Android MacCrane/Seia

I’m going to keep doing my Brave Police AU because oh no I love these two. The only couple that keeps appearing in my otp tag on apbajs are these two so I took it as a sign and thought wow I have to draw them like now.

So McCrane is given an android body after he sees Deckard getting one and joins the army with Seia so they can be together and smooch and stuff.

bluedogdown  asked:

mccrane seia owo ?

“McCrane, are you alright?"  It was the second time she had asked him, voice a bit worried, but he told her that he was just fine.  Like he did an hour ago and the hour before that.  Because he was fine, really, he was.  He was able to take the woman he cared for out on a "date” as they called it and he was enjoying himself.

“I’m just glad that I’m able to be with you without our duties getting in the way,” he answered.  “I’m just taking in the moment.”

“You romantic,” she teased.  McCrane laughed a bit at that.  He really couldn’t tell her it was because they’ve been followed by his worried brothers who did a very poor job of keeping themselves hidden.

thatredfirelight  asked:

"I’m lost." - seia + mccrane

“I’m lost." 

"Where did I lose you?" 

"…right about the part where you mentioned meeting your father." 

Seia shrugged, tying her hair up.  “I’m on leave, you’re on… medical leave, I figured it might be a good idea for you to get out of your room.” 

McCrane sighed, leaning back on his berth.  He’d taken a shot to his shoulder that had torn out a great deal of the wiring.  It was taking him a while to get back into moving his left arm, which had meant no work until he could manually reset the connections and gattai with his brothers.  The mech had only been grounded for a week and he was already bored out of his mind. Seia had at least kept him company.  "I was with you on changing into my alt–"  he began steadily, watching Seia nod. 


"And driving into the mountains–" 

"Yes, see?  You’re not so lost.”

“Okay, but your father–”

“Lives in the mountains at the family home.”

McCrane went silent, and Seia laughed, sitting on one of the mech’s knees.  “Are you scared of meeting my father?" 

"No!” The other fidgeted, clearly flustered.  Bingo.  A giant robot afraid of his girlfriend’s four foot tall, aging father.

“I promise he doesn’t actually have an armed cannon at the door, I was teasing you." 

"That was what you said when you ‘teased’ about your brother giving me some sort of awkward lecture on dating methods and…. rules…" 

It was Seia’s turned to become flustered, and she threw a hand over her face.  "I didn’t expect him to actually do it–"