seiya chiba

Prince Mamoru, Bride Usagi, and Duelist Seiya

My latest Sailor Moon x Revolutionary Girl Utena Crossover
In my other images I only have a bride and duelist set, but I decided to bring in the prince and make a love triangle image
If I do Chibiusa, Helios and Saturn next, I’ll have done everyone other than Pluto. Poor, lonely Pluto…I could put her with Mamoru, but I would hate to have a person in two images. Hmmm
Cosmic Affinity - Chapter 1 - MissLaurenV - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime & Manga) [Archive of Our Own]
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How do you define a destiny? Usagi’s picture perfect world unravels as her future is challenged all over again, forcing her to ask: how much is destined to be, and how much can she control?