Look guys, here’s my new set-up after the moving!
Also painted the frame and the cabin from cherry wood to white which fits with all my other furniture :)
Threw out “the throne” piece of wood which probably caused the horrible algae that never gotten out of my tank!
Co2 isn’t running yet cuz I can’t get the Co2 tube(leftover) off of the diffusor >:(
I probably have to cut open the cap nut and order a new one ¬__¬ *great product Sera…*
Also have to replace the foreground plants on the left with glossostigma but right now all my moneyz went up in smoke for moving..

(if you’re curious, click the #myaquascape -tag to see how the tank was set up in my previous home)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I always like hearing about people's ideal tanks. If you could completely have your way with a 20 gallon freshwater tank what would you do? This includes placement in your house, stock, decor, etc. :) It really says a lot about your personality!

Hello! :DD I’d set it up with a TON of plants, and little C02 system! I’d like to have a few different levels of substrate to create a wavy terrain, where I’d cover in mosses and whatnot. I’d also have an assortment of seiryu rocks, where I’d let the moss grow over some. It’d be wonderfully natural, and zen. It’d be in my room, where I can just look at it, like when I’m feeling down or stressed, or just to relish in its beauty! As for stocking? Goodness…I don’t know. I love gouramis, So maybe (because of the size of the tank), one Sunset honey dwarf (because I love them) I like how they “taste” things with their whiskers!…Umm…Some shrimp! I’d like to have a nice assortment of shrimp, so I can watch them skutle around! I don’t knoooooww… I feel like, to keep the “zen,” I would only want there to be a few different things in there, much under the recommended stocking levels. I’d want to be able to watch the plants pearling, and the shrimp “polishing” the bubbles. Some nice, small snails would be nice, too. Nerite snails would leave eggs on the glass, but that could add to the whole natural feel. Some Emerald Green Corydora would be lovely. I’d love to watch them traverse the tank, and play in the bubbles…(XD, I see a pattern here) I just really, really like when plants pearl, and fish play in them….(´°ω°`). My personality is boring….with BUBBLES!