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Getting Proper Nutrition As Vegetarian / Vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now and I want to pass on some of the wisdom that I’ve learned from research and lovely people. Getting the proper nutrition is so important because we have to face the fact that our bodies end up missing nutrition when we remove the meat. But it’s all good because I’ve got you covered from head to toe with the post. x

First things first you need protein. It helps your muscles grow and it all around good for you. Luckily you can find protein loads of other places such as soy foods, legumes and dairy foods. As a vegan, you obviously can’t go for dairy foods, but you still have soy foods and legumes. There’s also the option of meat substitutes such as veggie burgers or seitan, which is wheat meat.

It’s important to get this because it benefits your blood. It’s in loads of things such as beans, tofu, dark green leafy vegetables (spinach and arugula). Because the iron is plant-based making it different from the iron you get from meat then your body doesn’t absorb it as well. But fear not because I’ve got the solution for you. Simply take a vitamin pill that gives you vitamin C among other vitamins and it will help. If you don’t want vitamin pills, then you can totally get it in food as well. Foods filled with vitamin C are citrus fruits and a couple of vegetables such as tomatoes. 

Vitamin D 
To absorb the calcium which you also need (I’ll get into that later, don’t worry) and to strengthen your bones then you need Vitamin D. The sun actually gives you vitamin D, which I think is pretty cool. Most experts say that about 15 minutes of sun a day and then you’re all good. If you’re not sure when you’re body is actually absorbing the vitamin D, then you can always use the rule that if you’re taller than your shadow then you. But if you find yourself in a country that doesn’t have that much sunlight (like me) then you need supplements. And it’s so easy because it’s in a lot of foods you’re probably already eating. You can get it from fortified dairy or soymilk as well as fortified orange juice. Now I had to look the word “fortified” up because I had no idea what that meant. But it’s when the factory adds micronutrients to the product. 

Again this helps you build strong bones and it generally needed for your body to work. For a vegetarian, you can find it in milk, yoghurt and cheese. For vegans, it can be found in different plant sources such as broccoli, butternut squash and different types of beans. Because it’s plant-based we don’t absorb it as well, but you can look for foods that have been fortified to have more calcium in. These products can be soymilk, orange juice and cereal. But make sure it has been fortified otherwise it won’t help you. 

If I haven’t lost you guys yet then let me tell you that this is the last one. Iodine is a mineral that helps your metabolism. Because you don’t eat meat then you’ll most likely miss it in your daily diet. So to ensure that you get enough you can add iodized salt to recipes that tell you to use salt. You can also buy vegetarian or vegan sushi where the seaweed will give you loads of iodine. 

That was it! I hope you enjoyed this little post about nutrition. Should you have any questions or ideas, you’re always welcome to send them in! If you liked the post make sure to click that heart and share it with people. x

native oklahoma classic “burger” with seitan, melted cheddar, caramelized onions, organic tofu bacon, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, carrots, tomatoes, red onions, and romaine, alongside seasoned fries from native foods in southern california

photo by kellybone