seine net

This fish was found in one of our seining nets in an inlet in eastern new jersey. None of our camp’s fish identification booklets had anything that seemed even remotely close. If you could identify it I would be so grateful

Hi. This little guy is one of the Sticklebacks (Gasterosteidae) and looks to be the Fourspine Stickleback (Apeltes quadracus). With its spines retracted.  

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This is probably a silly question but, how do they catch whales to put them into captivity in the first place ? like l googled it and i can't find anything. you dont have to answer this it probably doesnt even make sense lol

It’s not a silly question at all! Actually, it usually depends on the location and company doing the capture.

For example, the infamous Penn Cove Orca captures used methods where Orcas were rounded up using speedboats, explosives, etc into nets, and the Orcas that they wanted were roped up into nooses, and then trapped up in a sling to be hauled off. The video I linked is very upsetting, so be sure to mentally prepare yourself, but it demonstrates their capture methods once the Orcas are netted up.

The Orca captures that occured in Japan involved similar capture methods that are used on dolphins. In Taiji, Japan, the pod of Orcas were rounded up by “banger boats” (boats with a metal rod in the water that the humans beat on to create a wall of sound underwater that spooks the sound-sensitive Orcas) into a cove, that is then netted off to prevent escape. The orcas are then driven up onto the beach where they cannot swim, and are moved into slings to be shipped away. 

In 2003 in Russian waters, a large pod of Orcas were captured using seine nets. Russia caught 8 more Orcas in 2012, and it is speculated that they used similar capture methods to what is used in the linked video.

A couple of Orca capture not-so-fun-facts:

  • The very first orca to be captured ever, Moby Doll, was shot repeatedly with a shotgun and harpooned, and suffered from shock for multiple days after the ordeal. It’s amazing that he didn’t die from the incident, but you can imagine the suffering that was inflicted.
  • The Original Shamu was captured from the wild, and during the capture, her mother was harpooned and died right before her eyes as Shamu was being taken from her side.

Orca captures are never pretty, and never justifiable.