au where lexa is a leader of a parkour gang and clarke is a graffiti painter and car artist.
i hav a whole story about this au,but seince i dont know how to write ill cut it short:
lexa is a leader of the trikru parkour theft group,ruling the black market in polis city.their territory is forbidden entrence to other gangs,who enters pays with thier life.

when clarkes broke and need new spray cans,she leaves her old job and works with raven(her problematic fave) in the illigal drag racing in polis-raven is a lit car mecanic,clarke painting them beutifully.and after awhile,one day,in a drag race,clarke got drunk enough to date a race against octavia,the next day,the race takes place,but things get complicated when the police shows up,clarke runs away,driving right into the trikru territory and in a moment of distraction, hits a (gorgeous) woman (who jumped from the roof!?).while trying to remember what her mother tought her about first aid,shes surrounded by very,very angry(warpainted?) people.

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Tidbit walked up slowly to him having seince a drastic change and having heard how he spoke "I umm tama?" Her antenna shrunk slightly as she was honestly kinda nervous. (tidbits-tidbots)) ()she has her own blog now)

The crab screeched in fury. He’d absolutely had it with these intruders! He felt trapped in his own den and every time he tried to leave, something new got in his way!

He spat and snarled down at his loyal follower as if she were a complete stranger.