The below is part of a much longer work, but I am posting this part now because I feel that it needs to be said. Edgeworth is very important to me because he represents a type of disorder that never has dialogue about it. I think that he’s important as a character as a result. 

This topic is a bit of a loaded one, but people never write Edgeworth like he has a major and debilitating anxiety disorder. I see insinuations that Edgeworth didn’t really try to commit suicide, and often times he’s penned like he’s completely neurotypical. In reality, he suffers from PTSD in canon and should be treated like he suffers from an anxiety disorder that can be seriously disabling.

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I could never sleep the night and the night after large earthquakes
I’m really kind of scared of an aftershock. Or maybe it was a foreshock. Just
Earthquakes are my biggest fear and its such a dumb one because it’s unavoidable? But they make me so scared and the fear of them keeps me up sometimes hhh