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Genre: Angst | Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 11484

Everyone is born with a soul mark somewhere on their body. Their soulmate has the same mark. New technology has been developed that can remove the mark, but at great cost.

The voices resonating within the small living room blurred together into white noise and faded into the aether, leaving the abrupt thud of your heart stopping as the only audible sound. The walls felt like they were crumbling around you, and the velvet couch you sat on seemed like it was swallowing you into its depths, encasing you in a suffocating darkness. The pain you had suppressed for so long came flooding back, spreading through your every nerve. You felt like your chest had imploded and your bones were caving in. Your entire body had shut down momentarily as Sehun’s last few words echoed through the husk of your skull.

“I’m going to get my soul mark removed.”

There were muffled voices, a few louder than the others, but you couldn’t decipher what was being said. Your brain - consumed by grief - didn’t allow for it. Someone had placed their hand on your arm to try and shake you out of your stupor, but you could barely feel the contact through your numb skin.

But then, his voice called your name, penetrating through the void. That one familiar voice that for so long had brought you happiness and sweet memories, but now, it tore your very being apart. The words that voice had spoken had severed the few ties to him you had left. But still, his voice had so much power and influence over you, and it finally brought you out of your trance. You blinked a few times, and suddenly, you were returned to reality.

This wasn’t a dream.

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Oh, Baby! | 01

 Link to Masterlist

Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Genre: Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Slight Angst

 Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

 Word Count: 2.6k

 A/N: I think this series is going to be a whole lot of fun to write, because ‘Life As We Know It’ is one of my favourite movies. Also, Sehun with a baby?? Yes please!

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rain | sehun

↼pairing: sehun x reader
↼genre: fluff, comfort, maybe a little sad, hybrid!au
↼words: 8700+
↼warnings: Mentions of abuse (not detailed)

Your night takes an unexpected turn when in the early hours of the morning you received a panicked call from one of your employees at the shelter you own.

↼posted; 15.06.2017

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EXO Reaction to You Being Affectionate While You Thought They Were Sleeping

Request: Exo reaction to their S/O thinking they’re asleep and saying “please don’t get hurt, I can’t lose you, that would kill me”… :)

A/N: hi so i’m super sorry for answering these so late :( i hope you enjoy!!


Junmyeon had actually just woken up from his nap when he heard your soft hushed voice, as you spoke as if you were afraid anyone would’ve heard you. He considered checking on you to see if you were okay, but instead, decided to go back to sleep. The next morning, he suffocated you with his “I love you’s” and had been super affectionate throughout the entire day.


You were cuddling with Chanyeol (who had his eyes closed) when his ears perked up once you started speaking, whispering into thin air about how you loved him so much and you just wanted him to be safe. His eyes shot open and he glanced up at you, immediately asking, “Are you okay jagi? I love you too..”

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Pairing: Sehun/Oh Sehun x reader (female)

Word Count: 11,250

Rating: (M) - NSFW - swearing, explicit sex

Genre: Enemies to Lovers!AU, Mall!AU

Part four of the Exodus Mall series!

May 19, 1997

“Could I have a manager to the register, please?” Eli’s voice comes through the device clipped to your belt.

You sigh. Your hands pause their efficient movements and you set aside the partially re-folded pair of pants. “I’ve got it,” you say into the walkie talkie as you move brusquely to the register.

Eli gives you a sympathetic smile as you step up to the counter. Of course it’s Martha. You inwardly wince. At least once a week the older woman comes in to return half of the massive pile of things she’s bought for her family over the weekend. You can’t remember how many grandkids she’s mentioned by this point, but it must number in the hundreds.

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Fade - I

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The sequel to Scars

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ||

Genre: Angst | SoulmateAU!

Word Count: 10100

With your soul mark gone and your heart permanently scarred, was it possible to ever find happiness again?

They say that time leads to change. With time, people would alter their appearance, their tastes or attitudes. You had changed. Over the last five years, your hair had grown longer and had been coloured. You had moved away from your childhood town into a larger city as the job opportunities were promising. Your body had changed. Your face had become sharper, more mature, and that ugly scar that had been burned into your chest had faded away, leaving behind little trace of its existence.

But the scars you bore within your cold, dead heart, those would never change. Ever. Because those scars were permanent. Those scars would last a lifetime.

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Low Side | Sehun

◇ Link to Masterlist

◇ Genre: Biker! AU, fluffy and a lil angsty?

◇ Summary: Your world gets a lot more interesting when you run into a handsome biker who seems like a lot more trouble than he’s worth.

◇ Word Count: 7.5k

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»of the super and the fantastic

superhero au | somewhat enemies-to-lovers au

⇢ pairing: oh sehun | reader

⇢ genre: fluff + light angst + sexual themes [ + very lowkey fuckboy!sehun but also superhero!sehun.. idk i was feeling it ]

⇢ word count: 12.111

⇢ description: you applied to the prestigious Mount Academy of Supers on a whim and surprisingly you get accepted. however, there’s only one teeny — slight — problem. you’re an ex-supervillain.

author’s note: re-watched The Incredibles and suddenly was inspired to write something super! hope you enjoy it!!

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Lucky Star

Word Count: ~1800

Pairing: Sehun/Reader

Notes: ceo! au // strong language

don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes, baby don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened

You stumble out of the bar, dragging your heels and bag behind you. Your disheveled hair reeks of vodka and mixed cocktails, the smell making you gag every second. It’s 2am on a Tuesday night, and you’re wasted on the empty streets, jobless and abandoned.

The alcohol-suppressed memories dance around your hazy mind, and any recollection of the atrocity that happened this afternoon makes you sick. You wobble through the dark, empty path only lit by a flickering yellow street lamp near the end. Somewhere down the line, your legs give in, and you collapse onto the cold graphite road, making your exposed thighs shiver. You wince and groan, pulling yourself onto the wall of a nearby store, which closed hours ago.

“Just my fucking luck,” you curse at your phone, whose screen remain lifeless. You throw your head back onto the wall and stare at the swirling buildings. How can someone lose everything in one night?

The world spins before your eyes, your head pounding and face burning. You immediately regret drinking this much again, and in all honestly, you just want everything to stop. This only adds onto your despair, and now you undeniably have hit rock bottom.

Your eyelids fail you, and drag you into a drunken slumber. At this point, all you want to do is sleep. For as long as possible.

A lone black car makes an abrupt stop right on the side of the road. The tinted passenger window rolls down slowly, and the man peers at your pitiful state. He pushes up his thin black-rimmed glasses before letting out a small sigh.

“One second. I’ll be back,” he addresses the driver.

“Yes, sir.”

He steps out of the shiny car, which looks more expensive than everything you own and all the money you’ve ever earned in your life, combined. His suit is tailored perfectly to his broad proportions, and his hair is smoothly slicked back.

He looms over your sleeping figure. “Hey. Clumsy girl. Why are you sleeping here?” The pungent smell of alcohol float towards him, causing him to hold his nose shut. He grimaces for a good minute before looking back at you. “For the love of God…”

He kneels down next to you, creasing his dress shoes, and picks up your limp body with ease. Your face rests his strong chest and your heels clatter down to the ground as he lifts you up. The chauffeur rushes out of the car, opening the back door for the two of you, and retrieves your fallen shoes.

“Hey. Wake up.” You hear a muffled voice calling out to you. “Come on, wake up.” The voice starts to become clearer, but you aren’t having any of it. You swim back into dreamland. “Y/N!” You feel your body shake slightly, and the sound of your name rings loud and clear.

You peel your eyes open slowly, frowning and groaning at your massive headache. A blurred figure sits before you, and it takes a while before your vision adjusts to the brightness.

Your eyes snap open and you pull back on instinct. “M-Mr. Oh?” you croak. Your hangover is now the least of your worries. The CEO of the company you used to work for up until yesterday is sitting on the side of the bed, which you can only assume to be his, and looking at you with tired eyes. It’s a bit of a shock seeing him out of his business attire, only wearing a white tee and gray sweatpants. Needless to say, he is still looking good with his plain clothes and glasses off.

“Ah, clumsy girl, are you finally conscious?” he waves his hand above you twice, before breaking into a relieved smile. You blink a few times, making sure this wasn’t some type of weird ass dream. “Oh. And before you start having dirty thoughts, my maids changed your clothes.” You peek under the covers, only to see a navy blue tee. “And for the record, you threw up all over my car.” He seems to cringe at the putrid memory.

You facepalm and want to immediately jump into a hole. “I-I’m sorry…” you mumble. Just the thought of it makes you red as a tomato. “D-did you-”

“Yes. I picked you up from the streets.” He stands up and walks to the door. “I’ll get you some water.” He whispers something through open door.

“Thank you,” you declare shyly, not knowing what else to say. You don’t know how you’ll ever pay him back, especially not at the state you’re in right now. He senses this, and sits back down on the bed.

“You can start by telling me what happened last night, clumsy girl,” he snickers. Ah. That nickname. You started working at the company about a year and a half ago. The very first day you met him, you dropped a whole stack of files in front of him, tripping over your own feet. Somehow, he still remember that event clearly, and of the few times he visits the company floors, he greets you with the nickname.

You pull the soft covers up to your eyes. “Stop calling me that,” you mutter.

He lets out a light chuckle. “What should I call you then? Y/N?” It takes you by surprise, and you’re about to ask how he knows your name, but then again you do work for him so…

“Yes, Mr. Oh, that’s perfect,” you state in the most professional tone, grinning slightly.

His face scrunches slightly. “Please just call me Sehun,” he grumbles. You smile under the covers at his childlike pout. He clears his throat once and repeats, “So about yesterday?”

His curious eyes makes it hard for you to dodge the question. It’s not easy sharing your sob story with someone you’ve never really spoken to, let alone the rich CEO of your ex-company. But considering that he is indeed your savior, you push your pride aside.

“My boyfriend dumped me,” you start. His eyebrow raises. “And no, I did not drink myself to a wreck because of that,” you clarify before he can form any prejudiced conclusions.

You continue with a heavy heart. “As you may or may not know, he’s the manager of the floor where I worked. I caught him cheating with his secretary during my shift. Unbelievable, right?” You scoff at the memory, feeling the anger well up again. “So naturally, I flipped out. Two years. Two whole years, Sehun. And he was fucking some other girl right under my nose.” He flinches a bit at the mention of his name.

“I cursed him out, and threw everything in my hands at his stupid face. And being the pathetic little bitch that he is, he fires me right after. I was so upset that I just stormed out, without another word. The rest… you probably know.” The room falls silent as your finish your story, and you’re too afraid to meet his gaze.

“He fired you…?” Sehun takes a while to take in everything, then his mood takes a turn.

“Y-yeah. It was my fault for getting so angry, I know. I’m sorry, I shouldn-”

“No, stop.” His thick brows furrow. “He had no right to do that. You’re one of the most hard working people there.”

You blink at his comment, half confused and half proud. “How do you know?”

“I actually stop by your floor a lot,” he confesses. “You’re always too immersed in your work to notice.” You blush a little. He takes his glasses from the light stand and slides them on, smoothing back his soft black locks in the process. His demeanor darkens. “Give me a minute.”

Your gaze follows as he steps into the hall, closing the door behind him. You hear indistinct voices outside, too low for you to make anything out. 

Taking this time alone, you relax a little on the bed as the headache comes and goes. The sheets on the other half of where you slept lay untouched, and no creases on the pillow either. On the far end of the huge room, there’s a sofa with a crumpled up blanket and dog pillow pet. A warm feeling fills your heart at his small gesture and cute taste in stuff animals. Sehun is the exact opposite of your asshole ex-boyfriend, who’s everything but a gentleman. At the thought of him, you’re dragged back into your miserable reality. Before you can mope, the door opens and Sehun comes back in.

“Where did you go?” you ask without thinking.

“Don’t worry about it,” he sings, heading into his walk-in closet. You yawn and sit up on the bed, trying to tame your frizzy hair with your hands.

Sehun peeks out from the closet, buttoning up his white dress shirt and slipping on his black pants over his boxers. You snap your head away too quickly, and almost die from the embarrassment. You hear a light laugh and the buckling of a belt from behind.

“Hurry up and get ready,” he yells from the closet.

“Huh? For what?” You glance back with a confused pout, and thank that’s he’s fully dressed this time.

He points at you with his eyes. “You want to go to work looking like that?” You pause there, dumbfounded.

“Wo-work?” you gasp softly. Your eyes widen at him. “You didn’t.”

He smirks back, throwing on his suit jacket. “Who do you think I am?” He tugs at the collars and gives you a tough look, and you can’t help but laugh. He smiles at your expression. “Come on. I’ll drive you back to your place first.”

You rise from the covers, and his cotton shirt drapes above your knees. “W-what abou-”

“Don’t worry. You’ll never see him again,” he reassures. You do a mental fight pump and feel revived. You can’t believe it.

“Thank you so much… I can’t even express my gratitude right now,” you cower before him. “I don’t know how to thank you. I lost everything yesterday. And now I have it all, well what I wanted back at least.”

He leans forward, and whispers next to your ear. “And me.” 

He grins, seeing the distraught expression on your face. Your blush creeps up to your ears. Your mind spins, and it’s probably not because of your hangover.

Sehun pulls back, giving you an innocent smile. “As thanks, a coffee date would be a good start.”

A/N: this was suppose to be a <1,000 word drabble but i got a bit carried away. LOL i wrote this so quick i didn’t even realize it was way over woops… im a sucker for sehun (or anyone in exo tbh) in suits🙊🙊 thanks for reading!💕


the merciless flaw | one

pairing: sehun x reader
genre: soulmate!au, fluff, series
summary: the clock counts down the years, days and hours left until your being will be smudged from existence. not wiped, but smudged, because you will be remembered by your saviour; your soulmate

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4

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10 years 38 days 16 hours

Personally, you hated it. The clock never matched your taste, some might call it pretentious because what was the point in glorifying the clock counting to your possible death by having it look easy on the eyes? 

You remembered the day you realised it was there, how old were you? Five? Maybe six? Rolling your eyes at yourself, you realised it didn’t matter, you had dismissed it the second your eyes spotted the hideous clock pressed against under the skin over your wrist; you were just glad it didn’t protrude, it would have only made you want to cut into your skin to pull it out. Would that even work? You were sure you heard someone speak about it. About how a girl tried carving it out once her clock reached two days and still had no hopes of meeting her soulmate, apparently the knife didn’t even scratch the skin. You scoffed into the classroom’s air that was filled with hushed chatter, only to earn a dirty glance from the ever so studious Namjoon who was next to you. 

With a roll of your eyes you looked at the clock on the wall, it distinctly stood out from the wall that was painted a strange hue of green, it increased productivity according to your teacher. Another scoff made its way to your lips but never escaped, this time you were aware of the irritable boy next to you. How could anyone be productive in such a mundane room, with such a monotone teacher…well anyone except Namjoon that was. Your eyes flicked over to the boy, his long torso leaned over the desk as if to hide his intricate notes from you but it was useless, you weren’t paying attention nor would you be able to read his small, cursive handwriting. 

You subtly watched as his hand moved quickly, flicking up and down with each curve of the letters he was so adamant on writing. The tendons under his wrist pushed out, creating distance between his clock and his skin. You didn’t mean to pry but you couldn’t help but stare, what time was his clock at? Was it soon or no-

The curiosity burning inside you came to a pause as you felt slight warmth emit from the clock. The numbers changed.

10 years 38 days 15 hours

An exasperated sigh left you. You felt as if you were going to die in this classroom.

“I’m just glad I have a lot of time left, there is no time in my life right now to worry about if I’ll be able to live or not,” Wendy spoke all at once. The way she was fumbling around, throwing everything around sure proved she did not have time to worry about a soulmate. 

“But aren’t you scared? Your whole life, your whole existence depends on one person. If you don’t find that person then no one remembers you, no one except the person who refused to find you,” you replied calmly, hoping she would stop her erratic movements to listen to you. Spinning on her heel she turned to face you, “Come on, Y/N. There’s no point in depending on someone you haven’t even seen, besides everybody knows your clock could start up again if they leave you so either way your whole existence, or whatever else you wanna call it, will be gone,” your friend in a tone telling you she was probably tired of the tedious, trivial topic you always seemed to end up on. Her dark chocolate eyes flickered around before landing on the phone she firmly believed she lost.

Quickly leaning down she snatched it into her hands and unlocked it. “Just live your life as best as you can, trust can be a one way road and it takes more than just fate to make a relationship work,” she softly muttered as she typed away on her phone. 

Her words resounded within you. You knew she was right, she was always right. Yet the panic and uncertainty stayed in your heart, latching itself onto every glimmer of hope you had. Time didn’t stop for anything, not for the living or the dead and you felt like it was running out.

6 years 15 days 23 hours

The speed at which you were walking should have been an indication that you were, without a doubt, going to bump into somebody. Of course you were when you were walking on such a busy street, you would question where all these people came from but you were in a rush.

Loud chatter around you seemed almost deafening, high pitched laughter rang in your ears, birds chirped as they flew high above the clustered crowd, bodies pushed past you causing your small frame to stumble, the humidity making you feel like you were suffocating, your heart felt heavy within your chest as it hammered against your ribs, your head started swimming in the thick air as droplets of perspiration trickled down your face, you weren’t sure how your feet were still moving, another bump from a stranger pushed you to the side and suddenly there was silence.

No children running past you, no burly men forcing you into another stranger, no heat, no nothing. Except you and him, in a white expanse of nothingness. His identity masked by the bright light illuminating him from behind. You squinted, hoping it would help you make out features yet only his tall, broad figure remained. 

“Who are you?” his deep voice broke the unnerving silence. It echoed through the emptiness. Though you had never heard his voice before it bought you peace, it bought you comfort in such a peculiar way. Your silence only made him press further into the matter, “I can’t see your face, so who are you?”

Your eyebrows furrowed at his statement, was he seeing you the way you were seeing him? 

“I’m Y/N”

The unknown man gasped as a soft golden glow emitted from him before the glow seemed to ooze to the ground and spread around where he stood. You heard him whisper to himself in shock, you weren’t sure what had happened, not when looking at his figure forced you to look away due to the light.

“I’m Sehun…I think you’re my soulmate.”

You instantly felt a pulse within you, it felt as if your heart was being pulled out of your chest yet the sensation wasn’t painful. Your limbs felt lighter as a glow, similar to Sehun’s pushed itself out of your skin to float around you for a few moments before it dropped to the ground. It reached the ground and spread out, just enough to blend with the glow from Sehun. A bright white light flashed in front of you and you squeezed your eyes shut. 

Your eyes snapped open. With a deep inhale of the chilly air around you, you sat up. Fate’s dream it was called. Once your clock reached a certain time you would have a suffocating dream only to find peace once you reached your soulmate, it was how you learned who to find. How you learned who would save you from the suffocating countdown and give you peace.

Sehun, it was Sehun who was going to bring peace to you.

3 years 2 days 10 hours

300 days 20 hours

Happy 18th birthday his voice spoke in your mind. It was a simple gesture, but from Sehun it felt like a world’s worth more than just a gesture. Turning around in the bed, you pulled the covers over you in shyness. 

Thank you you thought back. Ever since the dream you had three years ago, occasionally you would hear Sehun’s thoughts and he would hear yours; it aided you in gaining basic knowledge of the man you would spend your life with. Never once had you had to think hard to remember everything you had learnt.

Name: Oh, Sehun
Age: 20
D.O.B: 12th April, 1994
Occupation: Model
Pets: Vivi - Bichon Frise

You didn’t mind that Sehun was older than you, besides a two year difference wasn’t much. You liked it actually, it made you believe he had more experience in life so would know how to treat you. No, that wasn’t an assumption, you knew he would treat you right due to the sudden arbitrary thoughts you’d hear. I can’t wait to be with you forever was the one that held most significance, how it filled your stomach with butterflies and erupted you into a fit of giggles. Not to forget his immediate retraction of the thought out of bashfulness, how someone could be so sweet was beyond you.

With only 300 days left, your heart ached to find him and save the man you knew you would love.


Who knew this would happen to you? Who knew you would still be watching the disconcerting clock count down, from the years it displayed to the mere 32 days it showed you now, how could this happen even when you knew who your soulmate was?

Despite your efforts to fill your lungs with air it didn’t work, it felt no matter how much you inhaled it grew shy of wanting to fulfill the task of keeping you alive. The irking feeling of being watched wasn’t doing your weak body any favours. Keeping your head low you hoped the strange pull on your frame would diminish along with the sensitivity you now had on the way your blood hurriedly pumped around you, how your hands seemed to swell and pulse with each pump. 

The overload of information for your senses was driving you to breaking point yet the quick pace of your feet hitting the ground didn’t slow down. Gulping down your nervousness you turned the corner only to harshly bump shoulders with a man.

The impact of the collision pushed you off the pavement and onto the fortunately empty road. The strange man let out a yelp as his large hands pulled on the tops of your arms to pull into his body almost instantly, your nose hitting chest with the sudden movement. Immediately you looked at him, craning your neck back you looked at him with an irritable expression, why was he still holding you? You were going to give him a piece of your mind for sure.

“I don-” your speech cut off as your eyes locked with deep brown eyes framed by equally dark, striking eyebrows. 

“Y/N? It’s me, Sehun.”

Fade - II

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The sequel to Scars

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ||

Genre: Angst | Soulmate AU!

Word Count: 7400

“Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me” [🎵 ]


It felt like hot stones were being pressed into your eyes as you watched him smile, the familiarity and comfort that came with the gesture branding your retinas, causing them to water. Sehun’s his eyes creased into half moons, perfectly mimicking the images in the memories you had stored. He looked so perfect you swore you had to be dreaming.

Sehun’s lips parted, and you watched as he mouthed the most simple of greetings, “Hey.”

Despite the buzzing electricity that was rocketing through your figure, somehow your brain finally caught up to your racing heart, and your brain was telling you to run. A chill slowly settled over you, freezing your emotions within your body as well as physically freezing you, until your muscles ceased to move. Your mouth dropped open as you tried to console your heart, which was yelling at you to go towards him, and your mind, which was telling you to get away. The mixed signals rendered you motionless, and you were trapped, stuck in front of the man who was responsible for destroying your heart, but now, it felt like his presence had somehow brought it back.

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Oh, Baby! | 10 (Final)

Link to Masterlist

Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Genre: Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Slight Angst

Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

◇ Word Count: 4.2k

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D o m e s t i c

“Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying” “If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something? Come here.” “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 

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.·:*¨♡ Oh Sehun x Reader♡¨*:·.

Drabble Prompt || #17, #21, #38

Theme: Werewolf!au, Roommate!au |

Genre: Angst, Fluff


“What do you mean you’re going to party till the Sunrise?!”, you exclaim loudly, halfway though pulling off your shoes. You wobbled around for a bit trying to stay balanced among the scatter of male shoes at the doorway, “And at home too? Don’t you guys have class tomorrow like everyone else?”

Your roommate takes in a frustrated breath, his long lashes fluttering shut as if he was done with your shit; when infact you were done with his since the day your friend bailed on you for her flimsy boyfriend, and left you with this demon of a roommate as replacement.

Who went by the name Oh Sehun. 

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Dating Oh Sehun would include...

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

In the Daytime

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  • Sehun is the sweetest guy, but he isn’t going to be the best at expressing it sometimes.
  • He’ll rarely say a direct ‘I love you’ but he will say it in smaller ways. “He’ll express his care for you in smaller ways, asking ‘have you eaten today?’ or ‘did you sleep well?’
  • When he’s in a bad mood he’s going to be sassy af and will never hold back on the sarcastic comebacks.
  • “Sehun why are you taking so long?”
  • “I need eleven minutes!”
  • And when he’s pushed your boundaries too far he’s going to feel guilty. But since Sehun doesn’t conform to normal ways of cheering you up, he’ll more than likely do something like Aegyo to make you forgive him since he knows it’s your soft spot.
  • Either that or he’s going to use those gorgeous hips to make it up to you.
  • He’s going to be a brat sometimes
  • Like there is no escaping this maknae’s brattiness and you must have a magical patience line to put up with it.
  • “You look pretty cute today {y/n}, but I look cuter.”
  • “Literally shut up, Sehun.”
  • Dying each others hair.
  • You doing his make up sometimes.
  • Him being proud and showing off your eyeliner and telling everyone it’s better than Baekhyun’s.
  • He won’t admit it, but he has a small photo of you stuck to his mirror in the dressing room and he’ll always look at it and smile whenever he feels anxious or needs a stress reliever.
  • He will have no PDA
  • Unless you convince him otherwise. You’ll need to be a good convincer to crack this nut.  
  • At home he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.
  • Or when he’s drunk.
  • “Hey Jagiyaaa you look so fuckable right now let’s get a taxi homee”
  • “Sehun, we are home.”
  • Dates to bubble tea cafes.
  • Taking Vivi for walks together.
  • Vivi being like the baby of the two of you.
  • You falling asleep on the sofa with Vivi waiting for Sehun to come home.
  • And when he comes home he’ll take a secret photo because you look so. darn. cute. But this brat isn’t going to admit it. 
  • You getting him to wear couple outfits and him pretending like he hates it but inside he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Chanyeol teasing you both and Sehun getting pouty about it.
  • Watching Sehun practicing his dance moves around the house.
  • His hip thrusts are literally the work of a god.
  • Him getting really excited about Christmas and putting mistletoe all over the house.
  • It’s all fun and games until you meet with Kai underneath it.
  • “Where did all the mistletoe go, Sehun?”
  • “I burnt it.”
  • Sehun getting jealous when other guys flirt with you because he’s scared he might actually lose you.
  • Him literally being the cutest boyfriend ever and saying he loves you every day indirectly.

At Nighttime

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  • Sehun pissing you off and having to spend the night on the downstairs sofa.
  • Except he never does because he always comes upstairs and shuffles into the bed, wrapping his arms around you from behind and pressing kisses to the top of your head.
  • Whispering “I love you,” when he thinks you’re asleep.
  • Him being the big spoon but sometimes he likes to be the small spoon.
  • Him putting his arms and legs over you since he’s so tall he takes up most of the room anyway.
  • Him cuddling you after a long day of practice.
  • But sometimes he’s going to want to be more active in the sheets.
  • Him being dominant.
  • Since he’s the youngest he always had a kink for being older and dominant
  • Daddy kink af
  • He makes you moan every time
  • Literally
  • He lives to hear you moan his name.
  • Him 98% of the time trying to get a ’round 2’
  • Being the sweetest for aftercare.
  • Until it comes to the nothing when you can’t walk and he finds it hilarious and he’ll tease you about it for the rest of the day
  • Basically
  • This man is hard work
  • But he loves you more than words can describe
  • And it’s all worth it in the end 

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Summary: Unforeseen circumstances force you to room with your brother’s best friend Sehun. But things do not go as you expect them to…

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: Partying, mentions of drinking (Sehun and Reader are both sober), smut

A/N: So I suddenly had the urge to write this and got it done in one night?? Who am I? I don’t even know, but I hope you enjoy ~ needy Sehun - Admin Jewels

You groan aloud as you make your way through swarms of sweaty, drunk people. Of course, your brother Baekhyun had to throw a spur of the moment party and invite everyone he knew to your house. All done without letting you know. It was exactly what you wanted to arrive home to after a grueling day of work.

You’ve been rooming with your brother and his best friend Sehun since you started college. You had expected to love living on your own, away from your parents. But oh, how you underestimated the chaotic nature of your brother and his friends. While he keeps up on his chores (mostly,), it doesn’t help the fact that his obnoxious crew is always around, crowding the kitchen and living room. Your snobby ass can’t stand being around them, so you always stay closed up in your bedroom. It was a relief when you finally invested in sound-proof headphones so you could study in peace. Sehun, on the other hand, seems to get along with Baekhyun’s friends. You don’t notice him around too much since you’re always on your side of the house. Based on his popularity in high school, you could imagine that he is into the partying. The two of you had never been too close since he and Baekhyun were a few years older. You’ve always assumed he doesn’t really care about getting to know you since he seems to go silent whenever you’re around. Not that you really cared about getting to know him either, or anything…

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EXO when they hear you sing for the first time.

*I do not own the gif’s*


He’d be amazed by your voice but when you notice him you would stop and blush. ‘’Jagi, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You have an amazing voice.’’ He would pull you on the couch with your legs over his lap and you will continue singing but this time you would sing ‘Colors’ for him. ‘’You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink.’’

omg this one is a bit cheesy lol


When he hears you sing ‘Boombayah’ he is surprised. Because you never sing in front of him. ‘’I don’t want a boy. I need a man.’’ He would pause the music and you would look up in surprise. ‘’I may have a bit of a baby face, but I am very manly and you know that.’’ You would walk to him and put your arms around his neck. ‘’Baby, I love your face so shush and yes I know you’re manly.’’ You would peck his lips. ‘’You have an amazing voice by the way.’’ This would make you bury your face in his chest.


He hears you sing while he’s learning his lines for his new movie. He finds you in the kitchen stirring in the pan while singing ‘Not On Drugs’.’’Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’’ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and would place a kiss on your neck. ‘You have an amazing voice, baby. I hope you’re going to sing more often.’’


While you’re doing chores you sing along with ‘Here’. He would be amazed by your voice. ‘’Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this. An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this.’’ You probably wouldn’t notice him until you’re done with the song. So out of nowhere, he would say ‘’Wow, jagi, you have a beautiful voice.’’ You would jump in the air. ‘’Babe, you scared me!’’ he would laugh at you and give you a kiss on your temple.


When he sees you dance to ‘National Anthem’  you already took his interest. But when you even begin to sing - ‘’Tell me I’m your National Anthem. Ooh yeah baby bow down, makin’ me so wild now.’’ - this unicorn wouldn’t even know where to start with complementing you on your skills.  ‘’Omg baobei! You have an amaaaaazing voice.’’ You would blush and he would attack you with hugs.


He would come into your living room when he sees you and your friend with a guitar on the couch and what surprised him was that you were singing. You didn’t notice that he came home so he would just listen to your voice. ‘’Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.’’ Your friend, of course, noticed that he came in but she knows how shy you can be when you sang in front of other people. So you didn’t notice until you were done singing that he was standing at the door opening. ‘’Omg, Baekhyun. How long have you been standing there?’’ you said a little embarrassed. ‘’Long enough so I could hear your beautiful voice.’’ You would hide your face behind your hands so he couldn’t see your red face.


He would watch you sing ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ with so much passion written over your face he would giggle a little. ‘’Flame you came from me. Fire meet gasoline. Fire meet gasoline. I’m burning alive.’’ Don’t get me wrong he would find your voice amazing. Now that he knows that you can sing like that, he would want to play games like ‘Who could reach the highest notes’. ‘’We should definitely check out who can sing the highest note.’’ He would say out of nowhere. You would turn around quick. ‘’How long have you been standing there?’’  ‘’Since you began to use the broom as your mic.’’ He would say smiling.


You were inspired by Chanyeol’s cover of ‘All of me’ so you sat behind Chanyeol’s keyboard and searched a video of the chords of the song so you could learn them and maybe show it to Chanyeol when he comes home. You were a quick learner so you learned the chords and began to sing. Little did you know Chanyeol came home a little earlier and saw you behind his keyboard. ‘’Give me all of you. Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts’’ ‘’Wow, I didn’t know I had such a talented girlfriend.’’ he would say and you would turn around a little shocked because you didn’t know that he had been watching ‘’Thanks, babe’’ you would say smiling. Now that he knows that you could sing, he would want to sing more with you. Maybe even record a song with you.


He would come home from practicing with EXO and he would hear some distant singing coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and you were folding your clothes with ‘Dear No One’ coming through your Bluetooth box. ‘’I like my space, yeah. But I’d love to have a soul mate.’’ He would film you and send it in the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how talented my baby is 😏’’


(just imagine for this reaction that he is still in EXO *sobs in a corner*)

He would hear you sing along to ‘Monster’ and when you sing along with the part of Nicki Minaj without any mistakes he actually would find it sexy that you could rap so good. ‘’You could be the king but watch the queen conquer’’ he would film you and send it to the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how badass my girl is ;)’’

Chanyeol: Wow, we should totally get together to rap sometimes.

Tao: Okay, sure if it’s for rapping. Don’t get crazy ideas, boi. She’s my girl.


While you were making chicken for the two of you to eat that evening you started humming. But what once was humming was now singing your lungs out. ‘’WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’’ he would stand at the door opening smiling. He would wrap his arms around you after you put the chicken in the oven and you would turn around in his arms. ‘’Welcome home, babe’’ you would say ‘’Hi, my talented jagi.’’ he would say and give you a quick peck on your lips. ‘’Oh my god… Did you just-‘’ ‘’Yeah, I did, and you should sing more.’’


You thought you were home alone with your friends, so you pulled your clothes like boas and big sunglasses out of the closet. You were doing karaoke with your friends. Once the melody of ’Me too’ started playing, Sehun walked in but you didn’t notice him yet. ‘’Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror.’’ ‘’You sure are sexy with that boa and your big sunglasses.’’ He would say while he recorded you with his phone. ‘’Sehun! Don’t you dare to send-‘’ but you already heard the sound of a message being sent. ‘’You didn’t just send that to all the members.’’ ‘’I sure did’’ he would say smirking.

Oh, Baby! | 09

Link to Masterlist

Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Genre: Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Angst

Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

◇ Word Count: 2.8k

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Debut [I]

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Thanks for your request, @elcoswald. Hope you enjoy!

Plot: You didn’t want a soulmate, you didn’t have TIME for a soulmate; but he found you.

Genre: Fluff - SoulmateAU/IdolReader

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

My heart was beating so fast that I could feel it in my ears. I was sweating profusely, and no amount of napkins was enough to get rid of the shine on my cheeks. I crossed my fingers and silently hoped that everyone would assume it was highlighter.

The microphone hanging over my ear was scratching my face, my skirt itched, and my feet were killing me. But I was here. After so many years spent pouring my heart and soul into training, so many nights spent falling asleep at my desk after a long day of school and rehearsals, I had finally debuted; in a small group, with three of my best friends.

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