Seira J. Loyard 

(Kor. 세이라 J 로이아드) is a Noble and is one of the eight current Clan Leaders of Lukedonia. She is one of the Noble residents of Frankenstein’s household and a student of Ye Ran High School. She is also the newest member of the RK-5.


Seira J. Loyard is the last remaining royal member of the Loyard Clan, making her the Clan Leader. Her position is validated by her possession of the Loyard Family Soul Weapon–the Death Scythe.

She became the Loyard Clan Leader about 100 years ago when all the other members were killed by treacherous clan leaders. This included her father who was killed by Zarga Siriana. Seira is the only surviving member of her clan after the incident which resulted in her becoming a Clan Leader even before her coming of age ceremony.

Since the death of her family members, she has been under the care of Gejutel who has a high esteem in her sense of judgement. Ten years before coming to the human world, Rael proposed to Seira. She rejected the proposal then. She is older than Regis and Gejutel trusts her to take care of him. She is seen as a frequent companion of his in the human world.

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