seinfeld: season 9

Why is Sam being so sidelined in season 9??? She’s an amazing character, and she’s not getting anything to do except look tragically on as Mitchell makes dumb decisions and almost gets them killed! Daniel’s still getting to be cool and make speeches about values and what’s important. Teal’c has his whole side plot about basically running Jaffa-land. Why is Carter getting left out?! Ugh.

rupaul's drag race season 9 breakdown

- alexis is a hypocrite when it comes to reading

- valentina is fake AF and only is voted Miss Congeniality bc of her hateful fans

- shea didn’t let any bullshit slide

- farrah moan showed a true, emotional side to her and valentina payed her dust

- aja redeemed herself

- sasha grinning at the election joke was the best part of the whole reunion

- and again, valentina is a snake, and the opposite of congenial