seitaku tak aoyama

Harry Wirtz Elementary School Murals by Rich Jacobs, Tim Kerr, Albert Reyes, Seitaku Tak Aoyama, and Yusuke Hanai

PARAMOUNT, CA:  Harry Wirtz Elementary School were surprised Monday morning by the works by artists Seitaku Aoyama, Yusuke Hanai, Rich Jacobs, Tim Kerr and Albert Reyes who all stopped by over the weekend to create some beautiful and inspiring murals.   

This was all not possible if not for the work of teacher Erik Caruso who spearheaded this effort to teach kids about art while there is no official arts program.  We’d like to tip our hats to Erik Caruso, Russ Pope, and the Vans artists who came out to beautify the school with some cool art!

We’ll have some photographs of the finished murals with students to post soon!

Proud parent Yolanda Long, student Terrence Barr, and teacher Erik Caruso.

Each artists created an assignment and choose the ones they liked the best.  Terrence was one of those individuals who were chosen for his work on the Rich Jacobs’s assignment. 

(Artist Rich Jacobs)

ArtistSeitaku Tak Aoyama

Mural by Albert Reyes

Artist Tim Kerr’s mural featured three inspirational people and quotations which students and the board voted on: Pancho villa, Anne Frank, and Stevie Wonder.

Tim had student Terrence help him out on the mural. Some hands-on learning here. 

(Above: Erik Caruso and artist Tim Kerr)

Artist Rich Jacobs who just had an opening at New Image Art gallery the night before takes a gander at his mock-up for the mural.

Seitaku Tak Aoyama’s mural below.

Ben Clark prepares to interview Tim Kerr.

Albert Reyes’s mural (below) which was inspired by student art that was done for his assignment.  Shadow people.

Downtown in the classroom

Tim’s assignment involved making a piece about someone who inspires you. Here are his top winners.

Tim would make a really cool teacher. 

Rich Jacobs and teacher Erik Caruso.

Rich works in front of a live studio audience.

Terrence draws from Rich’s mural.

Terrence now working on a portrait of Tim Kerr.

(Photographs of finished Rich Jacobs mural courtesy of Ben Clark.)

Tim showing us his warpaint as well as his Vans.

Portrait of Tim Kerr on Tim Kerr by Terrence Barr.