seiko shutter

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[Christopher Williams. Cutaway model Nikon EM. Shutter: / Electronically governed Seiko metal blade shutter vertical travel with speeds from 1/1000 to 1 second with a manual speed of 1/90th. / Meter: Center-weighted Silicon Photo Diode, ASA 25-1600 / EV2-18 (with ASA film and 1.8 lens) / Aperture Priority automatic exposure / Lens Mount: Nikon F mount, AI coupling (and later) only / Flash: Synchronization at 1/90 via hot shoe / Flash automation with Nikon SB-E or SB-10 flash units / Focusing: K type focusing screen, not user interchangeable, with 3mm diagonal split image rangefinder / Batteries: Two PX-76 or equivalent / Dimensions: 5.3 × 3.38 × 2.13 in. (135 × 86 × 54 mm), 16.2 oz (460g) / Photography by the Douglas M. Parker Studio, Glendale, California / September 9, 2007– September 13, 2007. 2008.]

3… another perspective - shot with a Mamiya Rb67 using a Mamiya-Sekor C f4.5 180mm lens (with Seiko #1 shutter) on Ilford Delta 400. Single continuous light source in a Wescott Orb on continuous 56" wide black paper. Changed the light distance and camera angle.

Three - decided to get out the 6x7 ( Mamiya Rb67) and try some still life shooting. Shot on Ilford Delta 400 with a Mamiya -Sekor C (with Seiko #1 shutter) 180mm f4.5. Lighting was a single source (85 watt CFL which is supposed to be about 500 watts) in a Wescott Orb with-out the diffusion panel on continuous 56" wide black paper.