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I want to learn Japanese
  • Me, a 12 year old weeb: To watch anime without subtitles!!
  • Me, an 18 year old fan girl: Butai and seiyuu events don't have fucking subtitles and I want to watch them live and fucking understand damn it!!

[声優界のジャックナイフ 岡本信彦] by Suzuki Tatsuhisa

*Comparing someone with a jack knife in Japanese terms refers to how dull jack knife looks when it is folded, but slowly turns sharp as its unfolded. It refers to how a junior (kohai – Nobu) grows stronger from a senior’s (sempai – Tatsun) point of view, aka “Nobu, I’m so proud of you!”


QUARTET NIGHT 罰ゲーム😋 And Tatsun kinda cute when he’s just reached out Piyo-chan’s hand (๑////๑) かわいいな~ #quartetnight #kotobukireiji #morikuboshowtaro #kurosakiranmaru #suzukitatsuhisa #camus #maenotomoaki #mikazeai #aoishouta #piyochan #shiningallstar #utanoprincesama #utapri #うたのプリンスさまっ #seiyuu #cute #かわいい #lol #罰ゲーム #アニメ #geek #fangirl #spam

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Pour l'anniversaire de Mamo, voici exceptionnellement une nouvelle compilation d’extraits sous-titrée en français ! Bon visionnage~ (*^▽^*)

* Pour les intéressé(e)s, une liste de mes vidéos sous-titrées en français et/ou en anglais est disponible ici.

* S’il vous plaît, ne remettez pas cette vidéo en ligne ailleurs, merci de votre compréhension !

The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- The MakoRin Part
The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- The MakoRin Part

Due to popular demand, here’s the MakoRin part of the live drama from the seiyuu event~ Audio clip credit goes to the lovely saerigraphie! Also, please do NOT share this outside of tumblr!


Nagisa: All right, for the next practice session we’ll have Mako-chan take the order and Rin-chan will be the customer!

Makoto: I don’t know if I can…

Rin: Okay, start whenever!

Nagisa: Alrighty then, 3, 2, 1, GO!

Makoto: Thank you very much for waiting. May I take your order, sir?


Momo: I feel like he would be perfect for this job!


Nitori: (Translator’s Note: I honestly have no idea what Nitori is saying because of the fangirl screaming all around because this is the part where Rin approaches Makoto and looks like he’s going to kiss him by rubbing his face all over the space between Makoto’s upper lip and nose LOL)

Rin: Seems like I got his attention.

Makoto: Sir, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Rin: Yeah.

Makoto: Sir, it seems that it was very cold outside, correct?

Rin: Right.

Makoto: If you would like, I can bring out a nice hot drink to warm you up!



Translator’s Notes: *I’m not 100% sure if this is what Rei said as the fangirling game too strong

**Rin is acting like one of those classic yakuza badass guys who come in and wreck things LOL


This may be the cutest thing you watch all day.

It’s a special cross talk between Ono Daisuke and Ben McKenzie who plays Jim Gordon in Gotham. OnoD does his voice for the Japanese dub, and he also dubbed Ben’s character Ryan in The O.C.

This video embodies what I love about OnoD. Just so straight-forward and honest. You can tell he was a bit nervous which I think is adorable. His self-introduction in English at the beginning is so cute!

That moment when a Facebook post motivates you to watch an anime series...
  • Me: Ooooh... what's this? Natsume Yuujinchou? What a pretty opening!
  • Me: Is this slice of life? It looks so cute.
  • Me: OMFG youkai. I'm getting xxxHolic vibes here. That's a good sign.
  • Inner seiyuu fangirl: *listens to a clip* The protagonist's voice is so cute. *checks Wikipedia* OMG he's voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya *¬*
  • Final veredict: This series looks like my next mistake hehe :) I'm watching it as soon as I have time.
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Thank you so much to everyone who started following me, I actually get a little nervous…   |・ω・`) Hello~!
So as a present to my new followers I give you the cuteness of this clip from ShimoKaji’s Radio Misty!! Please enjoy!!

Hiro: This one!

Kaji: We’ve got a mail from Rittsun, thank you very much! “KonbanMisty~!

Hiro: "KonbanMitsy!

Kaji:  "Shimono-san, happy birthday!”

Hiro: Thank you very much!

Kaji: “My topic for you to discuss is "Should you be the first to confess or should you wait for your interest to confess?” My friend is troubled, what is the best to do so please givsjivksl…..yes!

Hiro: Don’t give up halfway! Yes, yes. Our opinions, right? These things happens sometimes…

Kaji: [Note: really can’t hear what he’s saying] You couldn’t say it either!

Hiro: Since you couldn’t do it I had to finish it for you

Kaji: Ka ka ka ka

Hiro: Don’t you ka ka ka me!

Kaji: Let’s do it!

Both: Misty Janken, Janken Poi!

Hiro: wait…

Kaji: You’re such a muppet

Hiro: I’m done for!

Kaji: All you’ve put out today has been rock

Hiro: I feel like only putting out rock

Kaji: Guuu~


Hiro: Omg, is this really okay to air on radio?

Kaji: When we get started we can’t be stopped, like a storm incoming!

Hiro: We’re getting carried away here, aren’t we? To all listeners, we’re sorry! If you want us to pull ourselves together please send us mails saying so! It’s okay to tell us we should start behaving as grown-ups!

Kaji: But they might like us this way… Anyway..

Hiro: Let’s get going!

Kaji: Yes, since I won, I choose “Confess yourself”

Hiro: Ooh~ okay! Then I’ll take “Wait until confessed”

Kaji: So, the topic is: Should one pounce and confess or wait till your partner confesses?“ Start!


Kaji: I want to confess myself

Hiro: Oh, why is that?

Kaji: Well, depending on how the situation, but only I know that I hold these kinds of feelings, right

Hiro: Yeah

Kaji: So if I have feelings for my partner I feel I ought to tell her!

Hiro: But there’s always that feeling of slight fear?
If you tell her you’ve fallen in love with her and you were good friends from the beginning but confessing might ruin your friendship and that’d make you depressed and you both don’t know where to go from there!

Kaji: So you mean you’d wait until the one you like confesses to you?

Hiro: Yeah, I guess I would

Kaji: Even for an eternity?

Hiro: I’d still wait!

Kaji: You would?

Hiro: Eventually, he will confess to me

Kaji: There’s no guarantee for that! That’s why you have to confess, you’re a man, aren’t you!

Hiro: F~un

Kaji: You might want to be a girl if you’re reborn but as for now you’re a man! You have to go for it!

Hiro: During the last time you said something similar, didn’t you!

Kaji: If you’re going to confess, you have to do it yourself!

Hiro: You’re wrong, if you look at this from the eyes of a girl, it’s scary! It’s scary to confess! You know you should confess your feelings but it’s scary! If possible, I want the boy to confess to me

Kaji: Are you saying this as Shimono Hiro??

Hiro: Why won’t you tell me?

Kaji: I love you!

Hiro: Say it like you mean it

Kaji: You’re the only one for me!! I want to be with you forever! And your smile would belong only to…

Hiro: Yuu-tan!! Don’t say no more!


Hiro: YUU-TAN~!

*ping ping*

Kaji: It became a sketch…

Hiro: Why..?

Kaji: Why? But I think they (the listeners) will be able to decide based on this instead of us just arguing back and forth

Hiro: Sometimes it’s good with these sketches!

Kaji: Yeah, I don’t think we’ve had one until now


*I am not fluent in Japanese nor is English my first language*
I always try to be as accurate as possible but please forgive me for any mistakes or weird grammar (^▽^;)


Anime Japan 2015, Part 3

Doukyuusei display at the Aniplex booth. There were autograph boards by Kamiya and NojiKen, as well as an illustration board by Nakamura Asumiko.

It’s really happening!!!! I hope they give us more details soon.