EXO reacting to their GF being into horror movies

Hey there ^^ here is your request! (your English is good though!) hope you like it~


Suho: “Very interesting y/n! I like them too!”

“I thought you get scared easily”

“HAHA!! I don’t know what you’re talking about…” *acts chill ends up sweating nervously as soon as you start talking about the ring. So he distract himself with food.* 

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Baekhyun: “Baekkie! Lets go watch insidious chapter 3! PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE?” 

“Jagi. Why are you doing this to me?!” *facepalm*  

*Ends up going with you to the movies. But soon regrets it, because he couldn’t sleep of nightmares, meanwhile you’re sleeping perfectly like a baby* 

“How can she even sleep like that!? UGH!” 

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Chanyeol: *Sees you reading a horror novel alone in the middle of the night while the whole place was dark*

“J-Jagiya? Are you okay? What are you doing… all alone… in the dark… with that creepy book in your hand.” *Gulps nervously* 

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D.O: *You tell him you like horror movies and you have a huge collection back in your place*

“I love you. Lets get married. Right now right here.” *Pretend you’re Chanyeol*

jelly kai in the background LOL.

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Kai: “Wanna play hide and seek jagi?” … GIF.  THE GIF. THIS GIF. OMFG. 

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Sehunnie: “Sehunah! lets go watch a horror movie!” 

“Sure jagiya” 

*after the movie when you both are home, you hide behind the bathroom’s door to scare him.*



*You laugh trying to stop him from going but he’ll be dramatic about it, eventually you will win as you offer him some cookies* 

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Xiumin: *unfazed whatsoever, and when you two watch a horror movie together he’d laugh at how cute you’re reacting to the jump scares and hold you closer so you feel safe.” 

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Luhan: *You’re telling him the story of a horror novel*

“Okay? Then what happens? Does the baby kill his parents?” 

*Creepy Luhan mode activated*

Kris: *You start telling him about the movie you and your friend just watched in the theatre, he mentally plays a song in his head to not listen to you*

“Are you listening to me YiFan?” 

“Huh? Oh yeah I’m listening baobei, keep going…” 

*Continues to ignore you* 

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Lay: “How do you like the movie so far Yixing?” You ask with a mischievous grin on your face.


“Well that was unexpected.” Your smile dies. 

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Chen: “Listen here jagiya, you’re gonna have to put in more effort if you wanna scare me” 

*Completely ignorant to the fact that you put a spider on top on his head.*

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Tao: *Afte forcing him to watch a movie with you* 

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Hello :p may i please request a scenario when sehun has ben ignoring you cuz his old friend who is a girl came back and she has not been nice with you but you are afraid to say. He even forgot your anniversary. With happy ending pweaseee. thanks S2

The day of your second year anniversary should not be a quiet one, yet you find yourself sitting in your apartment alone. Your plans have been canceled and you can’t help but feel ignored and unwanted as your boyfriend spends time “catching up” with an old friend. You doubt that Sehun even remembered what day it was. He offered for you to tag along with him and Haeun, but you declined. Why tag along to be ignored when you could be ignored from the comfort of your own home? This is how time has passed for the last two months. Things were going so well up until that fateful shopping trip.

Sehun took you out shopping for your birthday. He was the cool, doting boyfriend that you loved. He bought you whatever you wanted. The day could not have been going better, until the last shop you wanted to go in before heading to get food. As soon as you walked into the shop, a girl’s voice screamed, “Omo! Sehunah?!” The scream was followed by a girl flying past you and wrapping her arms around your boyfriend’s neck. 

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160412 Sehun’s Instagram Update #2 with Suho

▻ Kor. “자려고누웠는데 ……기절할뻔했다 생일축하해세훈아”

▻ Eng. “I went to bed to go sleep and then….I almost fainted… ‘Happy Birthday Sehunah'”

▻ Ita. “Sono andato a letto per dormire e poi….Stavo per svenire… 'Happy Birthday Sehunah'‬”

cr: oohsehun
translation: fy-sehunoh (EXO - Sehun Italia)

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