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I just saw this post telling white girls (so...white guys are totally cool to do this? Weirdly seixst phrasing) not to dress up as something from Day of the Dead because appropriation and stuff. Don't know enough about that holiday so sure. Then in the replies people were talking about how actually Halloween is really a Celtic holiday Samhain so we need to be respectful and not appropriate it and I don't even know how you respectfully do Halloween or wtf appropriation on that front.

………………… oh god like do they know the celts were like…. white……..? I mean this entire debate is so fucking stupid is2g. also DAY OF THE DEAD IS A THING IN ITALY TOO? like you don’t dress up - you mostly go to graveyards - but IT’S NOT A MEXICAN THING IT’S A *CATHOLIC* THING THAT IN MEXICO HAS SPECIFIC CONNOTATIONS? argh god whyyyyyyy