sehun's wife

EXO and pet names for their girlfriends
  • Chanyeol: Jagi. simple as that.
  • Kris: Mrs. Galaxy
  • Sehun: Future-wife-to-be, Bubble "name"
  • Tao: Lemon Pie, Cookie, Sweetie Cookie
  • Kai: Honey pie. Chicken chick xD
  • Xiumin: BABYGIRL
  • Baekhyun: My special aerie ~ XD
  • Luhan: Kitty, Hello kitty xD
  • Kyungsoo: By your name or a cute version of it. Sometimes a 'babe' would slip
  • Lay: Babe, yes all the time. And Angel
  • Suho: Mrs. Kim. Future Kim. My lovely Kim. Wife. Princess.
oneshot #2 - miss me with the bullshit - pt.2 | @savoy-not-some-boy

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SEHUN/OC & implied!Minseok/OC


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Sehun Scenario (Fluff Oneshot)

Anonymous said: can you do a scenario of Sehun hinting to their wife that they want another baby? (using their kid as an excuse saying he needs a brother/sister) thank you~

A/N: Another Sehun Fluff , which I love writing so thank you so much for the request and I thought it was really cute <3 Sorry for the delay, Hope you like it :D

You got to your house and saw from a far your husband Sehun laughing and talking in a low  tone with your son, who has just turned 5 years old .When Sehun ended their talk he got up and bumped into you, he had a surprised look , that turned into a serious face within seconds, you furrowed your eyebrows as asking what’s going on and he pulled you to talk, he started “Y/N there’s something very serious happening”  “Alright..what is it?” you asked worried.”Well..” He sighted . “It’s our son.. he’s depressed”

“Huh? You two were laughing just now” “That was because I told him a joke , but in reality he’s depressed, I’m telling you” You rolled your eyes. “And what makes you think that Sehun?” “He told me!” “Oh , he told you?” You asked. “And he told you why he’s feeling like this?” “Yes..Y/N, he’s lonely” He said dramatically. “Lonely? But we’re always playing with him, and he has friends, he’s never alone” “No, but it doesn’t matter Y/N, he told me” He emphasized his words “that he needs a brother or a sister.” “Huh?” “Yeah… he told me that all his friends have brothers and he wants one too , and he won’t be able to feel happy if he doesn’t get one.” Oh, so that’s what all is about, then you got it, he was definitely making these stuff up.

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EXO Reaction when they make a fool of themselves in front of their crushes

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Miserably fails on his move* “What did I just… oh hey! I’m.. Chan” *But would take it as an opportunity to talk with you*


*He is too cool for his own good* “There’s no way I won’t get your number… my future wife”


*No one saves the moment better than the Ohs* “This is how I will yehet your Ohorat babe”


“This is my charm, my perfect style.” *It’s his dorky being that makes you fall for him*


*Doens’t matter how much he ‘screws’ his squad has his back* “I think I can do it this time boys… I’m going to kiss her… but how do you kiss?”


“Tell me it wasn’t me who said that… I couldn’t have… it’s just that she is so gorgeous… and sexy… and that dress…” *Daydreaming out loud* 


“You are right! Maybe he loved the way I fall on the floor… I mean it’s me! Byun Baekhyun, we are going to roll on the floor  a lot” *Tries to be cool but always ends up being funny*


*Happy because he sent you a text* “Did I just write… ‘texty text for my marshmallow pie? Where do I sign to get my text back?”


“Time to make her forget I was the one who accidentally slipped her coffee” *Manly Chen mode on*


“Never going out again… this world is hideous. No way I’ll show in front of her after…. I hate dis, I’m staying here” *Hate the world so much and doesn’t go out for three days*


*Falls with style* “One.. two… I love exercising… in the middle of the streets” That was a close one.. phew.


“I don’t know what I’m doing… but just smile… and pretend you do… she might like it”

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Exo Reaction to Their Baby’s First Word Being Another Member’s Name

This request~~~


His baby daughter smiled at him as he played with her, making whooshing sounds as he made her plushie fly. She reached her small hands out and grasped onto his shirt, tiny fingers curling in the fabric, as her voice came out in a happy squeal. “Chanyer!” 

Baekhyun looked over his shoulder at his wife with widened eyes. “Wasn’t that her first word?” 

His wife began to laugh from the kitchen as she watched Baekhyun’s face fall to a pout. “I guess it’s your fault for bringing him over so much.” 


His son pouted at his high chair, squirming around and obviously wanting to get down. Chanyeol gave him a grin as he began to take the small top off the chair, but then stopped mid action when his son spoke. “Sehun!”

His wife looked at him with wide eyes and he covered his mouth as he looked her way and then back at their son. His wife cleared her throat and then walked towards them, continuing to let her son out of the chair. 

“I say we pretend it didn’t happen.” 


His son pointed at him from the couch and Chen looked at him curiously. His son giggled, a sparkle in his eye as he whispered “Baekhyun” while still pointing. His wife gasped as she ran towards him and picked him up with a smile. 

“Jongdae, he said his first word,” she said excitedly. 

“No he didn’t.” 


“Suho~” his daughter said happily as she laid on the floor, playing with her toys. 

Kai looked around excitedly, ruffling his hair as he looked at his wife. “She said her first word!” 

“But she said Suho’s name,” his wife said with a little bit of a frown. 

“Who cares she can talk now!” 


“Come on, you can say it,” he said to his son as he sat across from him on the floor. “Kris.” 

“You’re going to confuse him, Yifan,” his wife said as she crossed her arms and watched from the couch. “You should be getting him to say dad if anything.”

Kris,” he said again, stressing the sounds more.

“Chen!” his son giggled. 


His wife carried their son in her arms, bouncing him lightly as she smiled at him. “Can you say mama?”

He smiled as he continued to work on his laptop, listening to his wife try to get their son to say his first word. She continued to walk back and forth, pacing beside the kitchen island Kyungsoo worked at. She looked towards her husband with a smile before she turned back to their son. 

“M-” Their son looked at her and twisted his face up. She smiled suddenly, repeating the word one last time and waited for him to say it. Her son smiled as he grabbed onto her necklace. “M-Minseok.”


He sat across from his daughter on the floor, playing with one of the two plush unicorns. He gave her a smile as he made it kiss her cheek. His wife sat down behind their daughter and pulled her into her lap. 

“Say daddy,” she told her as grabbed onto her tiny hands. 

Her daughter pointed towards Lay and bounced a little. “Tao!” 

Lay began to look around the room, his eyes confused. “Tao is here?” 


His son crawled towards him as he watched TV and Luhan picked him up, absentmindedly sitting him on his lap. His son turned towards him and smiled, drawing Luhan’s attention. His father smiled at he tickled his neck, listening the the high-pitch squeal that left his son’s mouth as he shied away from his touch. 

Luhan continued to smile as he stopped and then smoothed down his hair, kissing his forehead as he went to turn his attention back to the show he had been watching. 

His son latched on his father’s two fingers with his small one and then giggled his first words. “Xiumin!” 


His wife held their daughter, worrying that she was taking too long to talk. She pointed at random things in their living room, trying to get her to repeat after her. She pointed out the couch, coffee table, pillows, TV, her dad who sat on the couch, and even the picture frames. 

A huge grin spread across their daughter’s face as they came to a stop in front of a couple of pictures of Sehun with different members of Exo. She pointed her small finger directly at one and said “Luhan!” 

His wife’s eyes widened as she looked towards Sehun. He pouted on the couch, looking very grumpy all of a sudden. His wife smiled guilty. “Well, at least she can talk…”


Suho tucked his daughter in, kissing her forehead. He raised the guard on her bed so she couldn’t roll off. He waved at her and then backed away from her, stretching an arm towards the lamp on the bedside table. He looked back down at his daughter when she began to spit gibberish from her mouth. He smiled at her, musing up her hair. 

“You’ll figure out how to talk soon,” he told her gently. 



“Tao feed your daughter for me, okay?” his wife asked as she put a bowl in his hands that had a little spoon in it. He sat down in front of his daughter’s high chair and then began to feed her the food by small spoonfuls. 

“So, Tao,” his wife said as she cooked their breakfast at the stovetop. “Don’t be upset, but she said her first word last night before you got home from practice…”

He looked at her with a frown, pausing what he was doing. “What did she say?” 

Before his wife could open her mouth to answer, his daughter giggled loudly. “Soo!” 

“That’s what she said,” his wife said sheepishly as she bit her lip. “She heard me on the phone with him.” 


Xiumin watched as his wife clipped a bow to a tuft of their daughter’s hair. She smiled at her work, snapping a picture before letting her daughter crawl around on the floor again. The three of them were planning to go visit her mother and she still had to get ready. 

Their daughter crawled towards Xiumin and stopped at the edge of the couch, pulling herself onto her feet and gripping the material steadily as she looked up at him with her big brown eyes. “Kai.” 

His wife covered her mouth, but then her eyes became confused as Xiumin began to kick his feet out and laugh excitedly. “Jagi, she said her first word!” 

Exo reaction when their kid is throwing a tantrum

Sehun:*to his wife*  Can you do something  about that “fire alarm” that we like to call our son cause it’s turning my brain into jelly.

Kai: Wife:  Buy him that fricking toy or are you that cheap?

It’s not about the money it’s about the principle here woman.

 Tao: I calmed him down he is in his room now, it was….*gets hits by a toy car* I thought you and daddy agreed that even tho you break all the toy you have I won’t buy you new ones. And stop hitting me I bruise easily!

Kyungsoo: I told you once and I’m telling you again. You can cry until you turn bule but I’m not gonna buy you that just cause byun’s kid has one.

Chanyeol: Do normal kids usually do that? none warned me about this?

Chen*ignorance at it’s best*: Ignore him chen, at some point he will get bored of yelling and throwing with your shoes all over the house 

Baekhyun:*umimpressed* Wow that was an oscar worth performace.

Lay: Stop crying sweety, people are looking at us. Please get up from the floor and let go of mommy’s leg

Suho: I thought I taught him better than this

Kris:*towards his wife* I don’t know how are you gonna make his stop but i’m not gonna spend my money on that and for sure I won’t let him roll like a buffalo on that dirty floor for to long.

Luhan: You’re really frustrating you know? you get everything you want crying, just like your mom.

Xiumin: Get up now from the floor and wipe those tears.