seize the day

The Most Underrated Newsies Line

Okay, but from a storyteller’s point of view, let me tell you about my favorite line in Newsies (of which there are many, seriously, what an amazing lyric book this play has).

When the boys first go on strike, they’ve called the other newsboys to take a stand with them, but on the day of the Strike no one else shows up. Davey and Jack try to encourage their friends who are with them to not back down when they’re left alone and together they sing the line:

And say to all the others who did not follow through

“You’re still our brothers, and we will fight for you.“

In any other story, and indeed in almost every other story, this line would not exist. Every other time, if part of the rebellion or the soldiers or the gang fails to stand with the heroes, the reaction is one of scorn. We as the audience are shown and taught that those cowardly traitors mean nothing. We get angry at them, we turn our back on them and say "watch us get along without you.” The heroes will stand despite them, and often actually to spite them, to prove them wrong for backing down.

Not so in Newsies. Instead, we’re giving a beautiful picture of friendship, challenge, and loyalty. In that one line we see the heart of Jack and Davey and the rest: They know the newsboys are nervous, confused, afraid, and they don’t blame them for it; rather, they continue to stand and they do so in the name of those who couldn’t stand with them at the start.

And two minutes later, thanks to their courage, we see the rest of the Newsies gather behind them and join the Strike

and I don’t know guys

I just- *throws hands up in wordless appreciation*

That’s good stuff right there.

(Now I’m going to go watch it for the fourth time, byeeee)

  • me: *walks into audition* hi, today I'll be singing Seize the Day from Newsies.
  • me: *clears throat*
  • me: thank you.
  • me: *walks out*
The Hogwarts Houses as Lines from “Seize the Day,” Courtesy of a Person Who Has a Very Limited Knowledge of House Sorting:

Gryffindor: “Courage cannot erase our fear/Courage is when we face our fear.”

Ravenclaw: “Minute by minute/ That’s how you win it/ We will find a way.”

Hufflepuff: “Wrongs will be righted/ If we’re united.”

Slytherin: “Proud and defiant/ We’ll slay the giant.”

I lost trying to win. Failed trying to learn. Took it for granted and lost it. Focused on the future and missed the present. The big picture covered the details. Too focused on goals and forgot to grow. Gave and expected back.

“Pulitzer and Hearst
They think we’re nothin’
Are we nothin’?”



Pulitzer and Hearst
They think they got us
Do they got us?



Even though we ain’t got hats or badges

We’re a union just by sayin'so

And the world will know!

What’s it gonna take to stop the wagons?
Are we ready?