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I was talking on Twitter about how Rin and Sousuke would be great pirates and would totally get married in the heat of battle with Captain Seijuurou officiating so yeah. POTC AU I guess??


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the boys as parents are my aesthetic ♥ ♥

i’m gonna die from cuteness tbh


Haruka would be an absolutely chill dad and he would probably leave most of the scolding to his partner. He would make sure that his children became accustomed to the water from an early age and he would probably teach them how to swim freestyle if they asked. Since he is a quiet type of person he’s a really great listener and his kids always feel like they can come and talk to him about anything.  

Makoto would be perfect father material. Due to all of the experience that he got with Ran and Ren he’s a natural with children. The gentle giant would be a caring father and he would always be open to letting his small children ride on his shoulders. He would probably be the type of dad to sit there and let his daughter put his hair up in little bows. He’d probably also help her set up mini tea parties for her stuffed animal friends and drink imaginary tea. A++ what a babe. 

Nagisa would be the super fun dad. The type of dad that would constantly be playing games with his young children and helping them go against the wishes of his partner. Nagisa would also constantly be taking pictures of his children and showing them off to friends and random people that he comes across. Basically, he’d spoil his kids rotten and always brag about their cuteness. 

Rei would be the kind of dad who would read a huge amount of parenting books and take all of its information to heart. He would probably come off as a little overbearing but that’s just because he cares. He would also be very strict about his child’s studies, making sure that they developed a good work ethic and study habits from a young age. He’d probably teach them to read from a really young age too. 


Rin would probably be the most strict parent out of all of the boys as a father. He’d want to be seen as an authority figure to his child, not as a friend. Out of him and his partner he would probably do the most discipline and he would be sure to teach his child how to swim early on. He’d also be the one that his child would always go to for help with school work, especially with English. He’d probably be the one to cry the hardest when his child is born. 

Sousuke would be the type of dad who looks all tough and mean but in reality he’s just a huge softy.  His child would have him wrapped around their little finger. The type of dad to buy his child anything whenever they ask for it. He would be rather protective, and if his child played sports he would always making sure that they knew the dangers of overexerting themselves. 

Nitori would be the sweetest dad ever who just cared so much for his children. Although normally he’s kind of a pushover with his children he’d be sure to slightly change that. He wouldn’t be as strict as Rin but his children would have the utmost respect for their father. 

Momotarou would also be a fun dad who constantly spoils his child rotten. He’d be sure to introduce his child to his favorite stag beetles from an early age so that they’re more accustomed to bugs but this probably irks his partner quite a bit. He’d be an outdoors type of dad, always taking his children out to the park to catch bugs and play around in the fresh air. 

Seijuurou would be the most energetic and loud dad ever. He would be totally into getting his child involved in some type of sport, preferably swimming. If they did ever take up swimming he’d be the one to give them lessons and advice. Sei would always make sure to attend all of his child’s sport events, and he would be the loudest parent there, much to his child’s embarrassment. 

i forgot to add Sei to the last couple of asks whoops sorry bby ilu

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hi there! :)) could you do a continuation of the angst scenario where haru, makoto, rin & sousuke's s/o breaks up with them before leaving to a far away university? a fluffy piece where s/o returns after graduating and they reunite and happy ending! <3 oh and could you add Seijuuro too even though he wasn't in the original request? pretty please. thank you! *hugs & kisses*

Sure thing! :)

*sends back hugs and kisses for you*


Haru had been devastated when you left him because you needed to follow your dreams. It was the last time that he saw you before you flew abroad and he did everything just to take you off of his mind, but to no avail. After a few years, he still loved you and the thought alone was enough to make his chest ache. He was missing you– the feeling of your lips on his, the way you warm him up whenever he’d pull you close for a hug and your soothing voice– it was all driving him crazy. 

He just finished another exhausting day of training when he saw someone familiar standing in front of his apartment’s door. He immediately dropped his bags and ran to hug you tight. As soon as you felt his arms around you, you broke down and started crying on his chest. He repeatedly mumbled just how much he missed you and about how he still loved you. Your heart broke at his confession and you feel like you didn’t deserve him back in his life. But fate just seems to have all of these planned and now, you were just glad that you were back together. 

Makoto couldn’t forget the day you left him, and it was still haunting him until today. He should be happy for you, because you wanted to chase your dreams. The last thing that he’d want to do is to be in the way of you achieving them, that’s why he let you go with a smile. 

But it was hard to keep that smile, even when you finally left. He was glad that you weren’t there anymore to see just how much he’d cried and suffered. But he believed that life must go on no matter what, so he stayed strong and did what he can to make his dreams come true. Life became good to him, and he was able to fly out of University with flying colors soon. He became a swimming coach for kids at the local sports center. 

While he was on a break from teaching kids one day, he had thought that he caught a glimpse of you from a distance. At first, he thought that it was just his mind playing games on him, until you, yourself approached him with tears on your eyes. He probably hates you now, that’s what you always thought of and you were expecting him to say harsh things to you. All you really wanted to do was to apologize for breaking his heart before, but you were suddenly hugged by him so tight. He mumbled just how much he missed you, as if a break-up didn’t occur. You pulled away and saw that he was crying as well while mumbling just how much he was glad to see you back. 

Rin needed to take a break from swimming after you broke up with him. He did everything to forget about you– even jumping from one relationship to another in hopes of blocking the thought of you out of his mind, but nothing could compare to the love that you gave him before. But you were gone, and he couldn’t make you come back anymore. 

So he focused and channeled all of his time and energy in training and joining competitions. He won a lot of medals for himself and became famous in the world of competitive swimming since then. 

But something just feels missing in his life. 

He realized what it was when he just got out of the pool and won another gold for himself. He could’ve sworn that he saw you in the bleachers, but he could also be wrong, so he just ignored it. He went on ahead to get a soda for himself when he saw you standing near the entrance with a can of his favorite soda. You handed it to him without saying any word. His eyes were wide and it took him a few seconds before taking it from you. He couldn’t believe his eyes– you were back, right there in front of them and although there was a hint of hesitation in him, he knew that he wanted you back in his life. You were surprised to see that he was crying after he finished his soda. The next thing you knew was that he was already giving you a loving kiss, as if he’s telling you that he wants another chance and you weren’t one to turn down such offer. 

Sousuke had been quiet when you broke up with him. But what you didn’t knew was that he actually suffered the worst break up that he ever had in his whole life. He even once swore to himself that he’d never love anyone anymore in that aspect. 

But he realized that he was wrong when he came to the hospital to have the usual appointment with his doctor. The nurse told him that there was a new doctor, but he wasn’t expecting that it would be you standing behind that door, waiting for him. 

You were dumbfounded the moment you saw his files, breaking down slightly as you learned just how bad his shoulder injury have become. You covered your mouth to stop yourself from sobbing, especially when he entered your clinic. You immediately felt the need to hug him and you did. It comforted you at least, and even if he pushes you away, you wouldn’t mind. All you wanted was to be close to him, even just for a while.

You were ready to apologize when he pulled away but he silenced you with a kiss. You closed your eyes as your hands found their way around his neck to pull him close. Somehow, you knew that this was his way of saying that he still loves you, and you were glad that he never changed that much. 

Seijuurou decided to keep himself busy with his swimming career when you decided to walk away. It was hard to keep himself distracted from missing you, but there was no point doing so. He wasn’t able to tell you, but he was honestly proud of you for putting your dream first before anything. 

He thought he was dreaming when he saw you at the park one afternoon. You looked just as stunning as ever, but there was a hint of sadness in your eyes. He didn’t waste any time to approach you and talk to you. You looked surprised when he suddenly appeared, especially when he held your hand and asked for a second chance. You totally weren’t expecting that, but you smiled and nodded at his offer. You knew you still love him, and you wanted to rekindle the love that you two shared in the past. 

  • Rin: *can't find Haruka in the crowd* Where is he? Well, time for drastic measures...
  • Rin: *cupping hands around mouth* RIN MATSUOKA IS SUCH A JACKASS, NO ONE NEEDS HIM!
  • Haruka: *from across the street* WHO SAID THAT?!
  • Rin: There he-
  • Makoto: Why would you say something like that?!
  • Nagisa: Say that to my face, you jerk!
  • Rei: I've never heard something so rude!
  • Nitori: Senpai is a good person, how could you?!
  • Momo: Shut up, YOU'RE the jackass!
  • Seijuurou: Who's the asshole saying stupid things?!