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Okamoto Nobuhiko’s 8piece 1st Full Album

Hey guys. So I wasn’t online for days. I just got back from company trip and didn’t have chance to upload something. So I know I was late to post this. I really hate this. I been missing on the important date (gladly I have my sister @verloren9104 who always keep me telling me the updated thank you so much)

Anyway!  Last Saturday (21/1/2017) Nobu’s 1st full album 8Piece have been released!!!!! yay~!! and not only that, his album also get the 5th place in Oricon Daily CD Album Ranking (first appearance) right after a day it’s have been released!! Congratulations!!

Now, I want to talk about the song inside it, which has the same name as his album “8piece”.

Have you guys had heard it yet?
If you haven’t, please hear the preview here

When I heard it for the first time.. before I know it, my tears just keep flowing..  this song are unlike the other. this song is special… Because

  • He wrote the lyrics himself. 

  • In fact, this is the fastest song he ever write. He only finished writing this song within 2 hours. it’s so easy to write because he just poured all his true feelings into this song.
  • THE LYRICS ITSELF. if you haven’t read the lyrics, please check it out here. (again thank you so much to @ju-da-su for translating the lyrics. and again I’m crying) He expressed his thankful feelings  to kiramune family including connect, his manager and to  everyone who always support him during the time he in trouble, he put it all… into this song.
  • Kiramune family singing this song together with him!! They really did sing this together as kakki suggested!
  • *trignal, namidai, yochin, kakki, miyu and even kamiyan sing this song together! Just for him!!!
  • And last but not least…HIS VOICE. Oh my god.. that’s the softest (nobu) voice i ever heard

that means he wrote the lyrics with an image of kiramune family
will sing it on the mind.

There’s no other song ever made like this. Everyone join him in his song, Giving him the support and love that he deserves.

You know..Nobu is not perfect..but I know Nobu is strong boy. He always is. He never show his weakness. He never shade a tears in front of people and I bet he never show it to his senpai and kohai too. Maybe not because he’s ego or it will ruin his pride, but the fact he know that he is not alone and everybody got his back, he don’t even have chance to be sad. Even if he did cried, he get up quickly. Knowing that be sad over it won’t solve the problem. After all, Despite all he had been though, all he do is being professional by not making his fans worried about him. that fact make me want to cry again
That’s just the kind of guy Nobu is.

And I really want to thank all kiramune family for keep supporting Nobu. Especially Kakki!

Just days before nobu album was released, Nobu came to Kakki’s radio show unison and they have a great time together. It’s really intersting. you can rarely see these two aka my two biggest crushes in seiyuu fandom interacting with each other so much. so this is pretty important.
Kakki being so supportive he did fangirling over nobu a little bit. Plus they play mobile games together which is their reaction so cute.okay stop me
Nobu was promoting his album too. and He thanks Kakki. Nobu said that your words really make him happy . By one sentence “Shall sing the chorus with you then?” following by the other supporting that suggestion , this 8piece song was able to be created. Houtouni arigatou gozaimasu!!
 When kakki heard that, he said that’s not true at all. In fact, he apologize back to Nobu, saying that after all you have been through, he wish he could say something more cooler than that. But Nobu said “You already cool enough”. You already are,Kakki!

And So then Nobu need us to support him too! please buy his album! (even this poor girl is trying so hard to buy his album) I hope after this. Nobu will keep growing and will keep surprising his fans. Gambatte kudasai!

Let’s all of us give all the support this precious cute little devil! #LoveOkamotoNobuhiko

Soku no chikai
Miyano Mamoru
Soku no chikai

One of Mamo’s most beautiful songs. Truly, it is…And I think it’s because Mamo rarely does ANY SHONEN-AI anime, so the fact that he’s singing it for Hotsuma, just makes my heart melt even more!! Every Mamo fan HAS to have heard this song, cuz it just…

There are no words sometimes to describe it.

And I would kill to see him perform this live, or have a recording of him singing it in the studio…The ending, particularly, when his voice fades away, it just makes me want the song never to end… (o(*゚▽゚*)o)

Since I joined in the middle of everything, this is just the 3rd year that I’ve been allowed to take part in the series, but I was quite surprised by the enthusiasm felt when the UtaPri series was launched and its great influential power. Since the cast is full of people I’m close with, I was hoping for an appearance…so when it was determined that I’d join UtaPri as sempai Kotobuki Reiji, I was really happy. Actually, I was considerably nervous about entering this world created by the original seven members, but I remember even now how relieved I was to be accepted by everyone. Since I’ve been in three games as well as the anime, I can boldly declare myself as “UtaPri Family” now I think, haha. Please continue to support both Kotobuki Reiji and Morikubo Showtaro!

Morikubo Showtaro’s Special Message from the Uta no Prince-sama 5th Anniversary Book

(I usually don’t outright request reblogs, but Reiji is my precious #3 bae and I have a seiyuu crush on Morikubo-san, please make the reblogs and likes skyrocket or I will be sadder and more disappointed than when Cecil’s seiyuu couldn’t get 100+ notes 💔)

Meet Eguchi Takuya, my ultimate seiyuu crush! This is the longest seiyuu fact that I have ever made :) Please enjoy! 

Source: 江口拓也の行きあたりばっかりJAPAN (Eguchi Takuya no Ikiatari Bakkari JAPAN)

Get to know me meme (Seiyuu version)

hi ~ I kinda want to make this graphic meme like other fandom do. you can also participate by making gifset/art/graphics with it and hashtag it with #get to know me seiyuu

[1] first seiyuu crush
[2] seiyuu you wouldn’t have thought you’d like them
[3] favourite seiyuu tv shows
[4] favourite seiyuu event or seiyuu dvd
[5] favourite seiyuu of all time

Happy birthday, adorable ossan, Midorikawa Hikaru-san!

Enjoy super cute Midorikawa-san in this video! ^3^