✿  Feeling rather stressed because of work these days so I decided to quickly doodle something for myself ;3; Also used some completely new brushes this time. Wanted to try them out ´o`

I have a couple of headcanons for Mizusei, and this is a little “sidestory”…in a way?? I don’t know aaah I just keep imagining Sei surviving the tower’s fall and everything, but his body is still recovering from the shock and everything he went through the past years (experiements etc.) So during the first months of his recovery he’s unable to talk and is blind.

Of course everything heals later but imagining Mizuki interact with a temporarily blind&mute Sei is /)////////(\ <3

Mizuki would be reading books to Sei so he won’t get bored, or he would give Sei his sketchbook and play games like having Sei draw something and Mizuki guessing what it is (which of course would make them laugh like crazy because Sei drawing with his eyes closed is a disaster and it takes Mizuki at least 5 tries to guess right XD And also Sei loves trolling Mizuki and having him guess forever even though he guessed right lmao)

Or once Sei’s voice gets healed (first, before his eyesight returns) he’d ask Mizuki to describe him what’s outside the window because he can’t see it for himself, and how the weather is and this and that, and Mizuki would probably pretty-up everything a bit. Or he would have to go up really close to Sei to listen to what he’s saying, since Sei’s voice is still rather weak and faint~    

And more and more. //wants to draw more but grrrrr work (ノಠAಠ)ノ

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