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cuddlingthecthulhu  asked:

you've never played dragon age right? talk to me about dragon age please

dungeon and dragons so you have minstrel, ogre, hot babe with tity out, dwarf, a magician and the main guy. no one knows what the fuck the problem is but that’s okay because there’s a sweet card game. actually the problem is probably wizards. you don’t ride the dragons? six entirely different maps to have pixel sehx in. long loadouts. no one can dress except for that witch queen with the horns. someone gets betrayed, someone gets married, someone has to wield that stupid banana axe. endless character sheets, big decisions, talking. bears. lots of backtracking for rare herbs. save often.

EDIT: that trip to elfland which seemed so great in the phamplets


Weekly sexh! It makes my sickness more tolerable.


Weekly Sehx!!! Holiday style which means the gift of lovin’ underneath the bacon tree.


Belated Weekly Sexh: They had to take care of the kids so they made a video of it.