Big Tits for 600: The Ugly, Sexist Aftermath of Appearing on 'Jeopardy!'
After my appearance on the theoretically wholesome game show went viral, I received countless lewd and harassing Internet comments. Sadly, my experience is not unique.

Elizabeth Williams, who received her own share of Internet fame after referencingCheers in her Final Jeopardy answer, told me her personal Facebook page had been posted in the comments section of a blog post about her entitled “This Chick On Jeopardy Is Batshit Crazy And It’s A Huge Turn On.” She was bombarded with hundreds of friend requests from men.

“I’ve never been the least bit prudish, but I definitely felt creeped out by all of their comments,” Lynsey McMullen, who appeared on the quiz show in December, told me. (On Twitter, users told Lynsey she was “giving the buzzer a handjob” and that she looked “like someone you’d see in a MILF porn.”) “There was also a part of me that made me feel like I had brought this attention upon myself,” she said.

Appearing on America’s favorite quiz show—the show so staid and reliable that John Oliver quipped at last year’s Emmys that it might just be the most permanent fixture on earth—can make female contestants feel that they are running a sexualized gauntlet of unwelcome tweets, emails, and Facebook messages replete with explicit sexual material. I know, because I was one of them.


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