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Pink (A Sehun One-Shot)

Genre: Humor / Fluff / Smut (18+) / Neighbor!AU

Pairing: Sehun x You

Description: You run into your attractive neighbor in an unexpected place.

Word Count: 11.4K

A/N: This story is a Secret Santa gift for Alba @messyscriptorium , I was so excited to receive Alba for the gift exchange as part of @kpoptrashnetwork ’s Secret Santa Project / Holiday Haul, because I actually know her and because she’s an amazing human being whom I adore. Alba provided a few of her biases and Oh Sehun happened to be the very last one… I picked him because I’m feeling pretty fucking noodly lately and Alba, I hope you enjoy this story that I wrote just for you. :D I used Pink since the color pallet you provided included pastels and Neighbor!AU seemed doable to me as a one shot.

Also thank you to @dancinghell666 for coming up with the location for the opening scene of this story. :D it was perfect! 

It wasn’t your scene. The neon lights and bright colors when you walked through the door and that smell, what was that smell? Like a layer of industrial cleaner over something flowery and just below that was something else. Something dirty and biological maybe. Most definitely. You eyed the rows of red curtain covered doorways that lined the back wall with the sign at the top that read, in an innocuous font, a simple and nowhere near as explanatory as it should have been, “viewing rooms.” Your mind flashed to the sign on the front door with the scary message.

‘Absolutely no persons under the age of 18 allowed to enter.’

You wanted to leave.

Well, you kinda wanted to leave.

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Meraki - Barista!AU

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a stroke of fuck | one

pairing: sehun x reader, jongin x reader, yixing x reader
genre: fuckboy!au, college!au, smut, angst?, series
summary: there was good in the world to balance the bad, but when it comes to boys are they good for anything except breaking hearts and causing trouble?

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4 / pt.5
extras ↬ 3.5

A/N: AS ALWAYS I DIDNT PROOFREAD THIS, please let me know what you think D:

Originally posted by intokai

“Fuck, you’re getting my dick so wet,” Sehun moaned while seeing the way his dick glistened with wetness. Biting his lip, he threw his head back and smirked. How did he get so lucky? Looking back down, he pushed the girl’s thigh further back, giving him the best view of how his dick stretched out her pussy. Another slew of filthy words left the boy’s mouth as he leaned over the moaning girl’s body. His large left hand moved beside her head, his chest on hers, nipples rubbing against each others as he slowly pushed his thick, pulsating dick back inside her.

Lifting her right leg, she wrapped it around his thin waist as their bodies roughly rocked the bed. The headboard slamming against the wall brought her closer to her long awaited orgasm. Her senses began overloading. Sehun’s hot breaths against her stretched neck that adorned three hickies, the short curls just above his hard dick that brushed against her swollen clit, his hand that had a firm grip on her thigh to stop her squirming.

“That’s right squeeze my dick,” he groaned against her jaw. Increasing the speed of his thrusts, he lifted his left hand and began rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. “I’m so close,” her whimpers added to the noise of undeniable lewd acts.

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Oh, Baby! | 01

 Link to Masterlist

Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Genre: Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Slight Angst

 Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

 Word Count: 2.6k

 A/N: I think this series is going to be a whole lot of fun to write, because ‘Life As We Know It’ is one of my favourite movies. Also, Sehun with a baby?? Yes please!

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EXO Eros Traits

Eros serves as an indicator of one’s passion, sexual attraction, sexual preference, and vital energy.

Note: These are general traits/preferences (relating to love, sex, personality, ect) based on their Eros signs.


Taurus: Baekhyun and Sehun

  • Turned on my skin-ship
  • Slightly shy with women
  • Romantic
  • Happier when with a partner
  • Long-term relationships
  • Stability is a turn on
  • Possessive, doting, and demanding when in love
  • Easily satisfied
  • Highly sensual
  • One of the most sexual of the zodiac circle
  • Foreplay is important
  • Passionate sex
  • Lots of masturbation
  • Can have sex for hours
  • Pleasure-oriented

Virgo: Chen and Kris

  • High standards in love
  • Likes stable relationships
  • Can be judgemental
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Check-list like mannerisms
  • Down to Earth
  • Lustful
  • Fetishes
  • Tends to seek renewal through sex
  • Wants to make others feel good
  • Prefers giving
  • Could enjoy being submissive
  • Sensitive and tender
  • Delicate in movements
  • Connected with their bodies

Scorpio: Chanyeol

  • Vulnerable
  • Possessive
  • Hides their emotions
  • Wants to know partner inside out
  • Wants to feel that you belong to them entirely
  • Very personal and erotic
  • Emotionally involved in sex
  • Can easily make someone desire them
  • Can feel and sense what their partner wants
  • Passionate
  • The perfect lover in bed
  • Likes oral sex
  • Intense sexual experiences
  • Open to almost everything
  • Animalistic

Sagittarius: Suho, Lay, and D.O.

  • Passion for knowledge
  • Likes honesty
  • Open and innocent
  • No sneaky behavior
  • Romance is an escape
  • Not easy to be expressive romantically
  • Lots of sexual energy
  • Playful
  • Loves trying new things
  • Fiery and passionate lover
  • Fun sex
  • Sex seemingly like a game
  • Unpredictable sexual mood
  • Likes to be the hunter in the relationship
  • Likes games involving the tongue and lips

Aquarius: Tao

  • Unusual and unexpected
  • Needs freedom
  • Detached
  • Very open minded
  • Hides feelings to protect themselves
  • Cold, logical, and erotic
  • Outrageous and extravagant in sex
  • Enjoys fantasies
  • No boundaries or limits
  • Easily bored with routine
  • Loves threesomes
  • Needs stimulation, exploration, and communication in sex
  • Creative sexually
  • Requires variety and intense sex
  • Likes foreplay

Pisces: Xiumin, Kai, and Luhan

  • Loves easily
  • Most romantic of the signs
  • Interested in complexity and mystery
  • Can easily be hurt
  • Can’t love mean-hearted people
  • Understanding, adaptable, and delicate
  • Likes improvisation
  • Looking for their ultimate soulmate 
  • Not your average relationship
  • Loves confidence
  • Satisfying their partner is important
  • Very erotic dreams
  • Has many sexual fantasies
  • Wants to offer a lot when it comes to sex
  • Easily seduced by other’s desires for them
Babyboy (M) ~ Sehun

Originally posted by oohsehunnies

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1K


Your skirt slid down your freshly shaved legs. It fell down on the wooden floor, almost making no sound. You ran your tongue along your bottom lip, pressing your lips together, you have always liked the glossy look. But not as much as Sehun. You turned around, looking Sehun in the eye, he was looking right back at you. His chest was rising and falling at a steady pace. A thin layer of sweat was glistening on his milky skin, making you wonder just how bad he wanted you. 

“Sehun” You purred, your feet taking you to the bed, taking your time to discard your shirt in the process. Your white bra was revealed to Sehun, making him yank at the cuffs around his wrists, sure leaving bruises for you to admire later.

“Y-Y/N, please” He whined. You sighed and placed your knee on the edge of the bed, your shirt still in your hands. You threw it to the floor and crawled towards Sehun’s writhing body on your bed. You sat on your knees and ran a hand through his hair. He snuggled closer to your touch, yanking at the cuffs once again.

“Ah ah, Sehunnie” You removed your touch from him. You looked down his body, at his boxers, that looked even more painful, by the distressed look on his angel-like face.

“Y/N, please. I’m begging you” He sat up as best as he could, hissing at the pain from his burning hard on, and looked at you again. You smiled at him and sat closer, running your hand down his chest.

“What is it, that you want?” You leaned closer to him, hand still on his chest. “Baby boy?” You finished, knowing the pentane drove him, just a little too crazy. He roughly yanked at the cuffs and his gaze instantly hardened.

“Y/N, I swear when I get out of these-”

“You’ll do what? Baby, don’t forget who’s in control right now”

Sehun calmed down, his body language, letting you know that his body was all yours, for now.

You got up from the bed and stood, facing Sehun. You took off your underwear, carefully looking at Sehun’s eyes, that were traveling down your body. His face made you almost dripping wet, well, more than you already were.

You made your way to the bed once again, this time straddling Sehun’s thighs, earning a groan from his pink, lips that were swollen with your love.

He could feel how wet you were as some of your wetness slid out onto his thigh.

“What is it that you want babyboy?” You ask, trailing your fingers down his chest. You repeated your question from earlier hoping that he would actually answer this time.

“I want you (Y/N).” He says barely loud enough for you to hear. Your hand wrapped around his cock, and you slid your thumb over the tip, coating it in his precum. He bit his lip and shivered as he felt your cold hand on his warm member.

“Hmm? What was that?” You raise an eyebrow, slowly jerking your hand up and down his now rock hard cock.

“I want you. I want to fuck you.” He says louder, but his voice slightly wavering at the end. You smirk and lean down, slowly running your tongue over his tip.

Your tongue trails down the side, following the bulging vein, and then back up to the top, slowly sucking on his tip. He whines and bucks into your mouth, trying to get more. You giggle and start taking more of him into your mouth, gagging when he hits the back of your throat.

Sehun moans as you start bobbing your head up and down, giving him exactly what he wants. You could feel him slightly throbbing, signaling he was close. His breathing got harder and right as he was about to cum, you pull away, completely leaving him on edge.

“(Y/N)!” He whines, frustrated from the orgasm denial. You smile and lift yourself up, lining him up with your entrance.

“Do you want me to ride you, babyboy?” You ask, slightly pushing his tip into your entrance. All it would take is for him to thrust his hips up, and he would be inside you completely, but he didn’t, knowing you wouldn’t allow him to cum if he did.

You slowly slide down on him, his cock sliding into your wet pussy without a problem. You moan in unison, and he thrusts his hips up into you.

“I’m not going to last long,” he warns. You nod and start lifting yourself up and down, your legs would definitely be sore tomorrow. He thrusts into you to increase the pleasure, softly moaning your name each time your walls clench around him.

“I’m gonna cum…” Sehun whimpers, he hates being the one to cum first but he holds on as long as he possibly can before releasing into you with a sharp thrust. As he releases, the harshness of his last thrust and the warmth of his cum pushes you to the edge and you become a moaning mess above him. Your walls clenched around him, milking him completely of his orgasm.

“You’re such a good boy, Sehunnie.” You praise pushing his hair to the side so you could clearly see his face. He weakly smiles and waits for you to remove the handcuffs. As soon as they’re off he lifts you off of him, his cock soft by now.

“I’m tired (Y/N),” he whines, refusing to get up when you tell him to quickly shower you you.

“Aish, you really are a baby.” You roll your eyes and shower without him. As you come back out, he’s laying there asleep and you quietly grab a pillow and then throw it right at him, making him jump.

“Go shower! I’m not sleeping with you while you’re all sweaty!”

He groaned and quickly got up to shower.


Mirror, Mirror

Originally posted by jonginssoo

OTP(s): Oh Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4,622

Sypnosis: Who knew lust could follow after a dumb argument in gym class?

Warnings: Explicit sexual content involving two-way mirrors, raven-haired Sehun, Oh Sehun in general

Physical education was probably the only class in the universe where things could turn from moderately temperate to indescribably heated in the small interval of seven minutes.

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»of the super and the fantastic

superhero au | somewhat enemies-to-lovers au

⇢ pairing: oh sehun | reader

⇢ genre: fluff + light angst + sexual themes [ + very lowkey fuckboy!sehun but also superhero!sehun.. idk i was feeling it ]

⇢ word count: 12.111

⇢ description: you applied to the prestigious Mount Academy of Supers on a whim and surprisingly you get accepted. however, there’s only one teeny — slight — problem. you’re an ex-supervillain.

author’s note: re-watched The Incredibles and suddenly was inspired to write something super! hope you enjoy it!!

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You Drive Me Insane | Sehun

 Link to Masterlist 

Genre: Love/hate drama, Office! AU, Mild smut (kind of) 

 Summary: In which you and Sehun are co-workers who hate each other and are forced to team up…until an unexpected encounter maybe sort of leads to some confusing feelings….

Word Count: 2.8k

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Attention (M)

Originally posted by chanyoelparks-deleting

Requested by: @sehuns-bubble-txe

Request: Based on the song Attention by Charlie Puth

References to lyrics are in bold

Genre: Angst/Smut

Member: Sehun


You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to say anything about it. You’ve always hated confrontation and had felt awkward when you had to have an important conversation about something. All these years and you haven’t changed.

You had thought that you were getting better with your problem of confrontation, but that didn’t seem to be the case right now. To be fair, you weren’t sure if confrontation was the thing that you were afraid of. Maybe it was that you were more afraid of what the problem actually turned out to be and if you were the cause of it.

You noticed how Sehun started acting indifferent towards you. He just didn’t seem interested in what you had to say, in what you were doing… or you in general.

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The Last Time

Heartbreak and sadness are of the deadliest poisons, for they kill you slowly in misery. 

Genre: smut and angst 

Part one Part two Part three  Part four

Sehun continued to pound into you. He kept a steady pace and made sure to hit all the right angles. Your head board continuously hit wall, sure to leave a dent. Sweat made stray hairs cling to your forehead. Looking at Sehun’s body above was like a dream. From his chiseled abs, the his arms that were just the right amount of toned, up to his jaw line that was so sharp, you swore it could cut diamonds. You ran your hands over his chest and over his shoulders, playing with the hair at the base of his neck as he brought you closer to your release.

 "You’re so tight, even after all this time.“ He grunted, a sheen of sweat forming on his face as he picked up the pace. You moaned in response, filled with to much pleasure to form sounds besides wanton moans and mewls. You reached up and cupped his cheek in your hand before bringing your lips together. It was a battle of teeth and tongue. Each of you battled for the upper hand, but in the end you let him win, you always did. He pulled on your bottom lip with his teeth as he felt your walls clenching around him.

 "I’m so close Sehun” you breathed. 

 "Cum for me baby" he replied hiking you leg over his hip and angling deeper inside you. Soon you were seeing white as the knot in your stomach came undone. His name fell from your lips as you rode out your high. Sehun soon followed suit, pulling out and releasing his seed onto your stomach. Without wasting a second he was off the bed and pulling his boxers back on. 

 "Here" he mentioned tossing a towel in your direction, “clean yourself up. See you tomorrow.” With that he gathered his remaining clothes and walked out your bedroom door. It had been like this for months, meeting in the middle of the night for a meaningless hookup, only to pretend you were acquaintances the next day. You were one of the many assistants at SM entertainment. You had gotten the position on a fluke, but you were grateful for the job nonetheless. Sehun had immediately noticed the new girl, prancing through the halls in her modest heels, politely greeting various idols and board members that came in. What captivated him the most was how you looked like a shy, girl next door type on the outside, but you held a glint in your eye that said otherwise. He had a feeling you could be quite dirty outside of work, and he was right. He had made you a proposition; to hookup with him and help him relive stress. Although it was a shocking proposition, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you would benefit by sleeping with one of your favorite exo members. It was a win win for both of you, and there were no rules against dating idols in your contract, so you obliged. Not 1 month after you started your job did the secret meet ups start, and when you were almost a year into working there, and the secret was still safe. 


 You heard your front door being opened and silently shut seconds later, signaling he had left. You sighed and moved to clean yourself up before showering, a feeling of sadness washing over you.  

Probably just the gloomy weather. You thought to yourself as rain continued to fall outside. 

With one last look out the bathroom window, you stepped into your hot shower, feeling instantly relaxed. You let the water consume you, running through your hair and then down your body. No matter how hot you made the water, you couldn’t rid yourself of the guilt and shame you felt after every fuck. You knew it was wrong, no matter how much you wanted it to be right. Even though you were able to silence your conscious every time Sehun wanted to come over, you couldn’t keep it quiet forever. Every time he left there was the nagging feeling tugging at you, eating you from the inside out. Self loathing would spread through every corner of your body, making you regret your decision, only for you to make it again the next day. 

One day I will say no to him…. one day


“Ms. ____________, please put this in the storage room for me." 

 "Of course sir” you replied to your supervisor with a light bow. 

 "After you may take your lunch.“ 

 "Thank you sir” was your response to his retreating figure. He was so busy that you hardly ever saw him. When you did, he usually gave you a list of things to do. You rendered yourself lucky this time. As you began taking the supplies to the room like he asked, you felt your phone vibrate. Carefully placing your items down, you read what was on the screen.

 Also, I need for you to organize the file room. The paper work hasn’t been filed away properly, and it’s getting out of hand. Once that is finished, you may go home. 

“Spoke to soon” you mumbled mostly to yourself. Hopefully the file room wasn’t that bad, You wanted nothing more than to go home and just relax. ___________ 

 The file room was pretty destroyed when you had walked in. Someone had obviously been looking for something, but didn’t want to clean their mess up after. Thankfully, after an hour of organizing, you were almost done. You were bending down to put a file in the bottom drawer when someone came up behind you and shut the door. The sound of it locking filled the quiet space. 

 "I found you" 

 You didn’t have to turn around to know who was there. It was none other than Oh Sehun. He walked up behind you and placed his hands on your hips. You felt his hardening member pressing into your ass. 

 "What do you say we have a quickie before I take off for practice?“ He breathed into your ear as you stood. His breath fanned across your neck as he spoke and it sent chills straight to your core. 

 I have to tell him no, my job could be jeopardized for sleeping with an idol on the clock. But he is so tempting… stupid sexy Sehun. 

He interrupted you internal debate by nibbling on the spot below your ear, his hands found their way around your waist and rested right above your womanhood. You wanted to nothing more than to lean into his touch and give into his needs, but your job was on the line. 

 "I can’t” you finally responded, removing his hands from your body and ultimately turning to see him. Disappointment flashed across his features before being replaced with his signature resting bitch face. 

 "Why? Do you suddenly have morals?“ He retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. That was a low blow, you both knew that. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” Irritation was itching to come out as you spoke, but you held your composure. 

 "Maybe it means that you are such a good slut for me when we meet outside of work, but now you are being a prude.“ His words stabbed through you like a knife. But he wasn’t done. 

 "You do realize I could easily hookup with any one of the assistants in this office right? Who knows, maybe they would be a better fuck than you.” 

Saying you were hurt was an understatement. His words pierced your heart like a dull rusted knife that he kept twisting and twisting as he continued to insult you. You had let your feelings for him go to far, and now you were paying the price as your little charade fell to pieces in front of your eyes. How stupid of you to think that you could be happy with your friend with benefits deal you had with Sehun. What a fool you were for loving this man. Your pride was hurt, and you wanted nothing more than to yell and scream at him, to tell him he was a bastard and didn’t deserve your love. But alas you couldn’t do that. So you heaved a heavy sigh, swallowed your pride and simply stated, 

” I do realize that. Which is why I am ending things here. Last night was the last time Sehun. Have a good life. Exo fighting!“ 

 You walked pat him, brushing your shoulder against him as you did. With unsteady hands you unlocked the door and walked out, leaving a speechless Sehun in your wake.


A week had passed since that day. You had put in your 2 week notice promptly after the incident. Sehun held true to his word of hooking up with another assistant. It was as if you meant nothing to him. But that’s how it works right? A normal girl falls in love with the idol, they have their share of fun together and the idol leaves for bigger and better things. While you tried your hardest to let go of the idea of Sehun, it was proving to be difficult. So hopefully after leaving the company, you would have a better chance at healing, at least that what you desperately hoped for. This was what you wanted for yourself after all. To be more than just an easy fuck to someone. To have meaning to someone. 

You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t watch where you were going. Next thing you knew, your documents were on the floor and so were you. 

 "I am so sorry, are you ok?” You looked up to the angelic voice that was currently helping you gather your belongings. It was another member of Sehun’s group, the leader of it actually, Kim Junmyeon, or Suho, as his fans liked to call him.

 "Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I was so lost in my thoughts and I-“ 

 "You don’t have to explain yourself to me” he concluded with a silky laugh. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to a standing position. Trying not to let him see how sheepish you were feeling, you smoothed out the non existent wrinkles in your skirt. 

 "I do have to ask though, what was clouding your thoughts so much that you didn’t look to see where you were walking? You seemed like you were lost since way over there.“ He gestured to the hall you had just came from, which was a good 50 feet away. 

You didn’t realize how long you were immersed in your inner turmoil. Out of nervous habit, you began biting your bottom lip. Answering his question was hard, but you didn’t want to lie to him either. Instead of responding you just looked down. 

 "It’s about Sehun isn’t it” he gently questioned, barely loud enough for you to hear. Cautiously you looked up at him and was met with a sympathetic gaze. 

He has to know what had happened, there was no way he couldn’t

Sehun was his roommate so you were sure that suho knew of everything. Shame overtook you, crashing down upon you in harsh waves. A hurricane of guilt and discomfort filled you, flooding your entirety and looking for an escape through tears. You tried hard to hold them back, to ashamed to make yourself vulnerable to suho, and to cautious to let anyone know how much the whole situation affected you. Silent sobs fought to break through you, making your shoulders shake and your breathing become less than perfect. 

 "Hey, don’t cry" he cooed, gently lifting your chin so he could see your face. He saw how broken you really were. You had loved Sehun. He could see that written all over your face. Sehun had broken your heart into a million pieces and moved on like it was nothing to him. He felt terrible for what the maknae had done to the pretty girl who always had a smile on her face while she worked. 

He gently used the pad of his thumb to wipe the cascade of tears from your cheeks. Your struggle to remain stoic was over as you let go of all the pent up emotions. All the frustration, all the loneliness, and all the heart break. Suho sensed your need to cry and pulled you into his chest, one arm wrapping around your waist while the other soothingly rubbed your back. As if out of instinct, you grabbed onto his shirt and cried your eyes out, destroying the designer material in the process. You didn’t care how red your face got or how much your makeup ran in that moment. All that mattered was that you had finally let your wall down and all the emotions were flooding out and into the arms of someone you felt you could trust, even if you had just barely met a few moments back. Suho continued rubbing your back, pulling you tighter against him as your sons began to quiet down. 

 "It’s going to be all right" he repeated like a mantra as he continued his ministrations, “it’s going to be all right." 


Sehun had just caught word from a few other assistants in the office that you had planned on leaving. Even though he had moved onto another easy lay in the building, it didn’t mean he was ready to let you go. He stormed through the halls, looking in all the places you usually were. When all those places turned out to be dead ends, he decided to ask the front desk of your where abouts. Quickly rounding the corner, he got his answer before even asking, because there before him was you, curled up in the arms of his groups leader suho.


A/N: I found this while cleaning out my computer, and I am debating whether or not to continue it. Let me know if you want another part ^^

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a stroke of fuck | four

pairing: sehun x reader, jongin x reader, yixing x reader, baekhyun x reader
genre: fuckboy!au, college!au, smut, angst, fluff, series
summary: there was good in the world to balance the bad, but when it comes to boys are they good for anything except breaking hearts and causing trouble?

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4 / pt.5
extras ↬ 3.5

A/N: she’s here and she’s pt.3′s wilder sister + all teams are iN THIS !!!! sit comfortably and get a lil drink and snack cos its reaaaaaaaaaalllly long the smut isnt that good btw

Originally posted by blondejongin

The number you are calling cannot take your call ri-

You let out an extended groan of surrender after your fifth attempt to call Sehun. Your countless texts over the previous two hours left unanswered, left on read. It was ridiculous, why were you so caught up in hoping some man-whore didn’t have his feelings hurt over you letting his friend shove his dick in you? 

Pulling your left arm off the bed, you let your body fall. The mattress bounced your body up a few times giving you involuntary vivid memories of Jongin holding your legs in place while his thick dick ripped you apart. You licked your lips and closed your eyes over his lewd action of spitting in your mouth and pulling your hair, a sexual act of dominance that you weren’t ashamed of loving.

How did Sehun find out any way? Unless Jongin told him, no, he couldn’t have. You rolled around on the bed trying to simultaneously forget about Sehun’s anger, that was currently scaring you enough to drain you of energy, but also figure out how he even knew. 

He fucked your friend, you fucked his. Who knew? Maybe his dick had been in everyone except you. You rolled your eyes, he didn’t own you, you could do whatever and whoever you wanted. Just like he can.

As you rolled onto your stomach, you lifted your left leg up to give you more comfort. Your skirt lifted up and exposed your bare skin to the warm, summer air filling your room. 

That’s when your eyes widened.

Your panties.

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  • world: /celebrates discovery of exoplanet/
  • world: what is an exoplanet? An exoplanet is-
  • me: The Exoplanet is the home planet of twelve very attractive boys that sing, dance, rap and have super powers. Though three have defected, nine remain and continue to rule and ruin our lives with their handsome faces, beautiful voices and killer dance moves...
  • world: ...
  • me: ...
Low Side | Sehun

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◇ Genre: Biker! AU, fluffy and a lil angsty?

◇ Summary: Your world gets a lot more interesting when you run into a handsome biker who seems like a lot more trouble than he’s worth.

◇ Word Count: 7.5k

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