What dating oh sehun would be like;

• “don’t sass me sehunnie”
• Suitable reactions to EVERYTHING!
• Unnecessary amounts of bubble tea
• Jogger and jumper days
• Couch cuddles
• Teaching you dances moves and getting frustrated

.“jagiyah! You need to loosen your movements”
“Oh my god!!”
“What even is that?!”
“Ok, ok, ok I have to admit that it was cute”
“You would think that you and chanyeol are twins with the way you two dance”
“aish!! Watch your arms”

• He tried his best to make you laugh when your upset by imitating chanyeol
• Laughs at you when you trip
• Occasional wrestling matches
• You showing off your new wrestling moves that you learned from kyungsoo
• He lets you were his clothes when he’s not there but secretly loves it when he sees you in them.
• When he is upset or annoyed, you shout “NEVER DON’T MIND ABOUT A THING” at him and run to make him grin widely and chase after you because you knew it would aggrivate him and distract him but he knew why you did it

• He rests his head in your lap to admire you or nap
• He plays with your hair a lot
• Talking in sync with each other
• Wants to learn your native language so he can impress your family
• He always buys shirts because he knows that you love him in shirts
• Always loves your reaction to his new hair colour when the company make him change it.
• Nonstop shopping
• Overbearing confidence
• You persuading him to wear yoga pants and dance to nonono by Apink
• He would of course get you attempt his, jongins and chanyeols rap and he secretly records it as revenge
• He sends you cheesy letters that make you smile
• He prints his ‘yehet intensifies’ face onto a t-shirt for you to wear
• Keep a picture of you in his wallet
• Makes fun of your height because you’re shorter than he is.
• Absolute over the top but undeniably adorable ayego
• Constantly telling you what he loves about you
• Him getting bashful and shy when you do the same