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the smithsons, peter and alison smithson, architects: robin hood gardens, london 1966-1972


Smiithsons, Robin Hood Gardens, London, 1966-72

Photo: Seier+Seier


André Bloc (French, 1896 – 1966)

Sculpture-Habitacle 2, Meudon, Paris, France, 1964

André Bloc constructed this sculpture in his garden in Paris, using concrete and crude brick. Bloc constructed mini sculptures, instead of drawing blueprints, to design a group of organic brutalist buildings on his property. Top Photos: SEIER+SEIER


castelvecchio museum, verona, italy. 1956-1973

area di cangrande della scala, 1961-1964

architect: carlo scarpa, 1906-1978

Photo: Seier + Seier