seirin vs touo

aokaga: three steps backward

i accidentally found this in my folder that’s been sitting idle for years and it was written when i was 15 so don’t judge

also i finally wrote for aokaga so hurrah

i couldn’t stare at it for any longer so if there are errors pls notify me

other than that, enjoy xxx

Notes: terminal illness, aomine being a little shit c:


(there’s an infinity between trying to cope and being okay.)

Aomine is in denial and has no idea what the hell the flowers he brings even mean. Naturally, Kagami has to teach him.

also on ao3 / ffn

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Aomine cracks his knuckles in anticipation. He swears that he has rested for ten hours prior to this game, and he even details to his teammates how had dreamt of Seirin being behind by a third of their score. Arrogant jerk, yes, but Aomine is never going to admit that he never slept a wink the previous night.

In fact, Aomine cracks his knuckles because of tremors in his hands that he would never, ever talk about with anybody. He spent his evening thinking of all the possibilities that Seirin could defeat him, but the person who resurfaced the most in his vivid imagination was that stupid redhead whom he thinks has self-proclaimed to have been married to hamburgers.

It isn’t like their one-on-one’s have affected him so deeply for him to hypothesize that Kagami is going to be the one to decide the direction of the game. They’re both aces, and it’s only natural to think of the other as a rival. In Aomine’s case, though, their competition is starting to get unhealthy especially since Kagami always infests his mind.

Stupid hamburger guy. Stupid Kagami.

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