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(Transcript: Starry Starry Hyesung.
Hello, this is Shin Hyesung. Today I’ll be talking about the last song of my Once Again project, which has been going on since July. The sixth song of Once Again will be Because It’s You, the title song of my third studio album released in 2008. Before Because It’s You, my albums were mostly centered on ballads, but since this album I’ve mostly become interested in modern rock pieces. It was a time of musical change. I remember how I had a hard time recording it, and I also remember how N.EX.T’s Kim Sehwang and Lee Sooyong joined me during my first TV performance. I bet you’re very curious on what the new version of Because It’s You will be like and who I’ll be singing it with. First, Dear Cloud’s vocalist Nine9 will be collaborating with me. Her voice is very attractive; it has both the feel of a fragile boy and a fragile girl. I hope you’re looking forward to how our voices will mix. As for the rearrangement, the song’s original composer Davink rearranged the song. Many versions of the song were performed at my concerts, but Because It’s You is actually a song that’s pretty difficult to change. I guess you could say it’s a very high-quality song, and so you need to be careful when trying to rearrange it. That’s why I figured the original composer, who knows the song best, should rearrange it, so Davink and I worked together for the first time in a very long time. Once you hear the song you’ll notice that the new version is completely different from the versions I sang at my concerts. The melody and lyrics of the verses were completely changed, and to keep the emotions of the original, we kept the original chorus. Once you hear it, it’ll feel very different yet familiar at the same time. I believe it’ll also be very sad and mysterious. I’m very curious on what you’ll think about the new version. It’ll be released on December 29th, so I hope to see your support. Thank you so much for showing great love for my Once Again project. I was able to learn a lot and take on new genres thanks to this project, and it got me thinking a lot. Thank you so much. The year’s nearing its end, so I hope you wrap up your year well, and I’ll return in 2015 with better music. I’m feeling sad. I keep saying I thank you, but really, thank you. I hope we’ll meet again with smiling faces next year. Thank you.)

Source: Live Works Company YouTube