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Favorite #makoharu moment ever  💖💖💖

When you don’t need subtitles to see hearts breaking…when you fail to find the words to describe the feels…when you wonder how the seiyuu prepared to act these expressions out…when every time you watch it again and again, there’s a dull ache in your chest that never fails to come…

So I was scrolling through Kensho’s twitter and I found this selfie of him with Osaka Ryota.

This is what normal people would see.

While this, is what I see.

I can’t help it! ;w;) HALPPP

“Ono-san is Kamiya-san’s tranquilizer”by Shimazaki Nobunaga

ಠﭛಠ “Ono-san is Kamiya-san’s tranquilizer [i.e. stabilizes his mind/calms him]” is a statement made by Shimazaki Nobunaga that rocked the worlds of all Japanese fans supporting OnoxKamiya on Sept 22nd 2016. I am just too grateful to Shimazaki Nobunaga that I want to cry (I knew he was a fudanshi!!).

Nobunaga said this during the LINE LIVE promotion for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan, I found the video on twitter but the tweet is protected ><. You guys can also try searching 「 小野大輔は神谷浩史の精神安定剤 」on twitter. Him and Hino Satoshi were originally talking about the recording booth’s atmosphere, and Nobunaga brought up Ono-san and how amazing his acting is, and then somehow Kamiya-san came up in the discussion, and GOD Nobunaga decided to reward us with this statement.

See under the cut for full translation ↓ ↓

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Hei, i read your Mahi Snow White and remember that Kaji Yuki (Kuro VA), Terashii (Mahiru VA), and Shimono (Misono VA) once made their own version of the Snow White story with Kaji as Snow White. Try searching Kaji Yuki Hime.

AAAAAAAAH YAS YAS YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS, I LOVE THAT SKIT!!!!!! ♥ ♥ When I decided to go for SnowWhite for the Servamp Fanzine, I immediately thought of that event xDD I couldn’t fit Mahiru’s name the same as they did with “Kaji Yuki Hime” though ahah, shame~
Terashii being all seven dwarves and Kaji being the dense SnowWhite is great but the best was Shimono’s performance as the foreign prince hahaha just priceless!!! Imagine Misono being so into the role he actually fakes the foreign accent x) Also, Shimono was totally serious towards the end when he asked Kaji Yuki Hime to marry him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET, PLEASE SEARCH FOR IT, PEOPLE!!! I think there’s even a subbed version now <333

Shinya pays Guren a visit
Ichinose Guren (Nakamura Yūichi) & Hīragi Shinya (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Shinya pays Guren a visit

Extract from Track 2 of Seraph of the End 8 [Supplement] Drama CD.

(This is a rough translation; feel free to provide with corrections.)

Shinya: [knocking] Hey Guren ~ Are you in there?
Shinya: [more knocking] Guren. Guren? You’re not there?
Guren: Hmph.
Shinya: Well, I know you’re there, so I’ll just open the door~
Guren: Haa? I’m not here, so don’t open!
Shinya: [opens door] So you were here after all~! Hi~ It’s me.
Guren: Don’t you “it’s me”, Shinya. Disappear. Don’t bother me. Your face is annoying.
Shinya: [laughs] Even if you say that… You made a happy face upon seeing me.
Guren: Ha? Who?
Shinya: You.
Guren: Quit joking! Take a closer look at my face. I’m making a really annoyed face, am I not?
Shinya: Hmm~? But it’s your usual face.
Guren: Aah, yes. In summary, I always hate you.
Shinya: Heh? No way! Really?? I thought you were just tired…
Guren: Enough already, just disappear.
Shinya: Anyway Guren, I’m bored–
Guren: As if I care; I’m busy!
Shinya: [enters] I’m letting myself in~
Guren: Don’t come in..!
Shinya: [sits down, content sigh]
Guren: Don’t get comfortably seated.
Shinya: Coke is fine~
Guren: I’ll punch you…
Shinya: [laughs] Don’t let out such a scary voice~

Track 1
Hirakawa Daisuke, Namikawa Daisuke
Track 1

Another small section from the Love Revo radio CD! This is still volume 1 but it actually takes place a few weeks after the first clip I put up earlier. Each volume contains multiple radio broadcasts. They were reading questions sent in from the listeners. Enjoy! BTW, NamiDai isn’t insulting Hirarin when he asks if he’s stupid. He’s just being goofy, which is why Hirarin finds it hilarious.

Hirarin - Hirakawa Daisuke
NamiDai - Namikawa Daisuke

NamiDai - From Aomori prefecture, her diet name is Sanae. “It may seem sudden but, I’ve got a question for you two. Hirakawa-san and Namikawa-san, were you both spoiled children or the type that wanted to be spoiled? I’d be happy if you answered. By the way, I’d love to hear Hirakawa-san say ‘good girl, good girl’ in a sweet voice. (shy)” Don’t act embarrassed!

Hirarin - Eh, eh? What was her name?

NamiDai - Sanae-san.

Hirarin - Sanae-san? *gentle voice* Sanae-san, good girl, good girl.

NamiDai - Seriousy, are you stupid?

Hirarin - LOL!

NamiDai - Anyway, Sanae-san said she’d be happy if we answered her. How about you, Hirakawa-san? Were you spoiled or did you want to be spoiled?

Hirarin - Hmmmm, I wonder…maybe I was…spoiled…?

NamiDai - You were spoiled, for sure!

Hirarin - What do you know about me?

*both laugh*

Namidai - So you were spoiled?

Hirarin - Between being spoiled and wanting to be spoiled, which one is best?

NamiDai - Being sloppy and wet is really good! [TN: Pervert Namidai, at it again XD]

Hirarin - Ha ha! How is it you can be so lewd all the time?

NamiDai - I see. For me, I think I wanted to be spoiled.

Hirarin - So, you were the type to get jealous…

NamiDai - …and always want something…

Hirarin - The “carrot and stick method” must have worked on you.

NamiDai - That’s right! Let’s ask Ten no Koe since like another personality here.

Hirarin  - Right.

NamiDai - Were you spoiled or did you want to be spoiled?

Ten no Koe - Neither one.

NamiDai - It’s really rare to feel like that though!

Hirarin - I know! So that’s how he was.

NamiDai - But boys are usually pretty spoiled, aren’t they?

Hirarin - That’s true. No matter what age, guys are usually spoiled.

NamiDai - Exactly. Even when they’re younger, girls are more mature mentally.

Hirarin - That’s usually the case. The actual age has nothing to do with it. Men really can’t win against women…

NamiDai - Hirakawa-san, weren’t you supposed to whisper into the ears (of the listeners)?

Hirarin - What’s that?

NamiDai - Like, something sweet.

Hirarin - Ah, ha ha. I’m not going to do it!

NamiDai - You won’t?

Hirarin - I won’t, I won’t.

NamiDai - It’s fine, you can say it. It’s okay, since it’s 11pm.

Hirarin - Oh, is it?

NamiDai - It’s 11:30, actually.

Hirarin - …You’ll probably call me a dummy again or something…

NamiDai - I won’t, I won’t. I definitely won’t.

Hirarin - *gentle(?) voice* I wish I could be spoiled…

NamiDai - Are you an idiot? *laughs*

Hirarin - I knew it!

NamiDai - Enough of this! Let’s go to the next section.

They are too much when they’re together! They balanced each other out really well in this radio program. When Hirarin said he wanted to be spoiled, I was like “Pick me, pick me!! I’ll do it!” lol! He seems more like the type to spoils other though. Usually I give links so others can buy it too but I found this randomly on Amazon. It was used so it was super cheap and looked brand new! Maybe these guys still have it…

Here’s an adorable pic of them from Neo Romance Festa 9

I would have LOVED to have seen Tatsu act out this scene in the recording studio. I mean..Don’t get me wrong. Mamo has my heart, ever since I heard ‘Ice Road,” four years ago…If you haven’t yet heard it, Please do so. But, Tatsun this season, you just. I was BLOWN AWAY by his performance. If anything, he’s becoming a better seiyuu with each acting performance. Still, leaves breathless, each time I revisit this scene. And Makoto was so precious in this scene….

And, if THIS doesn’t scream MakoHaru, I don’t know what does…