Android MacCrane/Seia

I’m going to keep doing my Brave Police AU because oh no I love these two. The only couple that keeps appearing in my otp tag on apbajs are these two so I took it as a sign and thought wow I have to draw them like now.

So McCrane is given an android body after he sees Deckard getting one and joins the army with Seia so they can be together and smooch and stuff.


Aniya Keiichi : Ace player. Usually irresponsible and acts on his own, but his thoughts about Koshien are stronger than anyone else’s. The most reliable member of the team.

Mikoshiba Toru : Captain. Weak feeling, but he’s serious and puts in a lot of effort.

Shinjo Kei : Easily misunderstood, but he values friendship more than anyone.

Sekikawa Shuta : Can be a little troublesome, but he realy hates losing.

Wakana Tomochika : Mood-maker. When other members are down, he takes the initiative.

Hiyama Kiyooki : Easily gets into fight, but he has a lot of courage.

Okada Yuya : He’s loud and showy (at first sight), but he’s best at making composed decisions.

Yufune Tetsuro : Always uses silly words and stuff. His smile brings joys to everyone.

Hiratsuka Taira : Err… Super Positive!

Imaoka Shinobu : Doesn’t stand out much, but he always gives his best.

by Kawato Koichi

Hot Springs ~Ayako and Seia
Hot Springs ~Ayako and Seia

The Mysterious Invitation - Now The Truth Shall Be Revealed
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  Hot Springs ~Ayako and Seia


Ayako: Ah, that felt good.
Seia: Yeah, I feel rejuvenated.
Seia: We get to bathe while watching the clouds drifting lazily over the horizon. This place is simply amazing.
Ayako: Yeah, I’m glad we came here.
Ayako: Anyway, Seia, your skin is so pretty. It’s too good just to be subjected to army duty. Look at that, just soft, baby-smooth skin!
Seia: Hey, that tickles.
Seia: Your skin’s not bad either.
Ayako: Not at all, I’m neglectful. Look at all my breakouts! And see! I have them here, here, here, and even here! Oh, I’m so inappropriate!
Seia: Hehe! They’re not that obvious.
Ayako: You flatter me. I’m confident about my figure, though.
Ayako: Well then…
Ayako: Dumpson, wash my back, please!
Dumpson: W-what are you saying, Ayako?!
Ayako: Stop curling up in a corner and get over here.
Dumpson: I… I’m fine where I am.
Ayako: Come on. I’ll tell you why we’re even here in the first place.
Dumpson: I cannot agree to something like this.
Dumpson: Anyway, let me say it once again… please get this over with!
Ayako: But I’m already out of the pool.
Dumpson: That’s not what I meant…
Dumpson: I meant, let’s move on to another area.
Ayako: Say what? There’s nothing to investigate around here.
Dumpson: B-but still, if we don’t check…
Ayako: What was that? I can’t hear you. Come over here, I need some eye candy, big guy.
Seia: Ayako, don’t tease the poor guy.
Ayako: He’s just naive, a little teasing is fine.
Seia: I envy you.
Ayako: Why? What’s changed? Ah! Pass me the shampoo, please!
Seia: Here.
Seia: Nothing has changed. Hm, it’s more like, you’re so uninhibited.
Ayako: But you seem quite free yourself.
Ayako: Ah, I get it. It’s about McCrane, right?
Seia: E-eh?
Ayako: Gotcha. You’re just sitting there, waiting.
Seia: I’m not really waiting or anything…
Ayako: He’s a stubborn fellow, so you should make the first move. You’re a soldier, I’m sure you know the importance of a good offense. Think ‘surprise attack!’
Seia: But Ayako… Something like that could lead to a misunderstanding.
Ayako: You mean it’s different? You don’t like McCrane?
Seia: I.. It’s not that…
Ayako: Oh my, McCrane would cry if he heard that.
Ayako: Did you hear that, Dumpson?
Dumpson: Please get this over with!
Ayako: What’s with him?!
Ayako: Anyway, there’s nothing to be gained by just waiting, Seia.
Seia: Well, you may be right.
Ayako: Ah, Seia, you sure have a good deal of pride in you. You know what, there are times when our pride and hang-ups just have to go.
Seia: I don’t think I’m that bad…
Ayako: See? That’s what I’m talking about.
Ayako: Or do you have some other reason?
Seia: Eh?
Ayako: Ah, I used to be like that at first. Not anymore.
Seia: What do you mean?
Ayako: Now Dumpson is just as human to me as anybody else.
Ayako: Well, just to be clear, I don’t see him as my lover.
Ayako: But one thing is certain, he’s someone special.
Ayako: That is to say, I can be myself when I’m around him, honest to a fault he may be.
Ayako: I’ve never had much luck with my love life in the past. I got hurt most of the time.
Ayako: It may not seem like it, but when I fall in love, I don’t hold back. So I often ended up crying.
Ayako: But that doesn’t mean I’m too scared to fall in love again.
Ayako: After all, you’ll never know if you’re meant for each other until you try, don’t you think? In any case, you’ve got to be proactive to make things happen.
Ayako: Oh, there’s no conditioner… Dumpson! Pass the conditioner, will you?
Dumpson: Please get this over with!
Dumpson: There you go!
Ayako: Thank you!
Seia: Is he a myna bird? Repeating things like that…
Ayako: Well, now you see why I have to work hard at it, and so should you.
Seia: Ah, that’s so cool.
Ayako: You mean Dumpson? What’s so cool about him?
Seia: I’m talking about you.
Seia: I’d love to be able to live the way you do, but I just can’t.
Ayako: You’re still reluctant..?
Seia: It’s not like that. I’ll deal with McCrane, in my own way.
Ayako: All this talk for nothing, huh?
Seia: Not at all. I’ve really learned a lot.
Ayako: So, shall we go for one last dip?
Ayako: Dumpson, come join us this last time!
Dumpson: Please get this over with!!
Ayako: Hahahahaha-hahahahaha!!
ピルルーピルル! ピルルーピルル!
Ayako: Ah- Dumpson, you’ve got a call!
Dumpson: I know!
Dumpson: Hello? This is Dumpson.
McCrane: McCrane here, at the Antarctic area. How’s the situation over there?
Ayako: Speak of the devil… Seia, why don’t you ask McCrane to come over?
Seia: No, I can’t possibly…
Ayako: Well then…
Ayako: McCrane! Seia is naked!
Seia: Ayako!

A Cordial Reply (post-Mass Effect 3)

Dear Conrad,

Thank you for the 32 generously worded emails I received telling me to get well soon.  And the 12 bouquets of flowers.  And the singing telegram.  The sentiment behind these messages was appreciated, if perhaps not the sheer quantity.  Please don’t send more.  I’m all right now.

I know the news reported my death and I’m sorry to hear you cried yourself to sleep for three weeks straight.  That’s not exactly healthy, you may want to see someone about that.  Word of friendly advice.

But they assure me I’ll make a full recovery in time.  I did need a few replacement parts, but I ought to be able to get back to the Normandy soon.  I’m afraid you can’t visit though.  Top secret Alliance facility.  Actually, how did you manage to get the singing telegram in past security?  No, don’t tell me, I prefer being able to sleep at night.

You may have heard that I am now engaged to Garrus Vakarian.  Before you can ask, he does not need any additional groomsmen, and neither do I.  My crew will be my wedding party, but it’s only close friends we’re inviting.  I’m sure you understand.

I hope you are doing well, Conrad.  Your thesis truly was a help with building the Crucible, and the galaxy might not have survived without your aid.  Thank you for that.

Stay safe out there.  We need your mind applied to the problems of rebuilding galactic civilization instead of worrying so much about me.

I’ll be fine.

You will too.

Take care, Conrad, and thank you again for your concern.

Commander Shepard

PS - Really though, no more singing telegrams or I might have to kill you.  Just a reminder! :)

PPS - I mean this.  Do not make me hurt you.