Revera Inc. Takes Over Management From Caleb In Saskatchewan

In a deal that will the effect the residents and staff of seven all-inclusive retirement rental communities, Toronto based Revera Inc. quietly announced that it is taking over the day-to-day management of its facilities from Saskatoon’s Caleb Group.

The news came in late April 2011 and by the first week of May reports of staff reductions were already beginning to circulate. “The residents are taking it really hard” said a Revera employee who didn’t want to give her name “You get to know these people for a couple of years and they’re like family… Then all of a sudden they tell you you’re gone.”

Three of the former Caleb managed facilities in Saskatchewan are unionized with the Service Employees International Union, SEIU-West, these are The Bentley’s in Regina, Moose Jaw and Swift Current.

“I feel more secure” said one Bentley worker “It should be a smoother transition for us, we have a new Collective Agreement through SEIU-West