This is all about your name or phrase in LIGHTS. When you’re on a SeiPROJECT, You’re in power! Pick up your phone & send a TXT MSG directly to my LED Sign, or send an email, for those of you without TXTing. :) No joke, no Spam, I promise! If the live cam feed is offline, just check the link below again another time. :)

  1. CLICK THE LINK BELOW! It’s the LIVE WEBCAM page where you’ll be able to see your message. :) Normally hosted via justin .tv

All Commands are CASE insensitive. Do not worry about capitalization. :)

[PK], [R], [O], [Y], [G], [B], [C], [V], [W]
[A] = Makes Word/Sentence Random Color on every Rotate
[R1] = Randomizes the Word/Sentence Color in 3 Levels
[R2] = Randomizes the Word/Sentence Color randomly on each Letter
[R3] = Randomizes Every Letter’s Color
Example: [R]Hello World[B]!!!!

There are 3 Beacon Lights behind the sign. Red, Green, and Blue.
Use:red light on” or “red light off” with/without quotes in a new message to trigger the lights. Please be aware that only one on/off command can be sent per text message. Please send it in it’s own message. Any messages containing a light on/off command won’t be displayed on the LED sign! They are discarded after the command has been executed.
*NEW: You may now use the “turn all lights on” / “turn all lights off” command. Commands will not repeat. Example being, if a “red light on” command is sent when the light is already on, the LED sign will inform you of such instead of turning it on again..

[T] = Displays Current Time in Vegas PAC
[D] = Displays Current Date in Vegas PAC
Example: The time is: [T] and Date: [D]

All messages under 100 characters (only including a-z9-0 and spaces) are read outloud for all viewers, as well as I to hear on the LED Sign. Please note the sign can only handle messages varying at 125 characters total. More less depending if color commands are used….
*NEW - GLaDOS from Portal 2 has embedded herself into the system.. She will now respond randomly to your messages, or in some cases, directly to what you said! (such as “hello”, or “goodbye” for instance) There is a HUUUGE variety of things GLaDOS will tell you during your stay. Think you can trigger them all? Asking Yes/No questions, complete with a following Question Mark will also be responded to. Just a hint. :) Have fun!

By default, your messages show up in red. You however can now change this for yourself, without having to include your favorite color at the beginning of every sentence with the new !color command.
Example of use: !color [G] My Message Here
Would Display: My Message Here

Where in this example, “[G]” is the color code of your default selected color, and “My Message Here” is the optional message you’d like to be displayed after the changes have been made. (note: the !color command will not be shown on screen).

Your message absolutely MUST begin with !color [G] (or your chosen color) for this to work.

The sign will display messages sent to it, in the order it received them if multiple messages show up at once. Same with commands. All messages sent to the sign as well as on/off commands have a 5- minute lifetime. 5 Minutes from their posted date, they will no longer show up on the sign. Untill then, messages not 5 minutes old will continue to cycle through the sign based on their age. In simple terms, all messages will be waiting in line to be displayed at least once. :)

Users blatantly going against the PG rating will be subject to ban with or without notice. Once banned, you will no longer be able to send messages to the LED Sign. There ARE various filters included when using this sign. Language filter, ect.

Your phone number or email will NEVER be displayed (unless you txt it..), and your privacy will always remain anonymous to others. You will never be spammed, I promise! I won’t even contact you at your contact information, unless unnecessary to warn of behavior, or notify of your potential ban.. I hate spam. Please do not spam the LED sign. Let others have a chance to post their messages too! The sign does have a simple word filter. It replaces bad words with something else. Please keep it PG! Thanks :) Oh, and…

Have Fun!

If you have some spare change.. 

So i herd u liek chrome poni? SeiRruf presents, The new Chrome Poni (Google-like) Desktop! (My Little Pony © Hasbro) (Artwork by he4rtofcourage)

Still only available for just one size.. That’s [1680x1050].

IF you missed the others, (Characters © Hasbro) be sure to get them as well, on!



Merry Christmas! :)
SeiRruf on Fiverr!! --> Request or Consider a $5 Job from Sei?

Currently Offering ($5ea) (listed are up-to-date as of: FEB 7, 2013):

I AM AVAILABLE TO ALL REQUESTS! If you think I can help you with something, Please let me know and I will offer this service for you as well. :) Voice overs, video, etc.. Never hurts to ask! Before you ask, no, I can’t draw or animate!

Note, I only get $4 out of the $5 on, after Fees. :( If you would like to commission me for something I can do outside of fiverr, I’ll be forever grateful and provide you with the best service I can. =3 (this includes custom PHP work, which ranges on average for more than $5.. You can reach me via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Email)

ALL Funding will be used towards potential SeiPROJECTs, such as the known Controllable Lights and Controllable talking LED Sign. They also help buy skinny me a drink (Kool-Aid). :)

Offers above marked with a star (*) are Only Offered from SeiRruf Exclusively on!

SeiRruf's Enterprise-like -> Custom Domain Script

Have you noticed? The Short URLs on my blog Permalink pages are Sei-Ized! :D I bet you wouldn’t have guessed, that this script is FOR SALE! :D

Have your own PHP enabled Website, and want to style your short URLs to match your site? is a great service. They even offer the custom domain service. But there’s a problem there.. Accessing your short domain direclty, redirects back to, unless you have their Enterprise service, which is nearly $1K a month!!
D:< You want to keep users on YOUR website, right?

Keep reading

nO! This will not be publicly available for download when it is done, my appologies. I program in PHP, not standalone executable C/C+ etc coding, thus to use this you’d need your own PHP5.3+ with curl enabled server installed on your windows machine.. It will however *possibly* be available for public use, via requests.

Why? Some times, if you’re creating a game or a series of desktops, and need a load of vectors without wanting to waste the time downloading each one, this took gets the job done in seconds. There are already existing DevRippers out there, but none of them did what I’m attempting to make mine do..

SOME Features:

  • Download Entire Gallery. (front page, folders, folders in folders, etc).
  • Never Download Duplicates. (by image ID)
  • Download only NEW additions to Gallery on every re-load. (stay updated)
  • Compatible with every deviantART Profile setups. (spiders through all folders, groups and pages in each)
  • Features a Folder and Keyword blacklist.
  • Caches progress, will resume downloads where it left off, if prematurely closed.
  • Downloads all photos with original filename, organized in folders as they are on the deviantART gallery.
  • Open-Source. (if released, provided that you give a copy of all changes to SeiRruf to examine and potentially include in code updates)
  • Safe to use. Variables allow for customization of download speed, auto-close, etc.
  • Downloads any uploaded downloadable content. (zip/jpg/png/svg/gif etc)
  • Runs in Command Prompt. Not your browser. (at least for now)

I am considering allowing public use of this when it is done, per request. (details will apply when the time comes, if I decide to complete the script)

Want to help? Well, the only thing I really need right now, is someone to find out how to convert PHP into a self-executable file. (possible executable with built in PHP and extensions, that runs a given index.php file when opened. Should also be able to pass variables to this file on open. Would NOT use any browser, but instead either a GUI clean interface (based on echo’s, of PHP) or cmd-like interface). If all is possible.

Want to help code? I’ll consider the help, if you are PHP Savy!
(yes, this was inspired by the several My Little Pony vector galleries I’ve came across. I am crazy, I know. :) 

NOTICE: SeiRruf is in no way affiliated with deviantART, nor does he have an official deviantART gallery. This tool is not intended to be abused, but used under the permission of the deviantART artist where credit is due. Tool designed with educational purpose(s) in mind. DeviantART allows downloading of gallery content by default. This tool just speeds up the process, in no way bringing damage to the gallery owner, or deviantART. This post is subject to update or change at any time.

   As we all know, has been down for quite some time. Why you ask? Be cause it simply does not get used enough! D:

  (for those of you who are new to the name, SeiRruf’s Project CODE DOMINATION allows you to not only see into his room, but be able to control the view of the camera, too! If you think that’s cool enough, Did I mention you can turn my lights on and off, as well? Be sure to check it out at!)

   I have been thinking, what if Code Domination was a Seasonal thing? That would be great! However, Where the heck would I get new material to control for every holdiay? D: That part just can’t settle in my mind enough, as it would be a big pain.

   I always wanted Code Domination to be a constant thing that’s always up and running. :) Still though, doesn’t mean I couldn’t do seasons of controllable things! This may not happen any time soon though. I do not have money to spend at the moment. (this is where donations would come in.. ;3)

   I am sure you will all be happy to know that Code Domination goes back online February 13th, 2011, Just before the Valentines Holiday. Sure, I may not have any Valentines props, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use Code Domination to Propose to your mate in some way, right?? lol

   I mean, if you’re into that sort of stuff.. :P Anyhows, please, Please, PLEASEE, Reply back to the blog with your ideas on future controllable items! Please keep it relatively simple. Things such as lamps, or moving props that can be controlled simply by plugging them in.

   List Your ideas, and may the best ones win! I do not expect much, but if you wish to help the project maintain running, please ask me how you can donate. :) <3

   Thanks for reading! Take care, and I will see you all Tomorrow at 8am PAC! (I’ll actually probably be asleep. :P Try and wake me up, k?)


[ Commissionable Themes • Wallpapers • Image Tweaks & More ]

     So it’s been some time now, Where I’ve been waiting for someone to commission of a piece of design work or photoshop for them since I have began accepting requests. Well It turns out I haven’t received a single one, that wasn’t a freebe for a site header, or something like that. It really is sad! Being that right now this is the only way I am able to make a dime online.

     Sooo anyways, I thought I would share some things on here. Do you mind? :) I am pretty much really good in Adobe Fireworks (like photoshop), have a creative, designing mind, and can also Script decently well in Languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. I can also touch-up or edit existing images. I have some examples that I have attached to this blog. Check them out if you’re interested! (please keep in mind the some of the logos have a Transparent background, so do not appear correctly in the slide show. To see live examples, see my Twitter Page(, my Furry4Life Profile (if you’re a member), and or This blog you’re reading right now. :])

     I designed the logo for this. [Sei9] DESIGN. Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue? I knew you’d agree. :) So lets get onto the basic price ranges, shall we? If you were looking for something along the lines of having a logo made, Image Photoshoped, or a Theme of some sort for your Twitter Profile, ectect. You’ve come to the right place. Now if you’ve come looking for someone to draw something for you, I unfortunately am going to have to turn you down, as I do not draw! (I suck terribly bad at it, really.)

  •    Prices for decent stuff start from 1$ - 5$. The highest I would probably charge you for a design of some sort is 10$, depending on how much detail you’re actually wanting done. Chances are, It’s going to be less than 10 bucks. :D
  •    For PHP Scripts, and Other Web Design, The price May crawl up there a little more, but Hopefully never above 20! (unless you’re asking for something crazy hard and time consuming, but even then, just think. You’re helping a fellow fur, soon-to-be-college-student in great need!)

     For the most part, I greatly suggest that you contact me via Comments, twitter, or another Social Place you know me on, and ask for more details. :) I have another whole better detailed blog on about this! It goes into detail on each topic, and how I only Accept Paypal as a form of payment. If you’re on Furry4Life, and would like to check that out, Please feel free to follow the posted link below!

Zing! -

(also, please don’t forget about SeiRruf’s Custom 2.25" Button Badges! Ask me!)

     Not going to make this blog incredibly boring and long and boring again, to read though, so please be sure to hit me up if you’re in need of some cheap good photoshopping! SeiRruf’s on the job to transform your wicked Ideas into eye-gazing candy. :)