Started out as a doodle of all the starters, but then turned into a note about how they’re all pretty intimidating (lol calm yourself Arsene) except for Orpheus, who looks like a small fluffy emo robot musician (which is… accurate). But then Thanatos.

Why is it always the white haired ones that is actually secretly the barbringer of the apocalypse or something. Specifically white haired ones voiced by Akira Ishida with their heads cut off. Persona 3 is Actually Evangelion.

Irene Diaz Facts

Name: Irene Diaz

Height: 170 cm

💋 She was first introduced in the Phantomhive murder arc.

💋 She is an opera singer, as well as the face of Funtom perfume.

💋 Irene is insecure about her age and employs the help of the anti-aging substance red perilla.

💋 She was romantically involved with Grimsby Keane, a producer.

💋 She has a bit of a weak disposition, as referenced by when she becomes unsettled upon mention of a corpse rotting.

💋 She is 12 years Grimsby Keane’s senior, which leads Mey Rin to conclude that she may be a vampire. This is also in part due to finding her bottle of red perilla, which Mey Rin mistakes for blood.

💋 After separating from Grimsby Keane, she becomes romantically involved with Julius Pitt.

💋 She may reference Irene Addler, an opera singer in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is also possible she is a reference to Christine Daae, the love interest of the title character in the popular piece “The Phantom

of the Opera”.

💋 She promotes the Funtom “Lily of the Valley” perfume, along with Sebastian Michaelis (who wears a unicorn costume).

💋 Her separation from Grimsby Keane has not been elaborated on, but likely is due to his possessiveness.

💋 Her current lover, Julius Pitt, is an actor for a competing theater company.

💋 She works with Funtom

due to Sebastian protecting her and her lover from being seen together. He does this by pulling their carriage by hand to their destination.

💋 She does not anger easily, as evidenced by her only lashing out finally when Von Seimens attempts to touch her inappropriately.

💋 She is one of the only guests not to accompany the group which investigated the corpses.

💋 She bears a bit of a resemblance to Rachel Phantomhive, although this could be coincidental.

Merry Christmas!

My corgi murdered a parakeet today, how was your Christmas ?!

Hey guys, sorry it’s been awhile.  I slept through the first three days of my vacation, and then I was all set to scanlate.  My BF had work, and then he was going to go visit his parents, so I was going to have the apartment to myself for once.  But then…DUN DUN DUN! I was guilted into going with him.  So I’ve been out of town this past week.  Today, I was able to escape to my mom’s house (who lives near his parent’s house).  We’re Japanese, so Christmas doesn’t really mean anything to us (while his parents are Protestant, so that means church and stuff).  So rather than that… my mom and I had a fun Japanese day (I understand that Christmas is very important to a lot of people, and I don’t mean to undermine that in any way.  It just was never something that was meaningful for me).  We had lunch at Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru, a yummy udon & tempura chain from Japan ~ I’m glad they opened one here recently.  Then went to Kinokuniya (big Japanese bookstore chain), and then went shopping at an awesome Japanese supermarket, to get shabu shabu stuff for dinner (woo Kobe beef 👍🏻).  

So overall, a pretty good day.  But then we went to visit my grandpa, (he’s a classic 85 year old Japanese guy), so I brought my corgi with me (he absolutely adores her, but who doesn’t love corgis?!).  Then, he wanted to show me his beautiful blue parakeets…by taking them both out of their cage, and having them fly around his apartment…(???) I immediately said that it wasn’t a good idea, as I do a lot reaction time training with my corgi, so she’s insanely fast.  And what do you know…one of the parakeet’s swooped a little too low, and my corgi jumped up and caught it in her jaws midair (thus, instantly piercing its heart with her corgi fangs).  So, obviously, I was freaking out.  At the bird murder (I don’t think I’ve witnessed something die before?), that the dead parakeet was still in my adorable corgi’s mouth…, that my dog just murdered one of my grandpa’s precious pets, and the bloody blue feathers everywhere… I couldn’t even scold her, because that wasn’t her fault at all.  And she’s been incredibly depressed since then…So yeah, this’ll be a Christmas to remember…so how as your xmas?!

Lastly, this tumblr is about scanlating yaoi, not about my life, haha so now to the news you guys are actually interested in.  I’ll be back home tomorrow (although after a five hour car ride…).  And I have all of next week off of work too.  My Tongue in Your Mouth has been translated and cleaned for awhile now.  Just have to typeset it (ごめん, ごめん).  So maybe tomorrow? We’ll see how tired I am after that drive.  But Tuesday at the latest. I did typeset the first page though, so here it is… Warning: I’m really tired…so that intro is pretty awkward sounding lol.  Hopefully I can fix that later.  But I think you guys will really like this chapter.  We get some answers, and Luke and Eric are so cute together.

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One of my favorite Persona in Megami Ibunroku Persona is Seimen Kongo also known as Shomen Kongo (青面金剛) and Seishoku Daikongō Yasha. I love how the monkeys were included.

In the Kamakura period, the Koshin cult was popularized and became closely associated with the Tantric deity/Raksasa/Yasha named Seimen Kongo/Shomen Kongo who rules the east.
This link depends on the healing powers of Shomen against various illnesses and demons, against attacks by strange creatures, eye diseases, breathing disorders, and many other ailments. Originally he was said to have been a demon who caused diseases was conquered and re-dedicated himself as a protector against diseases. Shomen first appeared in the Darani Jikkyō 陀羅尼集経 of the mid-7th century AD.

He is depicted as blue skinned with four or six arms, carries a three-pronged vajra (kongousho), a staff (shakujou), a wheel, and a coiled rope. He very often is also depicted with the sun and the moon.

Sometimes there are also two servants , chickens, and of course very often the three monkeys (one keeps the eyes, another the mouth and the last the ears closed – see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil).

Shomen Kongou can be found on paper scrolls, used during Koshin ceremonies on stone monuments or as statues in shrines.

The Koshin cult believed that three worms called Sanshi, (三尸) live in everyone’s body and keep track of the good and the bad deeds of that person. On the night of Koshin, and only when this person sleeps, the worms will leave the body and go to the Heavenly God (Ten-Tei 天帝) to report about this person. Ten-Tei will decide to punish bad behaving people by making them ill, shortening their lives and in severe cases even make an end to it.

Believers stayed awake through the night and gathered before scrolls of Shomen and Sarutahiko to hold a devotional celebration . They also held festivities before carvings of the set of three monkeys, “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil,” mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru 見ざる, 聞かざる,言わざる.
This expression is also a word play since saru (which sounds similar) means monkey in Japanese and mizaru, kikazaru and iwazaru are thus interpreted as their names.

Kaneko was pretty surely also inspired by Star Platinum the Stand of Jotaru Kujo from the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders.

This answer is going to be really long however I will try to kinda summarize why I think that the older Persona titles did it more accurately:


The older Persona titles go more into the mask motif of the term Persona since you can see a lot of masks in Be Your True Mind and even more in P2 (Philemon, both Masked Circles, Ixquic etc.)
Persona actually means mask (from personare, “to speak through”) in Latin which makes sense since performers in theatres were wearing a mask when portraying gods/spirits etc.
Something similar can be seen in the Japanese Noh theatre in which people are wearing masks.

Since you show different faces whenever you interact with other people, go to work, etc. you wear masks. Thus a Persona is a facade/mask which is supposed to help you to adapt into society since you want to get along with society. However the Persona destroys individuality which P2 aluded too way more often. The Reverse Personas that Nyarly grants to the Shadows and people like Sudou are supposed to make the Persona user stop getting along with society.

The Personas chosen for the characters in P2 also covered Jung’s theory about archetypes since the back stories of the P2 characters were kinda constructed to resemble the stories of their Personas (as well as the symbols in the designs of the Personas as well).
In Be Your True Your Mind there are also similar examples:

Be Your True Mind:
Maki resembles Matsu due to the Ideal Maki plot point since the real Maki was basically “in a trance” the entire time as well.
Or Reiji’s conflict with his half brother Kandori resembling the conflict between Mot and Baal.

Even the Boy with Earring and his choices are portrayed with Seimen Kongo/Shomen Kongo and the three little monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil). The Koshin cult believed that three worms called Sanshi, (三尸) live in everyone’s body and keep track of the good and the bad deeds of that person. On the night of Koshin, and only when this person sleeps, the worms will leave the body and go to the Heavenly God (Ten-Tei 天帝) to report about this person and Ten-Tei will punish evil persons. Believers thus stayed awake through the night and gathered before scrolls of Shomen.

Tatsuya-Maya bond with Apollo-Artemis (Maya is even older than Tatsuya just like Artemis is older than Apollo in myth).
Maya-Jun bond as Maya is the replacement mother of Jun with Maia and Hermes. Tatsuya-Jun bond as well as gift exchange with Hermes-Apollo. Ulala’s bad luck with men due to her Persona Callisto who was tricked by Zeus and when she gets away from these men her Persona becomes Asteria who escaped Zeus

And these are just some few examples for P2, basically you can analyze every character and see that the mythological counterpart influenced the character.

P3 still did this with characters like Yukari (Io and Isis), Aigis (her name, Palladium, Athena), the bond between Akihiko and Shinjiro (Castor and Polydeuces) for example and the whole game being based on the Orpheus goes to Tartarus myth.

In P4 the characters beside Yuu however showed way less resemblance to their counterparts than in the games before. The myth that was covered the most was Izanagi-Izanami and while some characters actually do have the children of Izanagi as their Personas they tried way less to include the myths in the background stories of the characters.

For example Yukiko and Yosuke: Their Ultimate Personas are Amaterasu and Susanoo who are older sister and younger brother with a complex bond in the Japanese myth. Why choose these Personas and don’t let these myths influence the characters way more? I kinda thought about this a lot when playing P4.

There is a very good reason why P2 included so many Greco-Roman Personas for the characters:

The Greco-Roman gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines are the best archetypes you can find in mythology since their characters are very exaggerated similar to super heroes from comic books.

In P2 you can see archetypes like this for example how Tatsuya is an Apollo archetype or how the independent Maya is an Artemis archetype.
Joker is a trickster archetype and same goes for Hermes which is why Hermes kinda represents Jun’s Joker phase.

In fact I believe the reason why there are also many Greco-Roman myths covered in P3 is that it worked so well in P2 and since it is easy to allude to these stories since the Greco-Roman characters are such good archetypes.


The Shadow is the counterpart of the Persona and represents the supressed traits of the personality which are hostile towards society and which are put into the Unconscious. The Shadow actually grows along with The Persona as its negative counterpart.

Most of the time the Shadow appears as a stranger, enemy or rival with an aura that is fearsome or which you mistrust.
Usually the Shadow a dreamer meets is from the same gender however it usually is more wild, aggressive or has a different skin color etc. than the dreamer. Very often there will be a fight between dreamer and Shadow which represents the dreamer coping with their Shadow.

What I like about the Shadows in P2 is that they aren’t exaggerated in design. They look like the characters since in IS the Shadows were created due to rumors that your party members are terrorists and in EP in Monad Mandala it is Nyarlathotep himself taunting the characters. They actually look like they are described in the source materials.

Of course the Shadows in P4 at the beginning also are like this. However there are two things that bother me about them:

The transformation into the overdone symbolical form is unnecessary in my opinion. The problems of the characters are already clear at this point you don’t need a crazy looking form to undermine this.
P2 in contrast went into great details to portray the problems of the characters and did it without the Shadows transforming in the end.

Then it bothered me that the character whose Shadow you meet always faints when confronting and denying the Shadow:
It actually is supposed to be the fight of this very same character who copes with his/her Shadow, so why let them faint?


I also would like to add that I preferred P2’s way of handling the way the concept of entering human psyche. It is made clear with the Collective Unconscious/Monad Mandala in the ending which also included Jung’s Mandala researches.

P4 tried to portray this concept with the metaphorical TV world in which the characters meet their Shadows however I kinda preferred P2’s way especially since P2 made it simple and used Jung’s sources for the final area as well (P4 used mythological stuff connected to Izanami and Izanagi for the final area).


P2 made more use of the psycho analysis and portrayed stuff way more simplistic however accurately in my opinion.


Small interpretation of the roles of the silent MCs in the Persona series and why these characters were chosen to be silent:

In Persona the MC/Boy with Earring is merely just a supporter for Maki who the story actually is about. This is especially emphasized in the ending and with Maki’s appearance in P2 since it shows how she overcame her problems also thanks to the MC. His decision making in the game and protector role could be interpreted to be influenced by his Persona Seimen Kongou.

In Tsumi Tatsuya’s Shadow points out that Tatsuya is main stream, always does what other people tell him to do etc.thus you making decisions for him is actually kinda ironic. It also turns out that Tatsuya was never the leader of the original Masked Circle, it was actually Jun. Both Jun and Maya are actually way better leader types than Tatsuya in the game and technically the game is about Maya (due to the Oracle of Maia) and even more about Jun than about Tatsuya.

In Batsu Tatsuya now has a voice. Maya is now silent and the switch of their roles basically was when they met each other at the station. Maya is silent due to the dualism between Tsumi and Batsu and due the dualism between her and Tatsuya. Batsu is actually about Tatsuya due to him influencing every plot point and showing him maturing. Maya is actually supposed to be in the dark at first and what is going on. It’s also Tatsuya who has to retell what happened on the Other Side thus there is no way they could have left Tatsuya silent. Interestingly Ginji Sasaki at his mini cult also steals Maya’s motto. Maya’s personality is still the same, however the voice was given to Tatsuya this time.

It’s kinda remarkable how Tsumi which is about teens centers on the adult (Maya) while Batsu which is about adults centers on a teen on the verge of adulthood (Tatsuya).

Persona 3 and Persona 4 both follow the Fool’s Journey from Tarot. They are definitely self insert games since the MC are the center of the stories, the new guys etc. You are also immediately the team leader basically.