that love may seize their lives.

The silence that precedes the poem may be intoxicating

Deep silence usually precedes the writing of a poem. And some of that silence usually enters into the poem. That’s the difference between poetry and rhetoric, public-speaking competitions. The silence that precedes the poem may be intoxicating, it may seize the world’s wholeness more completely than the poem that emerges later. 

~ Adam Zagajewski, Slight Exaggeration: An Essay (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, April 4, 2017)

natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812 sentence starters (act 1)

(twigger warning: alcohol and domestic abuse mentions)


  • “There’s a war going on out there somewhere…”
  • “_______ isn’t here.”
  • “You’re gonna have to study up a little bit…”
  • “Everyone’s got NINE different names!”
  • “_______ is young.”
  • “_______ is good.”
  • “_______ is old school.”
  • “_______ is HOT.”
  • “He/She/They spends his/she/their money on women and wine…”
  • “_______ is a slut.”
  • “_______ is fierce, but not too important.”
  • “The war can’t touch us here!”
  • “_______ is crazy!”
  • “_______ is plain.”
  • “_______’s family… totally messed up.”
  • “_______’s just for fun.”
  • “What about _______?”


  • “It’s dawned on me suddenly, and for no obvious reason, that I can’t go on living as I am.”
  • “I used to be better.”
  • “His/Her/Their purse is always empty because it’s open to all.”
  • “I drink too much…”
  • “Right now, my friend fights and bleeds.”
  • “I never thought I’d end up like this!”
  • “The women/men/people all pity me cause’ I’m married but not in love.”
  • “He/She/They is charming, he/she/they have no sex.”
  • “There’s a ringing in my head…”
  • “There’s a sickness in the world.”
  • “I’ll sort it out later.”
  • “How many men before me, good men believing in goodness and truth, entered that door with all their teeth and hair and left it toothless and bald?”
  • “You empty and stupid contented fellows!”
  • “I’m different from you! I still want to do something!”
  • “Do you struggle too?”
  • “I pity you, I pity me, I pity you.”


  • “I’ll take you where you must go.”
  • “What are you dawdling for?”
  • “Bring some rum for the tea!”
  • “______, you’ve grown plumper and prettier!”
  • “My cheeks are glowing from the cold!”
  • “How beautiful you looked in the snow!”
  • “I can’t bare this waiting!”
  • “He/She/They loves me only.”
  • “Dresses, dresses! We’ll buy what we can afford!”
  • “How wonderful to have you here instead of these gossips and crybabies.”
  • “You’ve hooked a fine fellow!”
  • “The old fellow’s crotchety!”


  • “I’ve aged so much.”
  • “I forget things…”
  • “I live in the past.”
  • “People enjoy me though.”
  • “Such a majestic and agreeable spectacle.”
  • “Bring me my slippers!”
  • “Bring me my wine!”
  • “I have no friends!”
  • “Stupid girl/boy, all my friends are dead!”
  • “I can hurt you!”
  • “I can hurt you but I never ever would.”
  • “He/She/They could beat me or treat me like a dog, make me fetch wood or water and that’s just how it is.”
  • “I know they’ll like me, everyone has always liked me!”
  • “Is this all I make of my life?”
  • “Maybe I’ll marry someone myself…”
  • “Oh, that offends you, does it?”
  • “Where are my glasses?!”
  • “He forgets things…”
  • “And I dare to judge him, I disgust myself.”
  • “I disgust myself…”


  • “O-Oh… Oh, hello…. Won’t you come in?”
  • “Too fashionably dressed.”
  • “I know at any moment he’ll indulge in some freak!”
  • “I am not afraid anyone.”
  • “Too plain and affected.”
  • “Not much to look at…”
  • “What have I said?”
  • “What have I done?”
  • “Oh, they were so awful…”
  • “It all hurts so terribly.”


  • “First time I heard your voice, moonlight burst into the room.”
  • “You are so good for me.”
  • “I’ll never be this happy again.”
  • “You and I, and no one else.”
  • “We’ve done this all before, we were angels once. Don’t you remember?”
  • “How can anyone sleep? There was never such a night before!”
  • “I feel like putting my arms around my knees and squeezing tight as possible and flying away.”


  • “Stop moving and moaning, we’ll miss the curtain!”
  • “Welcome, to the opera.”
  • “________, smooth your gown/shirt.”
  • “I’ve never felt like this before.”
  • “Look, there’s _______, home from the war at last.”
  • “He’s/She’s/They’ve changed, dear me!”
  • “What a headdress she/he/they has on!”
  • “They’re all looking at me, they’re all talking about me!”
  • “Now all the ladies/men/everyone are mad about him/her/them.”
  • “No, I am enjoying at home this evening.”
  • “Oh, those pearls!”
  • “So beautiful! What a charming young girl/man/person!”
  • “Have you been here long?”
  • “He/She/They never used to forget us.”
  • “There’s a woman/man/person one should stay far away from.”
  • “Oh, I’d tickle you all if I could.”
  • “He/She/They moved with a swagger. Which would have looked ridiculous, had he/she/they not been so good-looking.”
  • “Mais charmante.”
  • “How handsome he/she/they is!”
  • “He/She/They is talking about me.”
  • “Every time I look at him/her/them, he’s/she’s/they’re looking at me!”
  • “Bravo, bravo!”


  • “I have longed wished to have this happiness.”
  • “How do you like the performance?”
  • “He’s/She’s/They’re as handsome up close as at a distance.”
  • “You ought to come, please, come!”
  • “I know for certain he’s/she’s/they’re taken by me.”
  • “I fear he/she/they may seize me from behind and kiss me on the neck!”
  • “You will be the prettiest there.”
  • “Do come, give me this flower as a pledge.”
  • “It’s alright, _______, I’m here.”
  • “I-I cannot speak.”
  • “There’s nothing between us.”


  • “I have known her/him/them since she/he/they was a child… I have long carried affection for her/him/them.”
  • “Yes, charming.”
  • “Drink with me, my love! For there’s fire in the sky and ice on the ground!”
  • “Vodka and wine are dangerous for me.”
  • “Keep drinking, old man/woman.”
  • “She’s/He’s/They’re first rate but nothing but trouble.”
  • “It doesn’t matter, I don’t give a damn.”
  • “Just as a duck is made to swim in water, God has made me as I am.”
  • “All I care for is deity and women.”
  • “God! To think I married a man/woman/person like you!”
  • “Don’t speak to me, wife/husband/spouse.”
  • “There’s something inside me. Something terrible and monstrous.”
  • “Here’s to the health of married women/men/people and their lovers!”
  • “How dare you touch her/him/them?!”
  • “You can’t love her/him/them!”
  • “I challenge you!”
  • “Oh, a duel? Yes, this is what I like~.”
  • “He/She/They will kill you, stupid husband/wife/spouse!”
  • “So, I shall be killed! What is it to you?!”
  • “________, my guns.”
  • “Oh, this is horribly stupid!”
  • “________, hold your fire! Not yet!”
  • “No! Shot by a fool!”
  • “Oh, my mother. My angel… My adored angel mother!”
  • “You are a fool.”
  • “Well, you certainly bring out the beast in them!”
  • “Come on, let’s get you home.”
  • “Be happy, we live to love another day.”


  • “Is this how I die?”
  • “How did I live?”
  • “I taste every wasted minute… Every time I turned away from the things might have healed me.”
  • “Was I kind enough…? Was I GOOD enough…?”
  • “Oh, why have I been sleeping?”
  • “They say we are asleep till we fall in love, we are children of dust and ashes.”
  • “When we fall in love, we wake up.”
  • “We are god and angels weep.”
  • “All of my life, I spent searching the words of poets, saints, prophets and kings! And now, at the end, all I know that I’ve learned is that all that I know: Is I don’t know a thing!”
  • “All the things I could have been! But I never had the nerve!”
  • “Life and love? I don’t deserve it.”
  • “All right, I’ve had my time.”
  • “Bury me in burgundy, I just don’t care.”
  • “Such a storm of feelings inside of me!”
  • “Why am I screaming…? Why am I shaking?”
  • “Oh, God. Was there something I missed?”
  • “Was happiness within me the whole time?”
  • “Don’t let me die while I’m like this!”


  • “I see my face.”
  • “Don’t be silly!”
  • “They say you can see your future in the long row of candles in the depths of the mirror.”
  • “I see a shape in the darkness!”
  • “I’m so frightened!”
  • “I suffer now more than before…”
  • “The rudeness of that man/woman/person! I’ll straighten him out!”
  • “I’ll shut myself in my room and try on new dresses/clothes.”


  • “Oh, my enchantress… Oh, you beautiful thing!”
  • “These dresses suit you!”
  • “Anything suits you, my charmer.”
  • “You are such a lovely thing, where have you been?”
  • “It’s such a shame to bury pearls in the country…”
  • “If you have a dress/suit you must wear it out!”
  • “How can you live in _______ and no go no where?”
  • “So, you love somebody! That’s no reason to shut yourself in!”
  • “My brother/sister/sibling/friend dined with me yesterday but he/she/they didn’t eat a thing because he/she/they was thinking about you.”
  • “A woman/man/person with a dress/suit is a frightening powerful thing!”
  • “You are not a child when you’re draped in scarlet and lace.”
  • “Your fiance` would want you to have fun rather than be bored today!”
  • “My brother/sister/sibling/friend is quite madly in love with you, my dear.”
  • “It must be all right…”
  • “There’s a ball at my house tonight, you must come!”
  • “You must come!”
  • “How the thought of throwing them together amuses me!”


  • “How I adore little girls/boys, they lose their heads at once!”
  • “There is no barrier between us!”
  • “I don’t know good from bad…”
  • “I’m so frightened!”
  • “You are enchanting!”
  • “Don’t lower your eyes, I love you.”
  • “I am in love, dear, I am in love.”
  • “Don’t say such things, I love another!”
  • “Don’t speak of that when I tell you that I’m madly in love with you!”
  • “Is if my fault your enchanting?”
  • “I don’t understand anything tonight!”
  • “Is it possible I will never see you again?”
  • “I have nothing to say!”
  • “Tell me, what just happened…?”
  • “I-I’m trembling…”
  • “I love you… Of that there is no doubt.”
  • “How else could we have kissed?”
  • “I could not help loving you.”
  • “I will love you, _______.”
  • “I’ll do anything for you.”
Jealous Chekov

Requested by anon: A jealous Chekov when he sees you get close with another guy on the enterprise.

The laughter rang like a bell across the bridge as you reached out to grasp onto the shoulder of the Lieutenant you were talking to. Chekov clenched his jaw tightly, his knuckles clenched so tightly around the console that they were going white. He refused to move his gaze from your direction and kept a dagger gaze fixed on the communications officer whose arm was wrapped around your shoulders. His mind was a jumble of profanities and feelings as he struggled to understand how he felt towards you. This was jealousy he knew that for sure but how could he love someone he has never dated before? Never woken up together or spilled dark secrets over late night drinks — but he did, oh how he loved you. Now he only wished that you knew. With a sudden burst of insane courage he stood up and strode across the room, determined to seize any opportunity he may have left to make you his.

Fic: Rare Is This Love (Keep It Covered)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Caryl

Word Count: 4018

(A/N: This is a season 7 finale speculation fic, loosely based on spoilery rumours. Also available here on AO3. Hope you all enjoy. Forever nervous about writing Caryl and getting them right.)

When Daryl next lays eyes on Carol, the day the Saviours attack Alexandria, riding through the gates with Ezekiel and two dozen other people like some damn post-apocalyptic Joan of Arc, his first reaction isn’t relief, it’s terror. Because she is here, in the thick of it again, doing the exact thing he’d tried so hard to protect her from, and if she doesn’t die today, she’d told him there’ll be nothing left of her anyway if she is forced to kill again.

She’ll disappear for good, fade away, and if that happens she might as well take him with her. He’d been fighting, holding on, for her, and without her it’ll all be for nothing. And so he throws himself into the fray, the chaos of bodies, bullets, and horses, trying desperately to reach her, to not lose sight of her.

Whilst she’d been tucked away in that house, he’d told himself she was safe. Or safer than the rest of them. He could focus, breathe, and do what needed to be done so she wouldn’t have to… She’s not supposed to be here. And she’s even more of a target right now on that damn horse.

For a split second their eyes meet and time stops; he sees her inhale sharply, eyes wide with relief and fear and need, mirroring his own, then a body barrels into his chest, knocking him to the ground and the breath from his lungs. He lands hard, with the weight of his attacker crushing him further, and his hands fly up to land punches, grabbing and yanking at clothing, anything to throw the other man off.

There’s the glint of a knife, and he catches the wrist of the hand holding it just in time, holds it, shaking, inches away from his eye as the man (stupid moustache, sadistic grin, Simon says) forces it down.

“Found you,” Simon smirks, “Didn’t beat any sense into you then.”

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Mags talks Tarot: Turning of the Year spread

I created this spread to provide insight into what the outgoing year brought to my life, where I stand now, and what the coming year will bring.

I do mine on 31st October each year but it works equally as well as a New Year’s Eve spread, or a birthday spread, or at a personally significant point of the year. A proviso of mine is that I will not do this reading twice for one person within the same twelve months and personally feel that it would lose something if it was used more often, however YMMV.

This is a large spread and it usually takes me at least an hour to complete a reading, so you’ll want to make sure you’ll not be interrupted for a while if you choose to do it.

1. Where I am now in respect of my professional life.
2. Where I am now in respect of my personal life.
3. Where I am now in respect of my inner life.
4. What the past year can teach me about my professional life.
5. What the past year can teach me about my personal life.
6. What the past year can teach me about my inner life.
7. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my professional life.
8. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my personal life.
9. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my inner life.
10. Month 1 (starting with the month following the day of the reading – so for a New Year’s reading, this would be January)
11. Month 2
12. Month 3
13. Month 4
14. Month 5
15. Month 6
16. Month 7
17. Month 8
18. Month 9
19. Month 10
20. Month 11
21. Month 12

The first nine cards need no explanation as to what they are there to do, however I would say that you are at perfect liberty to change the focus of this spread if the professional/personal/inner life is not the best fit for you.  I’ve also read this spread using emotionally/physically/spiritually, financially/physically/intellectually, and body/mind/spirit – it’s all about what’s important to you. Use it to look into the three things that what you want to focus on in the coming year.

The final twelve cards are intended to elucidate on the themes provided by cards 7, 8 & 9 and to give a flavour of what each month may hold. They benefit from being looked at as a group rather than taking each card in isolation. Read them as a story about your journey through the coming year!

I also recommend taking into account the balance of the spread as you read:

Major vs Minor arcana; which are there more of?

If it’s major, then the coming year is going to be a very significant one. If they are clustered in one part of the year, then it’s giving you a much more specific timeline pointer, if they are spread evenly then it may be that the whole year will be important.

In relation to the minor arcana alone …

Which suit appears the most? Which suit appears the least? Is there a suit that doesn’t appear at all?

This will give you an indication of the theme of your year and indicate which areas of your life might be neglected unless you make an effort to focus on them.

Number wise, are you getting mostly low numbers, mostly high numbers or a mix?

These can give an indication of the stage you’re at with whatever element of your life is being highlighted by the cards and give you pointers as to where you need to grow.

Are there more court cards than number cards?

If so, it may be that your life is being strongly influenced by specific people, or it might be that these represent elements of yourself that will come into play at that time, or elements that you need to focus on.

If you have a card you use as a significator* ….

Did it appear? If so where?

One interpretation is that this is the point in the year (or element of the year past/ present/ to come if it turns up in cards 1 to 9) that is going to be particularly pertinent to you. When my significator turns up in this spread I usually draw an additional clarifier card (after I’ve finished drawing the rest of the spread) for that position to identify what it is about that point in the reading that is so personal.

On that note, please don’t be afraid to pull a clarifier card if there is an area of the spread that doesn’t make sense. However do make sure that you’ve thoroughly thought about the cards you’ve drawn before you start doing so. If you look at the spread and your gut reaction is to pull a host of clarifiers please be honest with yourself as to why you’re doing it. If it isn’t that you don’t understand what the cards mean but instead that you don’t like what they’re saying, it’s better to face up to that element of the reading (and possibly set aside some time to do a separate, focused reading specifically to work through that issue) than to draw another card in the hope that it will make the problem go away.

And finally … please also remember that this reading a snapshot of the year ahead at the moment you pull the cards – not a set in stone prediction that cannot be changed. This is going to give you an idea of what may happen so that you can get ready to meet it, allowing you to seize opportunities the year may bring and prepare/guard against the not-so-good things (forewarned is forearmed, after all!). It’s a spread to help you make the best of whatever comes your way and is not supposed to create anxiety or become something to beat yourself up about.

If you use the spread, please do let me know if it helped and if you tweak it (which you’re obviously more than welcome to do) please share that too!

*A significator is a card chosen from the deck that represents either you (if you’re reading for yourself) or the questioner (if you’re reading for someone else). Some people, myself included, have a card they identify with most and thus the appearance of it can be used as an additional element in readings. If you don’t have a significator, please don’t feel that you need to choose one!

thewarlocksnephilim  asked:

Sweet affectionate moments meme; do Pierretasha and... 17. Because we all love love bites.

God bless you.


I fear that he may…seize me from behind, and kiss me on the neck…

Natasha remembers that night at the opera, remembers imagining Anatole’s mouth against her skin, how sensual it would be, how terrifying, how delightful…

Reality is even more delightful than her imaginings, she has learned, and it will not do to think of Anatole now, she thinks, rolling over in her marriage bed and gazing at Pierre, still asleep, snoring gently.

Her husband. He’s certainly not the first man she thought would hold that title, but now she knows he is the only one who ever could. They’ve barely been out of bed all week, twin souls who were once so lonely and now can’t get enough of each other, of touching and holding and caressing.

And kissing, Natasha thinks, burying her face in her pillow to repress a giggle. 

And biting.

For the first few nights–and days–their lovemaking was maddeningly, blissfully slow and indescribably gentle, as they explored and sought to learn everything about each other. Pierre, strong as he might be, is also incredibly careful, and Natasha loves him all the more for it, and yet in the past few nights she has found herself pulling her husband on top of her, wanting to feel him pressed against her, so close, so close…

And then he’d buried his face in her neck, breathing her name and pressing kisses against her soft skin, and she found herself whispering, harder, as her fingers curled in his hair, and she could feel the scrape of his teeth and heard the sound of her own breath…

Her heart is beating faster in her chest and she wonders just how late Pierre will sleep. He is turned away from her; she snuggles closer, winding an arm around his waist and nuzzling the nape of his neck. His breathing changes a moment later as he wakes, turning in her arms and staring at her, so close he has no need of his spectacles.

“Good morning,” he rumbles, his voice gravelly with sleep.

“Good morning,” Natasha smiles, and they kiss softly, over and over, morning breath be damned. She feels his hand run up her side, gathering the fabric of her nightgown.

“How long do we have?” Pierre asks.

“Sonya will be here for tea in the afternoon. The morning is all yours, since you decided not to sleep through it.”

“You’re as intoxicating as a bottle of vodka, but without any of the unpleasant effects the next day.” Pierre brushes her hair away from her neck and Natasha is sure he will lean in to kiss her, but he pulls away instead.

“What is it?” she asks, her brow furrowing.

The corner of Pierre’s mouth twists into a smile that is part embarrassment and part satisfaction. “You may wish to wear your hair down today.”

“Why is that?” Natasha demands, sitting up.

“Go look in the glass.”

She throws off the covers and pads over to the mirror on the opposite wall. “Oh.” There are dark marks up and down her skin, bruises, evidence of her husband’s ardor. 

“I am sorry,” she hears him say, “I didn’t realize I was…I’ll be more careful.”

“Don’t.” She turns around, beaming, and leaps back into bed with him. “I like it.”

“You do?”

“Very much.”

“But you’d tell me if I was hurting you?”

Natasha touches her fingers to Pierre’s cheek. “Of course I would.”

He nods, already leaning in to kiss her. “Good.”

She flings herself back on the bed and hauls her husband down to her. 

They’re barely dressed when Sonya arrives for tea.  

anonymous asked:

Hello! I remember a McCree request you Did a while back where the new recruit was a nurse & at first he questioned why he was there but saw them & faked sick. I was wondering if you could do this again but w Genji? If this isn't allowed then delete!

Oh My Lord YES!! I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now.

(f/n)-full name

(y/n)-your (first) name


He walked into the office thinking about the new nurse who would be performing his check-up.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want a new nurse or didn’t trust that Angela had good judgment, it was just he didn’t really need to be checked.  He stared blankly out the window of the office waiting for them until he heard the door open and close.  He turned his head and what he saw was breathtaking.  He couldn’t describe how amazing the sight was. 

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