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Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Wire’

‘The Wire,’ David Simon’s sprawling Baltimore crime drama, is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, but if you’ve never seen it before, wading into its five seasons of intense, complicated storylines can be a bit daunting. For the complete beginner, here are all the basic facts you need to know about ‘The Wire.’

The Wire tells the story of a fictional substance called “drugs”: The entire plot of The Wire revolves around something called “drugs,” a strange substance sold in bags that makes people feel good when they “smoke” (light fire to and inhale) it. The show’s writers have never revealed what their inspiration for drugs was, but odds are it was based on some sort of delicious snack or possibly masturbation.

Showrunner David Simon based the show on his three-decade experience as a sign-twirler outside a Baltimore cell-phone store: Having spent 30 years on a sidewalk in one of America’s roughest cities, Simon was able to imbue the show with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what goes down in the Wendy’s parking lot across from the T-Mobile store he twirled a sign out front of.

The Wire features a diverse cast, which completely makes up for Seinfeld’s lack of diversity: Up until The Wire’s premiere in 2002, Seinfeld was universally panned for its lack of non-white actors. But when viewers found out just how diverse The Wire’s cast was, they ended up completely forgiving Seinfeld, since the two casts averaged together were more than diverse enough.

Barack Obama has said that his favorite character on the show is Fred Flintstone: The former president has made it no secret that The Wire is his favorite show, and when asked about it in interviews, he consistently tells people that the animated caveman Fred Flintstone is his favorite character on it. Obama says that he loves that his two favorite parts of The Wire are its unflinching depiction of the American criminal justice system and the way Fred Flintstone eats big dinosaur ribs that make his caveman car tip over.

Every episode of The Wire contains a character who points at the sun and says, “It’s here yet again and bigger than ever”: The Wire had so many unforgettable characters that it could often be hard to keep track of them all. Such is the case with the character that points at the sun every episode and says, “It’s here yet again and bigger than ever.” The character was played by a different actor each time and was often in the background of scenes. The cost of making the sun get larger in every episode of The Wire allegedly almost left HBO bankrupt, but the end result of getting to see a different person point to the sun and complain about it in every episode definitely paid off in the end.

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kramer: (casts an emoji spell for good luck)
jerry: whats the deal with anime blogs?
elaine: god lets doxx this shitty cringelord weeb
george: pee your pants!! all of you!!!

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Random, very tumblr-specific question: Do you think William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy should be included in those Diversity in Star Trek posts that go around? I mean... idk whether either of them personally see themselves as white/white-passing/in weird limbo/etc. But it bothers me that ppl dont tend to talk about how jewish culture influenced Spock's character, that ppl never acknowledge Nimoy and Shatner are jewish, but they r ALWAYS included on "fandom-critical" lists of "crusty white faves"

This sort of thing is ludicrously common and it makes me feel rather tired. Nimoy in particularly has been very visible and active as a Jew and did indeed contribute many Jewish concepts into the character of Spock. Walter Koenig/Chekhov is also Jewish.

I don’t know. At this point I’m used to the idea of “White Jew” exclusion from anything that talks about Diversity. I’ve seen a picture of the cast of Seinfeld as the epitome of Whiteness when Jerry Seinfeld is Mizrahi/Ashkenazi and Jason Alexander is Ashkenazi. 

But yeah. It’s the limbo thing. In some cases, it’s understandable. I mean, Seinfeld takes place in New York and White Jews in New York face very little oppression, especially if they aren’t wearing any obvious Jewish markers. But a lot of the time, I find it incredibly insulting.

The worst for me will always be the posts and articles complaining about how the main characters in X-Men: Days of Future Past didn’t know what it was like to be oppressed. That one made me outright furious. Magneto is a Holocaust Survivor. I mean, this trend does a lot to erase anti-semitism, and that one made me particularly angry. 

I’m not going to say White Jews go through what PoC go through in countries like the United States, because we don’t. At the same time, it’s ludicrous to pretend that White Jews aren’t a minority and that we haven’t faced very real problems including genocide in living memory. 

But I think it generally goes to the overall dismissal of anti-semitism as an issue on this site. No one gives a shit about what happens to us. To White Supremacists we’re the enemy and to far too many people on the Left we’re Whiter than White Christmas and have “Jewish Privilege.” I don’t have any solutions to offer, only the solace that you’re not the only one to feel this way.

SFCon Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., and Matt Cohen Panel Highlights

Phoo, another crazy one. That’s to be expected with these guys though. Especially when the panel started with an impromptu dance number. But it ended with Matt Cohen’s testicles, so that’s what a Supernatural convention is like. Here’s highlights from the in between bits.

- Their unofficial, official group name for the SPN Tour is Greyer, Balder, Stronger.

- When someone asked if Richard would be willing to return to SPN for a plot where the Trickster was being held captive by Kali and had to do his bidding, he struggled to find a negative to that as to why he wouldn’t do it.

- Matt answered a fan saying he was what inspired Richard to act. For actual answers, Matt’s inspiration was Edward Norton in American History X. It was Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman for Rob. And Richard just always wanted to be an actor. But he loved memorizing Steve Martin albums as a kid.

- It was decided that if they ever made a movie out of SPN it would be a cartoon musical.

- A woman asked if, based on Fan Fiction, Chuck wasn’t actually God. Rob said He wouldn’t think that. That God/Chuck is always there. Richard proclaimed “Don’t challenge his godliness woman.”

- In the course of a debate over Jared and Jensen impressions. Rob ended up sitting on Richard’s shoulders to do his Jared impression. Richard’s impression of Jensen made him realize Jensen doesn’t use many verbs. He once started a phone with Richard “Tough Mudder. Mudder, heard of it.” And will say departing words like, “Email. holiday party. Email”

- Richard has always backstoried it that when Gabriel had to go into hiding, he stole Loki’s meatsuit so others that knew Loki would recognize him as such. So Loki is stuck in prison somewhere.

- Asked what shows they’d like to crossover SPN with, Richard said Judge Judy. Rob said Seinfeld and they cast Misha as Newman, Jared as Kramer, Rob as Jerry and Jensen as Elaine. Matt said the HBO show Looking, for the fans.

- Matt died laughing learning that Pellegrino and Sebastian had a panel together, feeling bad for Mark.

- Richard doesn’t really like sweets much, but does enjoy chocolate covered cherries and chocolate mousse. Not a tan Jared, the food item. Then came a rattling of items from Matt and Richard (Reese’s, coffee candy, Skor bars, and Whatchamacallit’s)

- When asked who he would save in a burning building, Richard said, “We all grasp hands and go to hell together.” Then it was decided that Richard’s hair would instantly go up in flames and kill him, which would startle Rob into falling out a window to his death, but the flames wouldn’t even touch Matt Cohen, but it would burn it his clothes off. So Matt would emerge naked like khaleeai from the flames, having saved all the puppies on his way out. Then it devolved into talk of the floors of the building collapsing one by one with naked Matt and this is where the talk of his testicles came into play.

- If he could hunt any monster anywhere in the world, Matt would hunt on island in Fiji where it was sunny, and he was on the beach, hunting a tiny and harmless monster. Rob and Richard added that he’d be naked with a puppy.

- Most embarrassing middle/high school moments were: On Rob’s first day of high school he was sprinting from class to class and turned to look for a class to his left, then ran straight into the corner of brick wall. When played football in fifth grade, he didn’t know how to put the pads in his pants and no one would help him. So he just put the against his legs instead of in the pockets, so the slid out like giant turds as he took the field. Matt tried to impress a girl in seventh grade by jumping off the bleachers at a rally. He tore a ligament in his right knee and was stuck on the ground while the entire school exited, while his knee bled internally.

- It should be known that there is a gif out there of Rob wearing nothing but a banana hammock style swimsuit from an episode of Head Case.