seigaku vs hyoutei

Seigaku vs Hyoutei Senshuuraku Incidents

There were two incidents that took place during senshuuraku yesterday, one significantly more serious than the other.

The first was during the first act, before the match started.  In the montage leading up to Sorezore no Omoi, Golden Pair’s Australian Formation training scene includes a section where Kikumaru and Oishi move around and toss their rackets back and forth in a cute but kind of complex pattern.  Whether he was distracted by the emotional impact of performing for the final time or what, I’m not entirely sure, but in a very unusual move Honda Reo messed up his cue and had to start again.  Of course, both Honda and Ishida handled it very well and in character and the second try went off without a hitch.

The second incident was in the third act, during Tezuka vs Atobe in singles 1.  Zaiki Takuma actually cut his forehead around Ikkiuchi - and kept going despite the blood mixing with sweat and streaming down his face.  As he wiped at it and wiped his hand on his shirt (or perhaps wiped his face with his shirt? I didn’t quite catch it), his regulars jersey turned red with blood, making an already intense match even more visually striking.  The captain who kept playing for the sake of his team despite his injury, and the cast member who kept playing him through his own until the very end - it was a very emotional performance.  Of course, it was an accident, and a real-life injury, and so hopefully will not be repeated in any future matches.  When Tezuka next sat down on the bench, Zaiki was able to wipe the blood from his face with a towel, and during the speeches after the curtain call, he reassured everyone he was okay and apologized for worrying everyone.

Tenimyu records the second-to-last show in addition to the final show so in case of unusable footage or incidents they have a back-up - you can sometimes see where they spliced footage from two different shows together on the DVDs if you watch carefully.  So these might not make it into the version of the show on the DVD, but I think these deserve to be noted and the actors applauded for their great handling of unexpected situations - thank you for an amazing final show!

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I’ve been waiting to sub this for so long! Here you are guys - Itetsuku mono no netsuki omoi by my lovely Hyoutei babies.

Notes: font colours based on their Hyoutei-ranger colours :D. All work on the vid (sub, translation, timing) done by me. Love me please. 


Tenimyu has taken over Shibuya Station! To advertise the upcoming Seigaku vs Hyoutei shows, two rows of pillars were fitted with Tenimyu advertisements today. It looks like there’s one for each singles player/doubles pair playing in the match, as well as two pillars for Yamabuki and a few group shots.  Each of the individual pillars has an image of the character(s) on one side and their catchphrase(s) on the other.

Not sure how long these will be up for, but if you find yourself in the area, check it out!

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Long Version of Tenimyu 3rd season Seigaku VS Hyoutei DVD/Blu Ray Commercial

TeniMyu Actors: Seigaku Vs Hyoutei

Echizen Ryoma:
Ogoe Yuuki

Tezuka Kunimitsu:
Wada Takuma

Oishi Shuichiro:
Hiramaki Jin

Fuji Shushuke:
Mitsuya Ryou

Kikumaru Eiji:
Koseki Yuta 

Kawamura Takashi:
Tomohiro Tsurumi 

Inui Sadaharu:

Momoshiro Takeshi:
Kamitsuru Toru 

Kaidoh Kaoru:
Ryousuke Ikeoka


Horio Satoshi:
Masui Kento 

Kato Kachiro:
Oohira Shunya 

Mizuno Katsuo:
Oono Mizuki

Echizen Najiroh
Motoyama Shinnosuke


Kamio Akira:
Hirano Kinari

Uchimura Kyosuke:
Kato Mao

Mori Tatsunori:
Omi Youichiro


Fuji Yuuta:
Konishi Seiya

Yanagisawa Shinya:
Jinnai Shou

Kisarazu Atsushi:
Hirose Daisuke


Sengoku Kiyosumi:

Minami Kentarou:
Saotome Juoji

Higashikata Masami:
Terayama Takeshi


Atobe Keigo: 
Aoki Tsunenori

Kabaji Munehiro:
Furuie Hiroyuki

Oshitari Yuushi: 
Kikuchi Takuya

Mukahi Gakuto:
Shison Jun

Shishido Ryoh:
Kuwano Kousuke

Chotaroh Ootori:
Shirasu Jin

Akutagawa Jirou: 
Akazawa Tomoru

Hiyoshi Wakashi:
Ise Daiki 

Taki Haginosuke:
Kento Nishijima