Swimsuit Contest|Waifus

Hello people of the Fate RP community, it is I, Scarfy!

Gaze into the Seibah, for this is the sign up sheet for the girl swimsuit contest!

Just reblog to sign up any of your muses that are girls or present feminine or are outside of any binary definition entirely!

Details on the contest are in the master post here, but I’ll reiterate under the cut!

All the people who sign up for the swimsuit contest will be put through RNG, and be assigned an entry number!

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I’d rather fight some guy than die in prison.

King Arthur, paraphrased but more strictly than you would think; this would be an easy decision for many people but it’s apparently not for him.

I’ll go into detail about what I think of these chapters later but this just really struck me.

(The original line is ‘Now, said Arthur, that is hard, yet had I lever to fight with a knight than to die in prison’.)