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Ruruka & Seiko - Despair side Ep4

Disclaimer: I love both girls A LOT. They both have their own ways of doing things, which makes them very enjoyable in their own rights.

I knew Zetsubou-hen would reveal what happened between the three. But before we point fingers let’s establish some things people look over.

- Ruruka asked Seiko for enhancing drugs. [Yes she did. But no where is it ever stated that it is cheating. As seen during the competition, Andou is very capable of wooing the judges. She just loves attention and what’s bigger and better than body-builders!?]

- Ruruka has tested Seiko’s drugs before. [She had 100% trust in Seiko and put confidence into her work, which shows their bond.]

- Seiko is very much a pushover (not that it’s a bad thing, it’s sweet of her character) [HOWEVER, she is a pushover to EVERYBODY. It is not just to Ruruka that she gives in because ~she guilted and used her~ No. She gives into a student she doesn’t even really know, Komaeda, too because that’s her character. True, an enhancing drug is bigger than a laxative, but Ruruka and Seiko have a deep bond –> Ruruka can ask for more daring things.]

- Ruruka wasn’t the one to immediately blame Seiko [Probably my favorite point on this list. It was, in fact, Izayoi who pointed fingers at Seiko first. Ruruka didn’t even think of it, but from her POV, THIS MAKES SENSE??? She knows her sweets are good and the only foreign influence was Seiko. She put TRUST into Seiko’s work because she TRUSTS Seiko. Betrayal sucks, guys]

- Ruruka is quick to jump to conclusions [That’s her character, and I love it. It makes her more human and imo, more likable. Yeah, she didn’t allow Seiko to explain, but what IS there to explain at that moment? Seiko didn’t have her medicine, and from Ruruka’s eyes, there really is only one possibility. She flies off the handle REALLY FAST. She did then and she does now. That’s her personality. Don’t give her shit for being human. Pls]

- Seiko never ate Ruruka’s sweets [This is really important. Ruruka puts pride into her work, and her best friend doesn’t want it… Idk about you but I’d feel like shit if I’m a chef and my friend never wanted my cooking. BUT, this also shows that Seiko was friends with Ruruka WITHOUT the incentive of sweets. I think that’s really adorable~~]

- They all got expelled [In the end, Ruruka’s title was tainted, even ruined to the public. Seiko can be seen as a freaking terrorist, which is just horrible I just– (to be fair, they are all connected to the bomb but Seiko had the detonator in her BAG) Izayoi somehow got expelled too lmao]

Seiko’s and Ruruka’s relationship was really messy and it was their clash of personalities that this all fell apart. Neither is the one true culprit, yet neither of them are really to blame either. If Ruruka wasn’t so flashy and if Seiko wasn’t such a pushover, we’d have very different results. NEITHER PERSONALITY IS BAD, please don’t take that the wrong way.

Tl;dr: Do not blame Ruruka. Do not blame Seiko. Don’t hate bc they are both beautiful and human characters.