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35. Paint War

members: Oh Sehun

content: Prompt; decorating your house can only lead to a paint war between you and your boyfriend which somehow also leads to calling him Daddy.

length: 2985 words

rating: smutty smut smut

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The room smelled faintly of paint, the fumes irritating your nose as you continued to move your paintbrush up and down on the wall. With the back of your hand you pushed a stray strand of hair from your face, anxious to get this job over and done with. The heat was bothering you and your muscles were beginning to ache from constantly shifting position. Some irritated part of you wanted to stop almost whishing you had never started, but this room desperately needed re-decorating. The bedroom in question was huge and there was no way you’d have been able to do it alone and so you had drafted in some help.

You chanced a quick glance over your shoulder, your eyes landing on the help that came in the form of a lanky boy band member; Oh Sehun. His lean yet noodle like frame was perfect for reaching the high ceiling, he simply stood comfortable on his feet whilst had you done the job you’d have needed a step ladder. Technically Sehun was a colleague, not in the we’re-both-idols-so-we-understand-each-other-way but I-edit-your-music-videos-and-you-were-curious-one-night way. Curiosity lead to friendship and then friendship developed into crush, which soon turned into relationship. You also cursed the day you embarked on a relationship with Oh Sehun, loving and despising his bratty ways.

You stood, your back cracking, and made your way across the room to collect some more paint. A smile drifted onto your lips as you noted the change in smell, Sehun’s soft aftershave mixing with the harsh chemicals of the paint. You couldn’t help but let your gaze wonder over him as you took in his appearance. He was shirtless, granted you were also in your underwear, with an old pair of blue skinny jeans slung onto his hips. His brows were burrowed in concentration as he ran the paint roller along the ceiling, coating the out of date magnolia in brilliant white. His dark hair lay messy on his head and there were flecks of white paint in the soft strands and also on his chest.

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