Oh Sehun

at first, you’ll see him as an emotionless maknae

but once you got to know him better, he’s actually a baby in a grown up body

he likes to joke around

even sometimes when he turn into a bratty maknae

he’s so hyper like he eat sweets 24/7??

when you search him on google, there’ll be sooooOOOoooOOOo many kind of faces of himself such as derps

the sehun face’

but when you search for the right pic, (or vids) you’ll cry

he might be the maknae, but he’s a fuckboy af

i mean look at this! eyebrows game is so strong he can poke your eyes with it

he have such a nice ass that you wish you could spank them

we call them sebooty btw

oh yeah i forgot something

 he’s weird af

i mean it

but we can’t blame him because even the leader……

and the other members….

but still, his dancing skill is always on point

he’s so cute and ‘cuddle-able’

he have this ‘cute relationship’ with his tongue

and he also love his fans so much

and on 12 April 1994, is the day he was born

and here, I would like thank his parents for having sex giving birth of this sweet litte boy

without him, my life would never be perfect

without him, maybe i’ll continue this bad habit of mine where i keep it secret until now

i just want him to know, how thankful am i even he doesn’t even know that i’m exist, just like the other fans

it hurts, the fact that we’re only in this idol-fans relationship

but it hurts me more when i saw him in pain

so i stay

i’ll promise to myself, i’ll stay with him until the end

through thick

and thin

thank you, dear oh sehun

happy 22nd birthday, our baby boy <3

may you have a bright future